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Issue 12, 30 March 2015

In this issue:


Welcome to PAEAN

Professional Education, Development and Support for Telford and Shropshire GPs
We are committed to supporting the education and development of GPs in Telford and across the county of Shropshire.

On the Paean web site you will find details of all educational opportunities for GPs across the county and some outside Shropshire. We have details of Protected Learning Time Events in Telford and Wrekin as well as presentations from previous events. The Paean resources page includes ideas for your in-house events as a guide to using these half-days effectively.

Our mentors are all GPs in the county who have been trained and are supported to keep their skills refreshed. They offer a confidential service to GPs who want to improve the way they work, improve their work life balance, address specific issues, or just need someone to listen and offer a sounding-board.  

You can check out our mentors on the Paean site, and use the contact form to ask for your chosen mentor.  If you are new to the county, one of our mentors will be happy to “buddy” you, introducing you to how things work here, what groups are available to join, and all those little things that ease your introduction into a new area.’

Take a look at the Leadership Development Programme if you are keen to develop yourself as a Clinical Leader – or if you just want to be more effective in your practice.  The programme has been running for 6 years now and is part of the Paean family.

Read more to find out about other resources through PAEAN.../


TRAQS Update

Choose and Book Work Lists – GP Practice Responsibilities
An important reminder…

With the introduction of ICG you will all be aware that GP practices have moved away from using Choose and Book as the initiator for all routine/urgent GP referrals. 
However responsibility for monitoring and actioning anything appearing in the Choose and Book work list for each practice remains with the practice staff. This is especially important when new staff join the practice.

Worklists within Choose and Book, which should be monitored regularly, are listed below:
  • Referrer Action Required – this list will show any Cancelled UBRNs, Rejections and Assessment Results. 
  • Awaiting Booking/Acceptance – this list will show the status of any UBRN created by TRAQS. 
  • Advice and Guidance Responses – If an A&G request is made via TRAQS the response from the consultant will be found on this list. If the consultant requests an outpatient appointment for the patient please contact the TRAQS team giving them details of the patient’s UBRN, etc. TRAQS can then convert the A&G request into an appointment, contact the patient to offer Choice (if appropriate) and book the requested appointment. If the practice converts the A&G request into an appointment the TRAQS team will not be aware of it and you will be responsible for contacting the patient to discuss the appointment details. 
If you have any queries relating to the Choose and Book work lists please contact the TRAQS team who will be happy to help you. TRAQS Practice Support Line Tel: 01952 580367.


NHS Future Fit - join our mailing list 

The thoughts and experiences of anyone living or working in Telford and Wrekin are key in helping the NHS Future Fit programme to design a service which meets the needs of the local population - and delivers the best service possible.

To help us to do this we want to provide people with regular information and the opportunity to take part in surveys, locally run workshops and other future activities that will help design and shape local healthcare.

Register below to be added to our mailing list so that we can: 
  • Keep you up-to-date with developments
  • Send you details of any events we are hosting or attending
  • Listen to the needs and experiences of local people and feed these back to the programme board for consideration when planning for future services
  • Keep you up to date with information about consultations and how to take part
NHS Future Fit recently went out and about with a series of pop-up shops, at shopping centres, markets and hospitals, across Telford and Shropshire. You can sign up the mailing list and get involved in all sorts of other ways to follow the progress of the programme. 

To find out further details about NHS Future Fit visit: You can also read the latest in a series of blogs. The latest blog features Consultant, Edwin Boorman from Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals Trust (SaTH) with Patient Representative, Graham Shepherd.



Choose Well Easter Campaign
Following our winter campaign which featured a series of messages about urgent care - what to do and where to go, the CCG will be running another series of adverts in the press over the Easter period. This will help to remind people to get their prescriptions in before the bank holidays and will give details of pharmacy and GP opening times during the holiday break.

Other key messages will also focus around self care, when people experience a minor injury, or show symptoms of common conditions like sickness and diarrohea, coughs and colds. 

