Delta shareholders are calling the flight attendant

January 4, 2019
Dow Jones: 22,686 (-2.83%)
S&P 500: 2,448 (-2.48%)
Nasdaq: 6,464 (-3.04%)
Bitcoin: $3,781 (-2.92%)
10-Year Treasury: 2.557%

Don't be that guy, Apple.

Its iPhone sales were so bad that now Earth's worried there's a global economic slowdown a comin'. That dropped the Dow 660 points for Day #2 of 2019.

1. Delta plays Debbie Downer for all airlines 

Easy with all the honesty, @CorporateAmerica… Delta pulled an Apple by announcing that last quarter was pretty disappointing. The airline doesn’t officially reveal earnings from the holidays until next week, but it "managed expectations" that ticket prices didn't rise like it hoped.

Those decimals reallllly matter... The issue was Delta's TRASM -- Stands for "Total Revenue per Available Seat Mile." Delta now thinks "revenue per butt mile" (our term, not theirs) will rise 3%. It had been saying 3.5%. The switcheroo probably means some seats remained butt-free over the holidays.
The Takeaway: Industry leader bad news = Everyone's bad news... When Apple said Wednesday there's trouble with sales in China, all companies with China businesses dropped. Now Delta says there's trouble in the air, so all companies in the air dropped:

  • American Airlines: -7.5%
  • Southwest Airlines: -3.3%
  • United Continental Holdings: -5%
  • Delta: -9%

2. $1,000 breast pump startup suddenly shuts down

If God had a breast pump... she'd use Naya. That's the startup pumping out $1,000 breast pumps for new moms, revolutionizing a humankind-old need. But after raising $6.5M to grow, it suddenly shut down, with a pretty long email from its husband/wife co-founding team: They couldn't raise the money needed to go on.

FYI, in case you're wondering (we know you are), here's what made the pump so fancy -- They techified milk:

  • An App (obvi): Because everything must be connected, milk quantity was tracked via Naya's app
  • Super Flow: Used water instead of an air vacuum to stimulate milk production
  • Comfort: Traded painfully hard plastic for smooth silicon

Feel the growing pains... Naya's pumps launched smoothly ($1M in sales in its first few months), until issues arose -- Competing pumps were half the price and insurance doesn't cover the difference. And Naya pumps started breaking. Then in October the company "went dark" and stopped responding to emails. Awkward.

The Takeaway: Still ain't easy out there for female founders... Only 2% of venture capital funding goes to women. And before Naya's issues, its founders faced this: Dude VCs talked about her looks, were grossed out by the concept, and questioned whether a mom could start a company. It's a problem. Naya's shutdown's a symptom of it.

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'SnackFact of the Day
A major miscalculation: Apple's prediction for how many iPhones it would sell last quarter wasn't just overly optimistic -- it was off by a hefty 12M iPhones (we did the math)

Submitted by Jack K. (Brattleboro, VT)
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First weekend of 2019.

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