A Spilled Offering .
Oct 27, 2019
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A Spilled Offering. 
Don’t you hate it when you knock over your coffee and it spills. Most mornings after getting up every two hours to feed Safa I NEED every drop!!  But once it’s spilled it is gone. It hard to get back. ( though a straw is tempting😊) 
As we contemplate the unspeakable mercy of God we are commanded to  give ourselves as a living sacrifice. Our lives are to be spilled offerings for God. Emptied out and given fully and invested in lives .....nothing held back. 
But investing means giving and letting go sometimes. Giving all we can and all we have then letting God take that sacrifice and USE IT for His glory in His way and in His time. 
Our sweet Jacob was a poured out offering of our hearts. The day I first saw his broken and bruised little body , abused so severely, and I saw the horror and fear reflected in such young sweet eyes, my mama heart ( and tears) started pouring. We envelopes him into a protective cocoon of love. We stood up for him, called the police and child welfare, and we took him into our home and hearts. He was a six year old , wounded , damaged, undisciplined and out of control child. He was never taught manners or kindness. He was only taught violence. Worldly ungodly songs and bad language filled his mind heart....and mouth.  We taught him songs about Jesus. We instructed, and insisted , he use “please “ and “thank you”. Anyone who has fostered or adopted knows how upside down investing in Jacob turned our home. He was starved physically. He literally ate 8 eggs two huge plates of rice and a four huge servings of greens plus two large pieces of one sitting. He loved chicken. Despite the very high cost of chicken we tried to serve it to him at least every other day.  (🥴He crunched down the bones too). He was even more starved emotionally. He literally clung to us and miraculously he responded with huge outbursts of love when we loved on him. 
It took time, money , and great effort but we found his mommy. This past Wednesday Bill our neighboring Pastor, Rex, and the child welfare officer brought our Jacob to a town 6 hours away  which was in the middle of where we were and where his mommy lived. We had to physically send someone with a phone to find her and bring her to Lae. Bill was the one tasked to call once Erick had found her,to tell her what horror had befallen her sweet boy.  
We wanted Jacob to know he was loved and feel treasured. We took him shopping for NEW CLOTHES to bring home with him. We got him with only the clothes on his back. A coworker shared some clothes and underwear for him. He was thrilled to have “ flash” undies!!!!!!  But getting NEW THINGS.......WOW.  HE just lit up. He had the cutest outfit and new shoes. He was all dressed up to go meet his mommy!!!  We bought a phone for them. He has called twice just to tell us he is ok. He misses us and we miss him, but he is ok❤️. 
We choose to invest. We choose to pour out our lives and our hearts to help this helpless hopeless boy. You have joined us in prayer. God enabled us to rescue him......but maybe more than that too?? 
The child welfare officer was very open about her spiritual needs. ( she was 12 hours in a car with two pastors .... opportunities ❤️). Pray for Lilly to come to know Jesus through our investment. 
A widow of a pastor was in line at a grocery store in a town along the way back home. Bill had just run in to the store to buy some cold drinks for the three traveling back on a hot long dusty trip. All he had left after the expense of food and fuel and lodging required to bring Jacob back was 20 Kina, but God put him in line right behind our dear sister in Christ. She was short k 20 to buy the simple needed things at the store ,but God brought His servant to meet her need... the right time at the right place with the right amount. Investment. A God hug for a faithful widow. 
Our hearts are very heavy tonight. This is our last night to cuddle our precious Andrew to sleep. Today he turned ONE. Tomorrow he transitions home.  We have held him deep in our hearts. We love him dearly, but we’ve done our part in his life that we were called to do. He came to us as a three day old baby. His mommy almost died with complications from his birth. It took two months for her to regain her strength. She never got milk in to feed him. But through the amazing key shaped chubby baby , God opened the hearts of his mommy and daddy to believe in Jesus.
Andrew is eating and walking and talking and ready to go home now. 
 The transformation In him and even more so in his parents lives has been miraculous. The tears of extreme heart pain are joined with tears of utter amazed joy at all God has done in and through Andrew this year. 
We pour out tears of sacrifice as an offering of praise.   Investments in eternity. 
We are preparing to pour our lives and the GOSPEL MESSAGE of peace into the war torn kapagu village. Our hope is to bring our mobile clinic into this area of great spiritual and physical need on Nov 7&8. We need to bathe this outreach in prayer. The peace negotiations are not yet finalized. They are trying to dig out a road so we can get closer to the village before having to hike in with all our medicine and supplies.   The hearts are literally imprisoned by sorcery, fear and violent hatred. Christ alone can set them free!!  We want to invest!!   Pray!!!
Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do!! The fervent prayer of the righteous availeth MUCH!!!   Investment. 
Please pray:
- Our precious Andrew transitions back to his biological family Monday. Pray for a good transition with good heath and adjustment and for our hearts to endure yet another hemorrhage of tears. 
- pray for our new Church ministry with Rapture Baptist church. Things are really improving, people are coming and repairs desperately needed to the facilities are happening.  People are so encouraged. We have a huge evangelistic outreach planned for Nov 10th. We are asking God to bring 250 visitors that Sunday!!!!  Pray!!!
- pray for Timothy. His mom is not doing well. She is currently hospitalized in Ramu. We are not sure Timothy daddy can leave her to come up for his 8 th grade graduation on Wednesday. We will be there to cheer him on but I know his dad would love to be here. Pray for God to intervene for this dear family. 
-  Safa continues to grow. His mommy is coming with us to church each week!!  She is just glowing as I teach the ladies Sunday school class at Kenemaro!!  Pray David, his daddy, joins mommy in salvation!! 
-pray for Mobile clinic outreach to Kapagu. Pray for$3000 needed to buy medicine for that outreach. Pray peace settlements can be finalized. Pray for dry weather and for the work in the road being made by hand to be completed. 
-pray for Jacob as he transitions back into his biological family and reconnects with his twin sister
- pray for Lori as she continues to take medication to kill off the typhoid from her body. The virulent strain of infection here is life threatening at times if not treated fully. Prayer for tolerance of the medicine and strength to fight off the infection is so appreciated. 
Investing.... spilling out our lives..... costs time, money, and great effort. It takes us all to work together to be the hands and feet of Christ. 
Thank you for your part in praying and giving. 
May God be glorified by our spilled out hearts. ( and tears!). 
No restraint. No retreat. No regrets!!  Fearless. Faithful. 
Bill, Lori and the boys and Dad. ❤️

To help support the Clinic - medical evangelism (read below about many ways you help make a difference) (to run a mobile clinic it is about $3000 per time- next mobile CLINIC  Nov 8 2019 

IMPORTANT NEED:   Pray for Christmas youth camp meeting planned for the Bena churches (like last year) It will cost about  $5000 to run it plus provide camp for youth to attend GBBC camp.  We saw growth in all of our churches this year.  Praying for MORE!

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