Oct 13, 2019

In the medical world we know that healing is not always what it appears to be on the surface. 
One of our patients last week had a very serious infection. As we treated him with daily debridement, removing the dead infected tissue, and cleaning the nastiness from the deep wound so it could begin to heal from the inside and base on up to the surface we saw improvement. Healing. Sometimes ,like in his case, dead tissue covers the surface but deep inside nastiness is brewing.  Getting to the root of the problem is the only hope of healing. Second intention healing from the bottom up is best❤️
Hurt hearts also need internal treatment to bring lasting and true healing.
 As we continue to love on and minister to our little Jacob his body is healing. He has become attached to us in the process. He covers me with Sweet hugs and kisses as this desperate little boy just clings to me arms wrapped around my neck.  He is wrapped around my heart as tightly as his arms cling around me with his yearning hugs. Now he will be once again ripped out of his home and pulled away from a mommy’s love to be relocated. He wants to be with his bio mom but he has found a new mommy in this interim. We will all hurt I feel with this transition. Please pray for Jacob. He has become full for the first time in a long time. Full tummy and full love tank. His fear has been transformed to happiness. His sweet singing voice while he contentedly plays is music to my very deepest mommy heart. We need prayer that his mommy Jill will love and protect him. We knew her as a child and teen. She was the victim of her dads abuse so maybe she WILL be the best one to help him heal. She knows the pain. The police and child welfare officers are schedule to take him to his mommy on Wednesday. We are already dreading the good byes. 
Our Safa is growing and thriving as many pray. What an answer to prayer his growth and development is!!  
Ivon, the very over due mom with extremely high blood pressure finally had her needed csection this week!!  There was an instant decrease in her hypertension and though small and weak from a dysfunctional placental her baby did survive!!  We visited her bringing Gods healing WORD and the balm of a baby gift. Pray we can keep ministering in her life. 
Our neighbor man with the knife wound through his forearm had the rest of his sutures removed.  We shared the Gospel throughout his ordeal. Pray he finds healing for his broken and hurting marriage. Only inviting Christ inside will make a difference. 
We have begun to reach into Rapture Baptist Church again. Over Ten years ago they were hurting as their Pastor left them, stealing from their church treasury and breaking their hearts we reached into their hurting congregation , helped them organize and reboot their outreach. They found a great pastor and they began to thrive. Now they need help again.   This last Pastor left with a much better situation but they were floundering without a shepherd. They called unanimously for Bill to be their caretaker Pastor. We’ve been tasked to help them get back on tract and call a new Pastor.  This is a town church with great potential and influence. We are trying to minister still at Kenemaro as well. It is a big stretch but we feel God leading so we know He will provide the needed strength. We love both church families. Two extremes... bush and town...but both full of dynamic potential. How cool to see God at work. Healing.... growing.... exploding  for HIS GLORY. 
One of our heart cries is for women to be equipped to minister to women and children in their local churches. This week Lori will have the opportunity to teach at a  Women’s Leadership conference. Please pray for God to use the lessons He has guided me to share to challenge and inspire these precious women into faithful service!!  
Healing and growing go hand in hand. 
Thanks for praying. God continues to open doors and work in hearts. Healing and transforming from the inside out.
Pray with us:
-  pray for Jacobs transition back to his mommy and back with his twin sister. 
- pray for our preparation for our Andrews transition back to his bio family too. It is a new transformed home, but our hearts will still hurt deeply. 
-pray for tiny Safa to grow. Pray for his mom and Dad , David and Esta , to follow Christ. 
- pray for Lori’s ministry at the ladies leadership conference this week. 
- praise the Lord for desperately needed rain this past week. 

-PRAISE the Lord for  helping us get a NEW AMBULANCE with all of the emblems painted on  (even for free the comment "Donated by God")
God continues to heal as His love is applied like balm on hurts deep inside of hearts. Thanks for your partnership as we all seek to be Gods Hands and feet of love.   
No restraint. No retreat. No regrets. Fearless. Faithful. 
Bill and Lori, the boys and dad 


To help support the Clinic - medical evangelism (read below about many ways you help make a difference) (to run a mobile clinic it is about $3000 per time- next mobile CLINIC  Nov 8 2019 

IMPORTANT NEED:   Pray for Christmas youth camp meeting planned for the Bena churches (like last year) It will cost about  $5000 to run it plus provide camp for youth to attend GBBC camp.  We saw growth in all of our churches this year.

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