For advice on choosing well over the upcoming bank holiday visit the website at:


Alzheimers Society - update

The Alzheimers Society has announced that its dementia community roadshow will be in Telford again this April.  

This time it will feature its brand new indoor information stand at Telford Town centre shopping centre for four days from 7-10 April.

Please let patients and colleagues know all about the roadshow, which will give people the opportunity to find out about the support and services that are available locally.

Information Workers - Supporting a diagnosis of dementia
Rachel Lewis and David Latcham are Alzheimer’s Society Information Workers who will be covering Telford and Wrekin and Shrewsbury. They will be working with a broad range of stakeholders including the CCG’s, GP practices and communities, and will aim to support people to achieve an early diagnosis and the support that comes with that.

If you would like to meet Rachel and David to see how they can help support early diagnosis, please contact them on Tel: 01743 341800, or email: and

On the move!
The Alzheimer’s Society has now moved from its premises in Halesfield. From Monday 30 March the society will be based at The Glebe Centre, off Glebe Street, in Wellington.  Please note that their telephone number will also change from 30 March to Tel: 01952 250392.


Dementia Challenge - and early diagnosis

Can you imagine feeling ill, but being told your new symptoms and behaviour were a natural part of ageing?  Can you imagine having a disease but struggling to access treatment or support to help you manage it?  Can you imagine how confused and upset you would feel if nobody told you what was affecting your health and what treatment could be available?

For many people with dementia this can be a reality.

But an early diagnosis can help people with dementia to find the best possible treatment and support. It means they, and their carers, can plan for the future more easily.

Dementia can't be cured, but if it is detected early there are ways you can slow it down and maintain mental function.  With the right support, many people are able to lead active and fulfilled lives.

At the moment, only around half of the 670,000 people estimated to be living with dementia in England receive a formal diagnosis.  This means they don’t have the chance to understand what’s happening to them, to access the right services or to plan for the future while they have capacity to do so.

There are a number of reasons why a person may not get the diagnosis and information they need, including a lack of awareness and understanding of symptoms or inappropriate services available in their area.

More information about symptoms and the importance of early diagnosis is available at:

If you’re worried about someone you care about encourage them to talk to their GP.

For more information about dementia services in your area and resources to help with training and understanding, visit: 

Safeguarding Manager Appointed National Chair

Audrey Scott-Ryan, the CCG's Designated Nurse for Safeguarding Children and Young People, has been named Vice Chair of the National Network of Designated Health Professionals.

Not only is this good news for Audrey, it also puts the CCG in a strong position in terms of its safeguarding priorities and bringing the expertise of a national body to the table.

Audrey already chairs the local Child Death Overview Panel, which covers Telford and Shropshire.


Castle Lodge Mental Health Services

Mental Health Consultation on Castle Lodge Ends
An extensive formal consultation about the Castle Lodge Mental Health Service, in Dawley took place earlier this year. During formal meetings commissioners and the trust responsible for providing mental health, met with nearly 200 people as a result of various meetings and engagement activities. This led to nearly 60 comments coming back from people about what they want and why.
A final report based on the consultation is due to go to the CCGs Board in the summer, after it has been to the Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee (HOSC). Following that, this item will go back to all the relevant boards involved for a decision about what happens next.
Lesley Crawford, Director of Adult Mental Health for the Staffordshire and Shropshire Combined Mental Health Trust said: “We will continue to follow up some of the suggestions and themes that came out of the consultation.”


Pre-Referral Cataract Scheme

The CCG has commissioned a Pre-Referral Cataract Scheme (Cataract Referral Refinement Scheme) with its community optometrists.

The scheme enables the patient to access a participating optometry practice, respond to a lifestyle questionnaire and get an extended clinical examination to determine their suitability for cataract surgery.   

