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It's time to tell Trickett (and Miliband, Balls and Umunna)

Dear Patrick

We're asking the Labour party (along with all the other parties) to do just one thing: commit to a Public Services Users Bill in their election manifesto. (1) This would be a small but important step towards public services for people not profit. 

Other parties are listening, the Greens are signed up. But Labour is too scared to take a stand.

Jon Trickett MP is the shadow minister responsible, and we need to put the pressure on him as well as the Labour leader Ed Miliband MP, shadow chancellor Ed Balls MP and shadow business secretary Chuka Umunna MP.

The Labour party needs to stop putting corporate interests above the interests of the ordinary people they claim to represent.

Jon Trickett will be putting forward his formal submission to the Labour party manifesto very soon. Will you tell him to include the Public Service Users Bill in it? If he signs up to the idea, it'll give us a better chance of winning the campaign after the election.

Jon Trickett has already committed to some good policies on outsourcing, and we know that he does really care about this issue. Tell him why you think he needs to take the next step by committing to legislation to stand up for public service users and against endless privatisation-by-default.

It's frustrating watching politicians ignore public opinion. (2) They should be standing up for our rights and our public services.

Jon Trickett wants to be on our side but he and other key shadow cabinet members need a push from you. Let's give him the encouragement he needs to take a stand. 

We have this small window of opportunity before the election when politicians pay us a bit more attention than usual. If we put the pressure on now, it'll be easier to win after the election. 

Please take a moment to tell Trickett (copying Miliband, Balls and Umunna) in your own words why Labour needs to sign up for the Bill.

If you're on twitter, it would be great if you could also tweet #TellTrickett to spread the word - and copy in @jon_trickett, @Ed_Miliband, @edballsmp and @ChukaUmunna.

Thank you so much

Cat and the We Own It team

More information:

1) Read more about the Public Service Users Bill 

2) Find out more about the gap between public opinion and party policies on our scorecard http://weownit.org.uk/privatisation-people-vs-politicians

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