Greater is HE!
June 3 ( 29 years ago today was our first day in PNG as ABWE missionaries) 2019
Greater is He!!! 
We KNOW that greater is He Who is in us than he who is in the world..... but when we SEE God blast apart mountainous road blocks it just exploded the reality of how great our God really IS!!  
BOMB ONE:  Dads visa!!  We have seen God literally part waters and open the way for daddy to come live with us in PNG.  God provided a possible visa option for caring for aged parents just THIS January!!  What we needed WHEN we needed it!!  Wow. We waited in prayerful expectation to see IF he would be approved for this visa. God again exploded a YES. We got the passport in the mail to head to the PNG EMBASSY to get the approved visa stamped inside...... and it got LOST in the mail!!  Back on our knees until God blasted answer!!  The insured, tracked and expressed passport FINALLY arrived at the embassy. We have one week until we fly. Pray it gets processed efficiently and returned without incident!! 
Bomb Two:  Evidently excavators are considered high risk equipment for terrorist activity. We bought and packed the equipment and just as we thought we were done with the intensity of the container issues... kabamb!! The owner of the company was wanting to REVOKE  our order😣. We fell to our knees in desperate pleas. GOD INTERVENED!!  We were able to sign legal wavers and work out things with the company!  Bamb😊.  We have packed the container AROUND THE EXCAVATOR  tight and the container is ready to go. Because the trucking company had complications they could not pick up the container until Tomorrow. We did not get any expense in the added loading days as it was their delay, and we got extra days to work out what precious cargo would fill the extra space still open in the container. Each item has been prayerfully purchased and placed. The Mercy Ship is filled and armed for spiritual battle!!  Pray it swiftly safely there with smooth sailing over the oceans and through customs. Pray it arrives in Goroka in good condition by August!!  
BOMB THREE:  The emotional explosion that happened as we finalized the sorting, packing ,disposing, cleaning  and final move out of dads home hit really hard. After driving 23 hours straight from Tallahassee to NY last Monday , getting back exhausted already only to face that overwhelming task was like climbing a mountain of unsurpassable proportion. But God’s grace was there. We saw God enable us with energy and strength needed to FINISH THE JOB.  The home for our family for these past 40 years is now a memory, but it was left cleaned perfectly and mama was honored I our care of her home as it is passed on now to another family to be filled with love and have memories to become cherished. We have many tears but many more smiles as happy memories take the sting out of the hurt. 
Explosions bring change. We are eager and ready to begin our return to the home of our heart , PNG. Bill and the boys leave THIS WEDNESDAY for home. Please pray that God will enable all the many unfinished details to be worked out before needing to get on the plane. They will get dads home ready of occupancy next week. We are eager to see and enjoy the handy work of our sweet PNG family that have held our hands in this huge task of transition. 
We are ready to see God explode the Bena valley open wide with spiritual revival for our men in TWO WEEKS as our men’s conference begins at Kenemaro , Light house Baptist church. We are needing much prayer. We cannot use any of the estate money for church activities as per the trust agreements. . We urgently need $6000 to cover feeding the men, Bibles and a song book and discipleship material for each one. This seems impossible. We need an explosion of God’s miraculous power to transform hearts and lives providing for this outreach. We need His provision!  We need good weather that week. We need victory!  Please pray. 
Want to pray for  5 men?   Email us at and ask and June 17 or 18 we will give the names to pray!  YOUR PRAYERS can make a DIFFERENCE! 
Prayer opens the door for impossible to become reality!!  
Join us in seeing the explosion of His power!!  
No restraint. No retreat. No regrets!  Fearless. Faithful. Going home!
Bill Lori the boys and dad 
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