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Knock! Knock!
Who’s there?
January 1st. And it’s here to ruin your life.

The first of the year has a funny way of shitting on our goals. As such an iconic beacon of hope, happiness, and change, heaping on so many expectations once the clock strikes midnight is enough to make your brain explode. Everywhere. Like, pieces of your sanity will be splattered on the ceiling.

But you can still hit your goals without chugging a bottle of wine, complaining to your postman, or getting down on yourself and/or falling into a guilt spiral.

Introducing: The Not Another New Year’s Project

Starting in November and running for 3 solid months, you’ll have exclusive one-on-one coaching with me. (This means 10 sessions in total and unlimited email support.)

By digging up to our elbows into why you’ve struggled to get your resolutions off the ground in the past, we’ll equip you with the exact knowhow you need to hit 2016 10 kilos lighter, or 2 months into a side business, or already really good at juggling. (No judgement on your goals.) It’s all about looking into your brain, exploring what holds you back most, and figure out why the heck you don’t do the things that matter most to you.

With me in your corner, you’re held accountable, meaning you’ll actually do what you say you’re going to do.

And as for January 1st? You’re about to make that bastard heel. (After all, you’ll already be well on your way to your goal, able to swap it out for something new or continue on your path of kickassery*.)

*Official term.


(Your future self is sending you highfives and videos of adorable baby goats wearing jumpers.)

To owning 2016,
Liz xo
ps. Questions, concerns or just want to say hi? Hit reply to this email and I’ll be with you faster than you can say, “But seriously, baby goats wearing jumpers!”)
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