Chroma Sync - New version 1.1 released next Monday!
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Don't be creepin', be color breathin' with new Razer Chroma support for Minecraft!

Thank you Keith!

Firstly, I'd like to take this opportunity to give a huge shoutout to Keith Mitchell who made this Minecraft integration possible, so thank you so much for all your hard work!

If you've already been using Chroma Sync, you may have noticed it has actually been available for a few weeks now. This was a soft launch to see how people interact are interacting with Chroma Sync and to flesh out any bugs before Razer made the official announcement.

Effects included:

  • Health status indicator - Your function keys will light up based on your health level
  • Inventory hotbar - Shows you which slot is currently active
  • Potion effects - Animations are displayed on the number pad
  • Fire and death - Watch your whole keyboard light up when you catch fire or die

Forge required

Installation is pretty straightforward with Chroma Sync, however you will need to have used or at least be familiar with Minecraft Forge, as it's required for the mod to work. If you don't already have Minecraft Forge, you can download it here:

Mojang are in fact working on providing official modding support, which would make installation even simpler without the need for Minecraft Forge, but until then... Forge is very much required to make the mod work.

Also note that it's compatible with Minecraft 1.8+, so if you're using an older version it sadly won't work with it.
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