The pathway for patients is:

  • Cataracts identified
  • Patient visits participating practice for a sight test and at this time is given a lifestyle questionnaire. The patient is asked to complete this questionnaire at home and return for a further appointment taking the form with them (some optometrists are doing this at the appointment if they have the availability).
  • At the second appointment the Optometrist and patient discuss the outcomes of the questionnaire and an extended clinical examination is undertaken which enables an informed decision to be about referral.
  • Following agreement to proceed to referral, the Optometrist will send to the GP Form A (previously GOS18) with clinic choice “cataract” ticked and a single page from the patient questionnaire with relevant information to enable the surgeon to proceed to cataract surgery.
  • The referral forms then need to be sent to TRAQS in the usual manner.

Carer Support

Michelle Hermiston is the GP/Hospital link worker based within The Carers Centre.

Michelle is happy to work alongside ward staff at PRH, support carers in their local surgeries and support GP/practice Managers in signposting carers to the right services at the right time. 

Carers' health and wellbeing is important to enable them to continue caring for a family member or a neighbour. 

Michelle can provide a short training session to your team, onsite and at a time that suits you. 

Please give us a call on Tel: 01952 240209, or email Michelle directly at:


Be Clear on Cancer Campaign

NHS England has announced its next Be Clear on Cancer symptom awareness campaign.

It is a national reminder campaign for breast cancer in women over 70, which is scheduled to run during July and August 2015.

To find out more about the messages and activities involved in this campaign click here.

Updates on further campaign plans will follow later in the year.


Phlebotomy service for 0-18 year olds

New service commissioned up to 18 years of age
A new community blood service has been extended by healthcare bosses for another six months. 

The Community Paediatric Phlebotomy Service funded by Telford and Wrekin Clinical Commissioning Group, the organisation responsible for buying local healthcare services, has significantly improved the care of children in Telford and Wrekin children who need a blood test.

The aims of the service are to make it easier for families to access healthcare service, removing the need to go into hospital to have bloods taken.  

For many, it has also been providing care closer to home, improving the experience of having blood taken for patients and it has set up a cost effective service delivering value for money.

Dr Mike Innes, Chair of Telford and Wrekin CCG, said: “For many families of sick children, or children with conditions that require regular blood monitoring, having to go into hospital to have blood taken can create added pressure at a time when things are already difficult.

“It can also be costly to the NHS, so providing a community service was a way to improve the service in a number of ways.” he said. “The service has been a great success, and while it has saved money, we are mostly proud of the improvements it has made to the care our patients received.”

There are a number of opportunities the CCG has identified to extend this, including encouraging even more GPs to refer patients directly into the service and the potential for a further clinic in South Telford.

The Community Paediatric Phlebotomy Service was piloted by Paediatric Community Nursing Service and Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust, and began in September 2014, with a clinic every Thursday, between 9.30am and 11.15am, at Donnington Health Centre.

Between September December, savings of £15,024 were made as a result of children not attending hospital for their blood to be taken.

This new service is projected to save £30,469 by the end of March, which can be reinvested in other care, but it’s the patient outcomes the CCG is most excited about.

Since the service began 100 per cent of parents have said they were satisfied with how their child was treated at the clinic appointment and that they would use the clinic again if their child required bloods in the future, with 87 per cent saying they were ‘very satisfied’ overall with the service and 13 per cent saying they were ‘satisfied’.

Read more.../


GP Study Day

The Orthopaedic Institute is hosting a GP Study Day called: ‘All in a Days’ Work’.
Open to doctors, nurse prescribers and secondary care clinicians, the study day will take place on Wednesday 13 May at the Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, in Oswestry.
Find out more about the GP Study Day and to register, please contact Alison Whitelaw on Tel: 01691 404661 or email: 



Red Nose Day Success!

Huge thanks to everyone at Telford and Wrekin CCG, in Halesfield, who contributed to its fundraising activities for Comic Relief on 13 March.

All sorts of things took place, including a cake sale, a dress-up day, a dress-down day, a sweepstake (won by Julie Bone) and a funny face competition (won by a heavily-disguised Liz Cartwright, pictured above).

As well as having fun, everyone’s hard work paid off and thanks to peoples’ generosity - £301.52 was raised.

Well done everyone - and thank you!


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