Living on the Edge
May 24 2015  (links below for more info)     Living on the Edge

 I read a comment this past week about living on the edge of eternity that was such a challenge.  This week in our ladies Bible Study we talked about the vapor of our lives and how choices need to be made daily whether to simply “spend” our lives on the short enjoyment of things of this world,  or to invest in the eternal domain of eternity.  My moment by moment focus is and has always been to hear those truly coveted  WORDS, “well done my good and faithful servant…enter into the place of your reward…and rest!”  I want no wasted moments in my life…no regrets.  That is why we truly live the NO RESTRAINTS, NO RETREATS and NO REGRETS we write on our updates each day.  

I had to laugh a bit, as our sweet visitor, Jackie, has been with us this week.  We were “plan B” for her as her previous planned medical missions trip to PNG had to be cancelled at the last moment. I am not sure she fully realized WHAT  she was getting into as she agreed to live with our family for a month!!  She has been an amazingly good sport in it all, though.  Fussy newborn, two crazy and fun little boys and people in and out of our home like a grand central station…along with all the medical “stuff” filling In the cracks of the insane picture of our life on the EDGE of faith here in PNG.  It was NOT a dull week for sure!  Clinic is always unpredictable but she had the experience of knife wounds, cutting and draining an egg sized abscess on one of our little kids, every abnormal breath sound known to an as pneumonia session is in it’s peak, malaria, typhoid…you name it , we saw it.  God even gave her the experience of seeing TWO babies born…minutes apart.  NOW that was exciting.  She even survived going up the mountain to Lusilo…she is made of tough stock!
Only by being right there on the edge, do you get the full view and perspective.  Those amazing and thrilling , breath taking scenes of the ridges of our lives are so worth the risk of edge dwelling.
This past week, another year passed by for me, Lori.  I now am not just at the edge of the fiftieth decade of my life but have plunged into the waters.  I was truly blessed by so many who so lovingly wished me well, and showered me with love.  My precious man, ever by my side, even did his best to decorate the dining room (something our girls always did for him, but are now too far away from home to help…ha!).  A precious coworker blessed me with a huge cake.  Flowers and fruit gifts from patients with their many hugs were gifts beyond value as well.  Facebook wishes, and calls from my kids and grandkids…I felt truly special.  But the greatest gift was talking to my parents on my birthday there in the USA where they were.  I was so blessed beyond measure with them as GOD chose the perfect home for me at my birth.  Always with me each step of my journey to follow GOD…cheering me on even when it meant oceans between us.  I have truly been given the gift of being loved and yes, truly cherished, my whole life by them and so many.  Living on the edge of Senior Discounts is not so bad after all!
Living on the edge of faith demand steps of faith.  WE are entering into such a pathway this next week as we do another planned and strategic mobile clinic outreach to the area of Sagifa.  This is the home village of our dear sister, now with the Lord, Lilian.  Lilian may have lost her life to breast cancer, but she gained not only her eternal life through her acceptance of Christ as her Savior along that very difficult journey, she also opened the door for us to reach into her very ungodly village.  Sorcery is the iron band that chains her people in fear.  Even at her death in our home, the witch was brought to try to decipher the person responsible for her death so they could be killed.  Evil is a way of life for most there, though they are hungry for love and medicine and we pray ultimately GOD!  WE need fervent and powerful prayer to prepare the way for us Friday morning.  Good sunny weather, strength and good health for all of us (four more PCC nursing students & one teacher joining us this week will be in our outreach team), and protection from Satan and his influences that would cause distraction to the message of the GOSPEL that will be proclaimed boldly throughout the day in word and action!  PRAY FOR FRUIT.  PRAY for open doors to start our next church plant in this area!  There are six or seven large villages that use that one footpath to the main road…the potential impact for a church is HUGE!! 
As we live on the edge literally of Satan’s back yard, and are breaking down the fences of his borders to invade what has been his sacred stronghold for generations, we NEED YOU TO JOIN US in prayer.  There is no more power available on this earth than that of a knee bent before the Throne of God.  The effectual, fervent prayers of the righteous  avails MUCH!!
Praise with us:

