Recipe for Success

Sept. 1, 2019


To help support the Clinic - medical evangelism (read below about many ways you help make a difference) (to run a mobile clinic it is about $3000 per time- we try to do one once every 6 weeks) 

To help support CHURCH PLANTING & Discipleship (building pastors houses and church Sunday school buildings)  need about  $5000 per church- we work directly or indirectly with  8 churches.  We are trying to build and outfit  Evangelism resource centers in many churches. Please pray we can see God make a difference

I love recipies.  They are truly a passion and hobby for me.  I love to bake and cook and create food to share with my family….and in reality our whole community!  😊  Recipies give us direction and as we follow them carefully most often the results are worth the effort.


God’s Word has given us a recipe for success as well.  As we follow HIS plan and utilize the right ingredients HE has instructed, we know that success , even if not seen in the realm of this world and time frame, is ours.  WE will be called faithful and given the long awaited praise….”WELL DONE” at the end of our life journey. 


The first step in God’s recipe for success is to prepare the vessel. 


This past week we had the opportunity of preparing ourselves for a major event.  WE have a new church starting in a very difficult area of the BENA.  Our coworkers, Tim and Leandra , are spear heading this new work.  It has been one we have, as a team, really prayed over and asked for GOD’s intervention in.  The sorcery and fighting of this area rival Kenemaro, another “impossible” place we have recently seen GOD break into!  With great prayer and much financial and prayer support for many of you all, we prepared for battle.  Satan does not let the souls of his bond servants loosed easily. 



*finances to cover the thousands of dollars for the massive amount of medicine and blood tests used was provided!

*Our NEW AMBULANCE arrived JUST IN TIME to be used with the transportation of all our medicine, supplies and tents we use for our mobile outreach.  IT is quite a cool set up!!

*GOD kept the rain on hold while we set up the tents and site in preparation for the outreach.




WE PREPARED OURSELVES and TRUSTED GOD to do HIS work and we went!


The SECOND step in GOD’s recipe for success is to add the right ingredients!


GOD LOVE is the key to helping people see HIM through the good works that we do….it is our light that makes us different than anything this world has to offer.



(Click picture to watch  video from Mobile clinic)

Treating hundreds of people all day long take a lot physically and emotionally as well.   BUT the opportunity of that type of sacrifice to enable us to demonstrate true love IS HUGE!!  Thursday night we tested blood til 10:00 at night when pouring rain drenched us all.  After a night of hard rain just pounding on our small tents, sunrise stirred our group into action as we all prepared our hearts for the long day of physical and Spiritual battle ahead.  Then it began.  Hundreds came.  The Gospel was shared,  and loving physical care to every single person that came.  We worked until the late afternoon brought rain again. 


Truly LOVE stirred hearts! 


So many people had typhoid.  They were really so very sick.  Three of the dear ones had HIV infection.  Their time is limited.  Older, younger and all  inbetween were seen, given FREE and LOVING care….and the GOSPEL seeds were planted in their hearts.


The THIRD step in God’s recipe for success is…..let it rest.  TRUST in HIS TIME!  WE know HIS Word will not return void and we are so excited what GOD will do with the new church plant at Kesusaro!! 



We continue to ask for your partnership in prayer!  SO much is happening as we pray!


PLEASE PRAY FOR THE CONTAINER.  WE have confirmation that the ENTIRE container is not just duty but customs FREE!!   WOW.  That is just an impossible answer to prayer!!!  NOW we just need them to RELEASE the container WITHOUT INSPECTION for transportation to GOROKA this week!! 

                PRAY for safety and quick transportation to Goroka.

PRAY we can find a forty foot or two twenty foot containers THIS WEEK to purchase for storage of the supplies in the container we SENT!

PLEASE PRAY FOR THE NURSING STUDENTS.  This is our last week with them.  WE did have them come to help on Friday so they also heard the GOSPEL all day. I have been able to share my personal testimony and the GOSPEl with each one now as well.  WE have talked about ethics in nursing, about our view on abortion, and God has given many other opportunities to share the   WHY we do what we do at our clinic…..our focus on sharing eternal hope only offered through CHRIST with each patient because we hold medicine NOT LIFE!


PLEASE PRAY FOR SAFA.  Esta is our baby Asapas mama.  Her baby born last week was small for gestational age and mom was extremely anemic BEFORE losing a lot of blood in delivery.  PRAY Esta will get a good milk supply in, and that Safa will grow and be kept safe from infection.  WE have heard nothing since they left for home this past week, so we pray no news is good news!


PLEASE PRAY FOR KENEMARO.  We are seeing such exciting growth not just in number but in maturity of those that have so recently come to know JESUS.  IT was so exciting to see a whole group of new men starting to attend.  KEEP PRAYING for our BENA men to come to know JESUS!.  Our baby Andrew’s daddy came to the outreach at Kesusaro.  HE told me he wanted other BENA men to know the JESUS that transformed HIS LIFE!!  Now THAT is EXCITING!!


PRAY FOR JESSY.  We have not been able to confirm that his last (internal repair) surgery has been completed.  PRAY that GOD will make that happen THIS WEEK if it was delayed.  WE saw both his siblings that have been here for a year and a half without their parents.  They are NOT being cared for very well and we are very concerned for them.  They need to have mommy and daddy come home!!  What a long term struggle for them.  WE continue to support their family financially each month as they continue on this journey of his repair.  PRAY that Jessy’s daddy will come to know Jesus.  That would make each penny spent so very worth while!!  May GOD impact their family with our love and help as HE wills!


PRAY FOR AMO.  This week is already midterm exams for our new highschool student!!  HE really needs GOD to enable him.  School is very difficult for our boy.  WE praise GOD for the amazing teachers and special Ed help he has gotten, but he is nervous and a bit overwhelmed.  PRAY for GOD to not only calm him but bless him for his efforts!!


PRAY FOR TIMOTHY AND HIS FAMILY.  Pray God will help us to encourage and love on this sweet boy as their family is separated as his moms disease rages on.  Pray for grace and comfort for Ruth and Keith.   


EVERY recipe has a desired end……a great and enjoyable outcome.  WE rejoice that the outcome for our efforts in serving the LORD together with you all will be SURE!!  Thanks for joining us in this amazing cook off of life!!




Bill, Lori, the boys (Amo, Aaron ,Timothy , baby Andrew) and our rosebud, Vito, and dad.    

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