Hearts of the Dulcimer - Newsletter #18  October 2015

We've been busy in podcast-land ...

We have TWO more new episodes for you:

Episode #006: Rick Scott -- Canada's premier dulcimer player
with Rick Scott
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Dulcimer player, storyteller, actor, and singer songwriter Rick Scott has been playing the dulcimer for more than four decades. Rick has received several awards and honors for his work with children’s music. Lots of great music, check out the episode resource page for the list ... too many to mention here!

Episode #006: Rick Scott - Canada’s premier dulcimer player

Episode #005: Richard Fariña Tribute Part 2
with Joellen Lapidus, Owenie and Jim Crozier, Terry Hennessy, Neal Hellman, and Omar Lugones
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We focus on the melodic and rhythmically complex music Fariña created on his dulcimer and explore how his heritage and world travels influenced his music. We talk with Fariña’s relatives, people he knew, and two dulcimer players he influenced. We present intimate stories and letters from him to show how his music was ultimately the result of his zest for life. Lots of great music, check out the episode resource page for the list ... too many to mention here!

EPISODE #005: Richard Fariña Tribute Part 2

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