1.       FINALLY we got our “new” and improved refurbished ambulance back.  It is looking pretty good!

2.       Our dear sister Dulcy had her baby!!  A whooping 4.8 kilo baby girl came into this world just minutes away from her little friend, a 3.5 kilo boy born to our other sister, Awaya.  Both babies joined the same church family!  I told Pastor Virex, the baby girl’s daddy, that he grew his church by two in just a matter of minutes…pretty cool.  All four are happy and healthy and we rejoice in God’s goodness .    

3.        Jackie, a senior nursing student at PCC, has joined us.  She is really great fun to have around.  WE are praying for GOD to give her great experiences with us and for our family, though totally insane at times, to be a blessing to her!
PLEASE pray with us:
1.        A team of 5 from PCC will be joining us for their medical missions trip this next week.  WE will have a house overflowing with fun!  All these beautiful young girls will be like a Spring Bouquet!  PRAY for their safety as they travel and for all six of the girls (Jackie included) to have good health, great experiences and memories from these days here that will impact their lives.  (this was also their “plan B” for a missions trip but I am sure they , Like Jackie, are flexible.  WE know that GOD orchestrates and though plan B for them…His choice for us all!!  WE are excited to see ALL God will do! Pray for wisdom for Lori as she works with them and for GOD to bring the right experiences for them to participate with. PRAY for the ministry side of their time with us not just medical outreach.  Bibles studies, outreaches…all the other aspects of our life each week is as important as the shots!!
2.        PRAY for our mobile clinic outreach to Sagifa this Friday (your Thursday night and Friday morning) .  Pray for open and receptive hearts to the Gospel, for dry sunny weather, and for strength and good health for our medical team. 

3.       Continue to pray for sunny Thursday, Friday and Saturday (your time in the USA) so we can have a sunny and dry trip up to Lusllo on Sunday.  WE are still praying for GOD to work out the settlement for the land of the church so we can build a permanent pastor’s house on the property.  PRAY for the many new believers to grow in their faith and for the many still needing Christ to take that step of faith and be saved!  Praise the Lord we saw 3 adults accept Christ this week.  (5 over the past 2 Sundays)
4.       Please continue to pray for Rachel and Rodney as they prepare to move to Pennsylvania in the next week.  They need a home, jobs and a second vehicle. 
5.       Please also keep praying for Andrew as he prepares for the final mechanics licensure testing and gets geared up for flight training.  GOD needs to do a few miracles to cover the $4000 a month fees for flying, but that is HIS specialty as we ask HIM! 
6.       Pray for Amo and Aaron as they finish up this school year.  Amo has an oral presentation this Friday he is very nervous about.  For a young man with a speech impediment, a three minute oral presentation is a pretty daunting thing.  I know He would appreciate your prayers for him to be able to freely express verbally what is in his mind and heart.

7.       The cardiac monitor has been given along with the oximeters to our friends at the hospital.  I think “overwhelmed” would be a good word to describe the response.  I was unable to take a picture of her at the time as she was dealing with a rape case and the perpetrator was right there.  IT was a very tense time, but GOD was orchestrating that too as she was on the phone soon after seeking prayer and advice in her dealing with that child and the situation.  OPEN doors….pray for fruit!      

8.        Please keep our 3-4 year GBBC students on their internships in prayer.  PRAY for safety, good health, and fruitful ministries in their ministries spread all around PNG!
Living on the edge is never dull,
but neither is it overwhelming as you uphold us in prayer.  Thank you for your part in all we do.  Your faithful support, prayer and encouragement enables us to be your hands and feet here in this great “Land of the Unexpected”, PNG. 
No reserves, no retreats, NO regrets!
Bill, Lori and the boys (and sweet baby Rose).   
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