Going into Battle  Going for Blood
GOING INTO BATTLE: GOING FOR BLOOD (click on picture for video of church service)
Want to help:

To help support the Clinic - medical evangelism (read below about many ways you help make a difference) (to run a mobile clinic it is about $3000 per time- next mobile CLINIC  Nov 21,22 2019 

IMPORTANT NEED:   Pray for Christmas youth camp meeting planned for the Bena churches (like last year) It will cost about  $5000 to run it plus provide camp for youth to attend GBBC camp.  We saw growth in all of our churches this year.  Praying for MORE!  YOUTH are the FUTURE OF THE CHURCH

We battle not against man but against
 Principalities and powers. The aggressive Satanic opposition we are facing now is very difficult and very REAL. AS God is reaching souls in the Bena and as churches are being started in the most difficult strongholds we have stirred up a Spiritual Hornets nest!!  We are being stung left and right with attacks against us and what we are trying to accomplish!!  We need to STAND STRONG IN THE POWER IF HIS MIGHT but we can not stand alone.  We need many to hold hands with us across the oceans and form with us a coalition of PRAYER!!
We have battled for the people of Makia for over a decade. The tiny Preemie baby, our son Aaron ,opened the door of the Gospel with his clan. His mom dead after his birth and his family clan desperately needed help with him.  We took Aaron into our home and hearts and eventually into our family. 
It is Aaron’s biological family that have sold us the land for our church there. It would be his land right but God used him to open the opportunity to have that land be a LIGHT HOUSE in the midst of a very dark “ religious” place. The Seventh Day Adventist group is very strong in that area. They teach the way to salvation is joining their membership through baptism then following the Law and the Sabbath. 
We have come into their community proclaiming the power of the BLOOD OF Jesus and The Gospel message of salvation being only through Christ not our religion or works!!  Lives are changing. People are being saved .... and we have stirred up a very strong and organized attack of the Sabbath worshippers against our message of hope. They have been banning us, without legal cause but because they have legal influence in high places, from building and using the land we purchased in full. 
Just as Jesus boldly addressed the religious leaders of His day, we also will be insisting on a meeting with the Lands Board, the Previous Land owners (Aaron’s family), the local leaders and the church leaders. Their restrictions are illegal but legality does not protect us or the new believers who are being kicked out of their villages or whose houses are being burned because the have relinquished the SDA CHURCH for a faith in Jesus. We can build something on our land but if it’s burned down how does that benefit us??  
Fervent prayer bands are needed for this meeting Wednesday. 
We had such great expectations of a huge medical evangelistic outreach into the war zone of Kapagu. Heavy rains washed away the work trying to get road access for us to bring medicine and supplies into their village. Our coworkers specially equipped for massive mud, vehicle , broke. The only other way to walk in was blocked by a very high and fast flowing river. We had to cancel. God just said wait!!  
Their response: “ our witchcraft blocked the power of your God”. They claim victory....we proclaim Spiritual  battle!  Sorcery is very strong there. It holds bondage the hearts of many. The huge physical need of these dear ones caught in a senseless devastating war dividing their clan against each other is our open door with the life changing message of the BLOOD OF JESUS. 
PRAY for parts , provision and wisdom in getting our coworkers car back into action.
PRAY for wisdom about HOW and WHEN to plan our attack of saturating  LOVE!!They need Christ more desperately than physical care but physical care opens our door to share Him and His love. 
Rapture Baptist Church is located near the largest High-school,  near the hospital, near the busiest part of Goroka Town , near the National Sports institute , and has the potential to impact thousands of lives!!!  We are praying God explodes our efforts as Bill has challenged our congregation to invite EVERYONE!!  We have printed personalized invitation cards hand delivered to family friends and the community. He will preach from John 3:16..... no greater LOVE!!! Lori will have a special program for all the kids focused on the WORDLESS BOOK🖤❤️💟💛💚.  It’s ALL ABOUT THE BLOOD!!  
Battle with us for the precious souls of Goroka. 
Weeping , burdened parents have invited backslidden kids. Unsaved spouses have been invited by desperate mates. Family, friends , coworkers are invited!!  YOU ARE INVITED TOO. WE ARE SHARING OUR SERVICES LIVE ON FACEBOOK!!  We have had over 9000 PNG hits on our last weeks “ practice” last week.   We are going for Blood!!!  Pray us VICTORIOUS!! 
Sonifito still has two legs as we pray. Lori has visited her multiple times this week. We are bringing them food and pictures of blossoming Grace, and THE GOSPEL. We were able to leave a solar powered audible Bible in their language as well!!!  
Ivon has been discharged from the hospital. She is still not well. They have not confirmed a cause. If Lori is right, the thyroid hormone overload should decrease naturally as her body “ heals” after her pregnancy. We still have Atuwainimo , her baby who SHE calls Seth😂We have visited with food blankets and pillows ...and with the Gospel. Too sick to read , she also got a audible Bible. They are thrilled with their growing chubby hubby but still need to see the WHY behind the WHAT  we do. It’s all about THE BLOOD!  Ivons next door “ neighbor” ( one of over 70 in that ward🥺) responded to the Gospel when Lori was talking with Ivon. 😁
Safa continues to grow. He is double the weight now that he started at. He continues to be fussy and grumpy so prayer for his settling or our endurance are appreciated as we minister to him. 
Timothy graduates from Grade 8 this Thursday. We hope to be able to help his daddy come up from Ramu if Mom, Ruth, is well enough to be left. Pray for Gods Grace for this dear family. 
Amo has Spiritual Emphasis Week at school this week. Please pray for Amo to commit his life fully to Christ. Pray for the group doing this “ camp like “ ministry for our kids to be used greatly of God. 
We are not in battle to please people but to reach hearts with their need of salvation. We are not afraid of the powerful religious opposition we are facing.  We proclaim the POWER of the BLOOD of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are fighting boldly and fearlessly but we truly NEED YOUR PART!! Your financial and prayer support are the bonds that gird us and enable us to battle effectively. PLEASE HOLD OUR HANDS!!!  
No restraint. No retreats. No regrets. Fearless Faithful and Forging ahead!!!
Bill and Lori. The boys. Baby Grace and Dad. 
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