March 21, 2019
 want to help:

What truth in that statement. It was a very challenging week for us to be sure, but as we have learned over and over again, when we feel the stress of the storm, we learn the strength of the ANCHOR upon WHOM we have built our lives! So many dear friends and family upheld us this past week of rocky waters and misty unknowns. What a joy to report the huge PROGRESS GOD has given us as a result of those prayers.
First and foremost, thanks for praying for me, Lori. As many remember our unique journey of breast cancer, when GOD led us to have a radical bilateral mastectomy, the Doctors all tried to discourage our choice in that the cancer found was tiny and only seen on one side. The mammogram, ultrasound and even MRI did not see any further issues on my right side. In actuality, the biopsy removed the tumor growing on the left side, unknown til after post operative pathology reports. SO WHY did God direct us to that unbelieveably painful and difficult pathway? HE ALONE saw the cancer that man could not see! IT was there hidden from our view, but GOD is in the business of protecting his kids! Not knowing about the cancer on my right side, they did not know to biopsy the lymph nodes on that side, either. The left side nodes were clean with no cancer seen. After cancer was found on the RIGHT side as well the doctors floundered. Checking my lymph nodes on the right side would most likely cause damage to my right arm and lymph system. WE made the decision to trust the LORD knowing if He had wanted them to check that side, HE would have made it evident. 
I have continued on cancer medicine daily since, and will continue for five years at least. BUT we live with an unknown. We are ok with that unknown, as we trust the GOD Who KNOWS all, and we trust HIS plan. 
When I found a mass in my right underarm area two weeks ago, it was a bit like a deflating balloon feeling in my heart. OK , Lord, with so much going on and now to have to deal with possible biopsy, or more cancer treatment….REALLY?! Humanly it was just a very difficult thought process to follow. SO much is happening. WE are aching to get back to the field and back into ministry there all the while trying to finish things up well for my dad and transition him well to come live with us in PNG. IT is a LOT happening all at once….and adding another issue….ugh. 
GOD once again is so beyond loving and kind. Not only did HE open very fast evaluation and imaging, but they checked very closely that area that is “unknown”, and so far the do not see any issues of concern. The heavy lifting of packing and sorting and moving and disposing of daddy and mama’s things disturbed my innards! 😊 It was just tissue moved between muscle and rib. Being thin it was very evident…but NOT problematic. In the midst of all of it we got a good look at things “inside” and so far GOD is using the surgery we did and the medicine I am taking to protect me from cancer regrowth. What reassurance with the “unknown” of it all. GOD is just lovingly reminding me that HE has this all in HIS control! 
SO many praying and encouraging us this week as we faced this big concern being a world apart. Cancer is stressful for both husband AND wife to be sure. WE are in this together, and facing concerns apart is just plain hard. BUT we were NOT alone. WE were held by our ANCHOR and our FAMILY in Christ. THANKS for helping us through. WE PROGRESS ONWARD with no evidence of problems yet and praise GOD for each day He gives me to serve HIM!!
WE have made great progress with Daddy’s transition. WE got the report from his Dr and his physical exam, chest xray and HIV blood test. ALL were not problematic. We got the passport completed and his passport pictures for the visa as well as the police background check started. The visa application will be submitted on Monday, Lord willing, while Bill is still in Port Moresby. We need this bathed in prayer!!
PRAY for fast, complete processing and that the visa to make him my dependent will be granted!!
We have made process on selling Daddy’s home. WE continue to show the house…..LOTS of cleaning and disruptions still, but we may have an interested party. PRAY. We would very much like this to be God’s plan, but we will see HOW HE orchestrates. PRAY for our wisdom. PRAY for the RIGHT person/group at the RIGHT time with the RIGHT price. Until then, just call me “Sparkle queen” 😉
Bill and AMO have worked very very hard in PNG. Not only doing needed things to help our team, but our team and our guys have a lot of the supplies for daddy’s new home on site and the area we are building “into” our home is gutted and ready to go. OUR field team has been amazing as they help us get ready to care for daddy. PROGRESS. PRAY for the guys that are working hard now to get all that done before we return. PRAY for no injuries, no complications as they work and for fast and easy “going together” of this amazing project. We stand in AWE of God’s answer to our family need. THIS is just the greatest hug from GOD ever!!
Bill and AMo were in the Capital city of Port Moresby doing GBBC fundraising (a very successful meeting on Saturday night!), having a graduation for our amazing PNG Pastors that faithfully completed the requirements for their Bachelors degree (Bill was a frequent traveling teacher so what a joy for him to be there for their graduation!!) , Speaking at our area churches, and also having a variety of meetings with important officials regarding our field team work structure and GBBC accredidation…so many other things. PRAY they can get all of that done, and AMO can catch up on a lot of his online classes now that they HAVE internet in the Capital! They are finalizing their time in PNG and coming back to be reunited with us NEXT WEEK! (happy dance is happening here in the USA already in anticipation!!)
(Bill and Amo were able to leave Port Moresby a day early and arrived  24 hours ahead of schedule. If they had waited it is possible  they would still not be here until early Friday morning)  Both are here recovering from JET LAG.
As always we can accomplish MORE together than alone. THANKS for partnering in all these matters in prayer.
Please keep praying:
*Pray for the Estate settlement. There was  an important meeting on March 20. PRAY for GOD to be honored and glorified in this whole process. PRAY that GOD can open the door for the use of this estate to further HIS Kingdom.  There are still a lot of unknowns - PRAY for the dear ones that are dealing with all this legal red tape and lawyers. PRAY for them to have a great testimony and opportunity to share CHRIST in word and deed through out this time. AND YES…pray we can use some of that blessing in our ministries too! 😊
*PRAISE THE LORD  for BILL and AMO as they GOT HOME EARLY BY ONE DAY to the USA. Bill’s surgery date is March 26th
*PRAY for Lori and Aaron as they continue to clean show the house while trying to squeeze life and schooling between cleaning and showing.
*PRAY for Daddy’s visa to be processed quickly and efficiently, to be granted without issues, and for the house to sell and the details of his transition to all come together.
PRAISE THE LORD…..Lori remains without sign of cancer returning!! Continue to pray for GOD to protect!!
No restraints. NO retreats. NO REGRETS. Fearless. Faithful……ALMOST together again!!!!!
Bill and Lori DAD, Amo, and Aaron all back together!
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