A week and half
une 16, 2019. 


There are weeks when we look back and just SEE GOD. This week was one of them... plus some!  

Last weekend we knew we were in “ plan B” mode. Daddy’s visa was supposedly done but the verification was just not being sent to the PNG embassy in Washington. We called multiple times a day but things just were not happening. We lost our ticket bookings. We were in waiting mode.  We literally had no idea WHAT WAS GOING ON but we resigned ourselves not to doubt in the dark what God had shown us in the light , but the heart struggle was real!!  We SOLD THE HOUSE LORD. We BUILT A NEW HOME FOR DAD IN PNG. LORD WE FOLLOWED YOU IN THIS CRAZY PLAN!!  Help!!!!

When we finally got through to immigration in Png we found out why!  They wanted additional paperwork. Ugh!  We applied in February..why now??  

God’s hand was at work. 

We found out they were requiring now Dads birth certificate and marriage license??  WHAT??  Dad just put his personal papers in the container just a few days too soon. The needed documents were now floating on the ocean. ( YES WE GOT CONFIRMATION that the “ Mercy Ship” container is in route due August 3 rd in Lae, PNG!!). For dads visa that was problematic. We started scrambling to get a new birth certificate ordered.... more delays. 

God’s hand was at work!!  

Since Bill arrived in Png he was able to start communicating with immigration a little easier but we were hearing from under officers. We were getting conflicting reports. But GOD!!  One of our Png sons of the heart
, Glynn,  has connections with immigration. His friend “ happened” to be the very officer assigned to our case!!  Wow. How God that was!!!

Being probably the first ones to use this visa ( what crazy person brings their elderly daddy to Png???  🥴). we evidentially brought some confusion into the mix. Normally dependent visas are children, so their birth certificate shows their relationship to the parent. Well my daddy is MY dependent now so in actuality they needed MY BIRTH  CERTIFICATE to prove his relationship to me. Mine was right there in PNG!!!  Problem resolved. 🥳

God’s hand was at work! 

Once the Visa was approved we needed to rebook tickets!  You would THINK  few people would pay the crazy price of first class!!  Well... evidently that is not the case.( now that I see how “the other rich people fly I know why!!  Wow) It was a challenge to get first class seats open in connecting flights all the way to png. 

Fathers Day was the first opening. It will be the Father’s Day that did not end for daddy. 

God did the impossible. It was pretty scary there for a few days. But as always, Faith was grown. Dad was reassured that God was in this. 

I’m writing this from the Sky Lounge in JFK airport. Wow this first class travel is unbelievable!!    

On the other side of our world God is at battle for the souls of Bena Warriors. The men’s conference has begun. 
   *pray for unity and a Great spirit of love among our very stressed and tired precious church family at kenemaro. This is a huge step of faith for this new church of new believers!!!

  *pray for good weather and great attendance!! 

*pray for God to explode the power of His Spirit in the Bena this week!!!!!!!

* pray for Bill. Single daddy directly involved in this huge endeavor with our church plant..... he needs his wife home!!  Coming babe!!!!

Many blessings. Many needs for prayer!! What a wild week of waiting..... and seeing how God worked. Excited to see what this monumental week of outreach into the Bena will bring!!!!!!  Sign up to pray!!  Help give to enable Bible and discipleship material purchases!!  It’s not too late to make a huge difference. Warriors for CHRIST is our plea!!!!!! 

No restraint. No retreat. NO REGRETS

Bill and the boys in PNG. LORI and Dad on the way home😊.
Lori wrote this  at JFK airport in NYC.  She and Dad are now at a hotel in Brisbane to fly to Goroka tomorrow Lord willing.
The Bena Mens meeting is going about   170 men registered, others have come.    Two people I know of have made professions of faith PRAY. We have over 70 people praying for 5 men each so that means most men have 2 people praying  That is AWESOME.

Thank you for being our partners in HIS Endeavor to reach the Bena Men 
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