Thirsty People

July 7, 2019

 To help support the Ladies  meeting


“If anyone thirsts, let him come unto ME and drink”, John 7:37


THIRST .  What a great picture of the people that we live among.  One of the interesting facts about dehydration is that many times it is a bit insidious.  People don’t really FEEL thirsty but their body is actually in a state of real need….dehydration.  Every cell in our body NEEDS water.  IT is the greatest need and also the greatest part of our bodies…we are dependent upon water for our very life.  People can live days upon days without food…..but water…very few. 

WE are in battle this week for the thirsty women of PNG!  Satan has HIT HARD this weekend bringing out the BIG GUNS of distractions and issues as we are entering into HIS TERRITORY , finding women in the highways and byways and compelling them to COME!  COME hear about the SAVIOR.  Like the Samaritan woman at the well, Jesus offers our dear ladies water that they know not of….water that will quench their deepest inner thirst completely for eternity!!  JESUS IS THE WATER OF LIFE they are dehydrated and in need of so desperately!



 To help support the Ladies  meeting


Monday evening Lori begins to have the opportunity to share the messages GOD has placed on her heart. Monday through Friday night we NEED prayer that GOD’s WORD will have free course and that Lori will be used as an instrument of tremendous power as HIS SPIRIT is unleashed!   

 Wednesday morning, our ladies are doing a drama and She will share again GOD’s Word with the ladies we have loved on and helped and lived among for 30 years.  THIS means SO MUCH to be reaching out to these ladies…..we plea for GOD to compel these women to HIMSELF!!  WE pray for their hearts to be open and ready to receive and believe and follow HIS WORD!


WE are asking GOD for 300 women to come.  PRAY!   PRAY for good weather, as Lori will be going back and forth, caring for Aaron and her dad at home and ministering with the ladies at PRAISE BAPTIST CHURCH.  The group of guest speakers will all be staying in our home all week.  Pray as we minister to our sisters in the ministry through hospitality as well! PRAY for enough food.  PRAY for each detail to HONOR GOD!


Bill and AMO are safely in the Philippines.  PRAY for their ministry there as well.  Bill, and Jack, GBBC President, will be speaking Sunday morning and then also in various Bible Colleges all around the Philippines as well.  PRAY for GOD also to challenge our AMo’s heart with the enthusiasm of the young people there eager to follow GOD.  WE are seeking direction for our son, Amo as well, as he enters Highschool now and we know soon Bible College and some kind of trade school is probably in his future.  Bill and AMo are using this time as a college trip as well as recruitment.


Dad is doing amazing.  HE says he is treated like a KING, and we tell him that is just what HE deserves!  One of our older men, Kurae, will be staying at the house all day while the women are at the meetings.  PRAY they have great fellowship.  TWO older, faithful men of GOD have a bond even beyond language and culture differences!! 


The first week at CLINIC went well.  SO MANY VERY SICK people.  Pray as we reach into our community with the loving demonstration of the Gospel we verbally proclaim each day, that GOD will work in hearts and lives.  IT is GOOD to be BACK!! 


PRAY for JESSY as he has ONE more follow up appointment.  GOD has answered our pleas and

                He has healed so well!!  The MILLION KINA SMILE, and work each toea!! 


                PRAY for a little premie boy Oben.  He is 6 months old and just 4 kg.  (looks like a newborn).

                He is not in a good situation for his care.  Mom is a young teen…hes dumped onto a older              woman who is not known for compassion.  My mama heart is aching.  PRAY!


                PRAY for Selon.  HE is a 30 year old man with a football sized mass in his chest.  HE has

                Been to many hospitals and no help is available.  He is in my clinic now as I write this.  He

                Almost died last night.  I urgently referred him to our hospital in severe respitatory and cardiac

                Distress but there was NO doctor and NO oxygen.  He is back here on Oxygen.  WE are trying

To pull fluid off his lungs and heart.  HE is dying.  Weve known him for decades.  HE needs Jesus and he needs him soon!!  Ive been sharing Jesus with him all day.  PRAY!!


PRAY for ROSE.  Her husband stuck a screw driver into her chest today right near her heart.  WE were able to keep her lungs from collapsing, but we are not sure if the heart was damaged as well.  PRAY for GOD to work in her life and bring her to Christ.  Our hospital is not in a great state of readiness for serious injuries right now with no oxygen and limited surgical facilities.  PRAY.We could do nothing more than stabilize her….she needs a hospital. (:-()


I saw four people with masses ranging from an orange size to a foot ball this week.  There is nothing really that we can do for these situations, but pray and support them keeping them comfortable.  LIFE here is such a vapor.  The GOSPEL message is so very very needed!


Pray for Miriam.  A dear lady from Makia who we saw this week.  She had an ectopic pregnancy.  PRAY she gets the help she needs.  IT was complicated by typhoid.  Opportunities to love on the hurting.


I found two ladies with pregnancies that were not viable.  Both of their babies did not have heart beats.  In the USA where woman choose to take the life of their precious unborn babies with such lack of consideration or conviction, here our women were grieving the loss of their unborn babies.  Tears of grief, but HOPE in CHRIST!


Pray for little Jr.  He is an epileptic.  While I was gone, the hospital did not have the medicine for his prevention of seizures needed.   Epilepsy and fires don’t mix well.  He fell into the fire and had major burns on his legs, arms and hand.  PRAY for his healing.  PRAY his parents will see the importance of giving him his daily medicine.             


Your prayer this week is essential.  WE ask for fervent partnership as we seek to reach our ladies for JESUS!  We ask for fervent partnership as we seek to recruit new partners in ministry

From the Philippines.  We ask for partnership as we have ministered and given treatment to many in great need of physical healing and spiritual salvation.  WE ASK FOR PRAYER!


No reserves, No retreats. NO REGRETS!


Bill and AMO in the Philippines. Lori, Aaron and Dad in PNG with baby Andrew in our arms!  

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