The View from the Mountain Top
Having had the privilege of living in the Highlands of PNG for three plus decades we truly do enjoy the splendor of a rugged terrain. The climb is so hard, often causing great temptation to quit but the amazing view at the top is great!!  
On the peak one can both see where you’ve come from as well as a good view of where you could go.
This past week the months of struggles through waiting on the Lord for His miraculous provision, piles of paperwork, complications and more waiting on the Lord all came to fruition. God blessed with the arrival of our MERCY SHIP!!  We see HOW the many blessing s God provides will open more doors for the Gospel message.  click container to see video
God brought so many miracles along the difficult journey.
No duty. No customs. Even REDUCED transport fees up to Goroka. 
The container was off loaded then unloaded in a matter of hours.  We were so blessed with many helping hands. 
Nothing was damaged. Everything was perfect as it was when packed in NY. We were amazed!!  
Now everything is sorted and put away ready for use. That took massive work!!  We are exhausted but over joyed at the magnitude of this blessing..
As Elijah found out, however, the exhaustion of the mountain top victories can bring deep and discouraging counter attacks from the Enemy. 
We ask for prayer as we recover and begin an offensive spiritual attack armed with the many blessings for ministry brought by our container!!  
Please join us in battle on our knees:
Thanks for praying for Safa. He’s growing!!
Thanks for praying for Andrew. He’s feeling better.  Dad and Aaron, too😊 Pray as we prepare for his transition next month. Our hearts are aching at the mere thought. 
Timothy had a wonderful week with his parents. Now he is home with us again ❤️
Amo and Aaron need continued prayer for schooling struggles. Aaron has a hard time with routine changes. A week off of school normally really upsets him. Prayer appreciated as he starts back to school in the morning. 
Continue to pray for Ivon and her high blood pressure in a now very post term pregnancy. Pray she comes to clinic this week. We had to close from Tuesday to Friday with the container last week  
Your prayers sustained us this really physically difficult week. The reality of the emotional explosion of grief sorting and settling mamas earthly treasures into our home was unexpected. Our hearts and bodies are spent. But mercy is new each day. Thanks for praying. 
No restraint. No retreat.  No regret!!  Fearless. Faithful. 
Bill, Lori and the boys. 
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