Scrooge is loving this stock market 

December 21, 2018
Dow Jones: 22,860 (-1.99%)
S&P 500: 2,467 (-1.58%)
Nasdaq: 6,528 (-1.63%)
Bitcoin: $4,026 (+7.63%)
10-Year Treasury: 2.804%

We got your last second gift idea covered. Just get Mr./Mrs. Right some oat milk -- the stuff is worth $200 now.

Markets are mauling themselves into the holiday. The Nasdaq hit a very officially bad milestone and the Dow's chilling down at a 14-month low. 

1. Tech stocks reach -20% "bear" status 

Dwight Schrute is loving this... No one else is. With Thursday's drop, the Nasdaq stock exchange is down 20% since August (that's called a "bear" market). The S&P 500 (includes all big US stocks) also fell because President Trump's planning to shut down the government since Congress won't give him his wall.

So what do markets have on their wish list?... Investors' last fun thing was last year's tax cut (December 2017), which boosted company profits overnight. A year later, stocks are asking for one of these:

  • White House stability: The President's staff is half gone, and the other half's in chaos
  • Trade War peace with China: The 90-day pause on fresh tariffs ends March 1st. Spring break comes up really fast
  • Politics being less economy-crushing: The CEO of FedEx vented this week that all his problems are caused by politicians 

The Takeaway: Adrenaline junkies love US markets... Wall Street's famous for bonus-funding stock market booms and investor-crushing busts. The average surge lasts 9 years and stocks rise 480%. The average bust lasts 1.4 years and stocks fall 41%. We're in the bear-y bust-y part.

2. Nike flies 7% on SNKRS love

Easy on the Wheaties… Shares of Nike surged thanks to every player in its lineup: Online, abroad, and the US combined for 10% overall sales growth. And during China’s Singles Day (aka “Black Friday’s cousin on Varsity"), sales jumped 40% from last year.

Rookie of the Year goes to... The SNKRS App. Waiting in 3-block-long lines with a bunch of rando dudes to get new sneaks? There's an app for that. Releasing designs via SNKRS instead of real world stores is now “a source of explosive growth” for Nike. Justin Timberlake’s Super Bowl Nikes? Out via SNKRS first.

The Takeaway: There's no "i" in Team... Nike’s not rolling solo -- It’s pumping its products across every possible sales platform. It’s selling on Amazon (as of last year), retail stores (whattup, Foot Locker and Dick’s), its own physical stores (every salesperson lives athleisure), and its own website. And they’re all working.

3. Twitter drops 11% on troll hate

Pretty meta… Amnesty International published a report revealing that female journalists and politicians face disproportionate amounts of hate online, especially women of color. #SadFact. Then an investment company tried to profit off that report by trolling Twitter – and shares dropped big.

Citron = biased… The investment fund “shorts” shares of a company, then writes negative reports about them. If investor read the report, spit out their drink in disgust, and then sell their shares, then Citron's won (that's how a short works). It called Twitter the “Harvey Weinstein of social media," and it thinks new policies to censor trolls will hurt Twitter too.

The Takeaway: The internet needs tools... to save itself. Like stopping pro bad guys from manipulating the public on social media. Facebook, Google, and Twitter best be working on that. But the bad guys in yesterday’s Amnesty report are basement-dwelling amateur rage trolls. Twitter will try to fight them, but you you'll never erase human ugliness from the internet.

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