Sowing in tears Reaping in Joy.
May 26, 2019

Sewing in tears. Reaping with Joy

Today God’s Spirit spoke to two weary servants broken with tearful hearts. The good Byes are officially upon us. We are hurting. 

Tucking my sweet Isaac to bed tonight with his sweet little sleepy breath upon my cheek I felt my heart would just burst into a million pieces. Tears poured and my heart once again bled with the ever familiar outpouring of leaving. 

Amidst the human anguish of leaving and living a world away from those who are so very beloved to us, we were challenged once again with our CALL in Acts 20 this morning. We , like Paul , have kept nothing back. We have and will PROCLAIM and TEACH from house to house repentance towards God and faith towards the Lord Jesus Christ. Many tears and trials have come ( not as many as Paul experienced , however) but none of these things move us either.( Not even the ache of missing sweet little grand babies.) We count our own life not as dear to us and thus we finish the race with joy and the ministry recieved from the Lord Jesus to testify to the gospel of the grace of God. 

No restraint. No retreat. No regrets. 

Prayer for our bleeding hearts is so appreciated. We have a very physically and emotionally challenging week ahead. 

We left very early on Monday (4 am) from Tallahassee Florida and drive all the way to Rochester Ny because the container is now being dropped off Tuesday. We will pack Tuesday and complete the container packing Wednesday for early pick up Thursday ( with the excavator we no longer can pack it without a drop fee.... hard thing to lift up into the container☺️).  

While Bill is loading the container Lori will be moving out of daddy’s home and packing up all the rest of his things and cleaning. 

Tears are frequent reminders of closing the huge part of our lives experienced at 170 Cityview Drive. My Mama and her very presence is there at that house. My heart aches with unspeakable grief right now in saying good bye to our family home filled with four decades of precious memories. 

Our heart tears also flow for our precious people of Png. Our joy in living there and proclaiming the Gospel is a compelling force amidst the difficult days ahead. We leave one home for another. One full heart for another place of fullness of heart. Our two worlds vastly different but equally beloved. 

With the tears of sorrow in good byes comes the tears of joy in hellos.  

Please pray with us:
- We need urgent fervent prayer for daddy’s visa to be completed this week.   AS WE ARE WRITING THIS  FOUND OUT HIS VISA IS DONE AND AVAILABLE AT PNG EMBASSY IN WASHINGTON DC 

-we need great physical strength for the packing and organizing and moving this week. 
If anyone could come help us load the container on MAY 29 at 7 am (675 Holt Road, Webster, Ny)it would be such a blessing. We need strong men to load and computer save people as well to do data input and also help compile the complicated documents needed for shipping 

- pray as we prepare for the Bena men’s conference coming up June 17- 20 at Light House Baptist in Kenemaro. ( our newest church plant). Pray for God to bring together 300 Bena warriors on this land of decades of battles to become transformed into soldiers of the Living King of Kings. 
**We need $6000 to cover food, a Bible, discipleship material and a song book for each man. $20 EACH FOR 300 MEN
**we need people ready to pray name by name with us for God to reach into these lives and bring salvation and growth.
**we need good weather and a peaceful cooperative spirit that week 

-pray as Bill and the boys leave for Png on June 5 and Lori and DAd leave the 10th. Pray for health, no complications and rest along the long journey. 

- pray for daddy’s great adjustment to his new home in Png and for the boys transitioning back into school there as well. 

Pray for our last weekend of ministry as we present our update to our sending church ( Webster Bible Church) at 5 pm on June 2. We will have cupcakes and Png coffee❤️  IF IN UPSTATE NY PLEASE COME

Those who sow in tears shall reap on joy. He who CONTINUOUSLY goes forth weeping Bearing seed for sowing shall doubtless come again with rejoicing , bringing his sheaves with him!! Psm 126: 5-6. 

Sowing in tears... eager to see His fruit as we labor together for Christ!  

Bill, Lori, the boys and Dad. 

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