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The iKNOW Politics April 2013 Newsletter

iKNOW Politics is a unique platform on women in politics, designed to connect members and build knowledge through discussion forums, the consolidation of expert responses to member queries, interviews, video testimonials, election talks, polls, an online library, calendar of events and daily news. 
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Meet one of our Experts!
María Eugenia Rojas Valverde
During her work as Executive Director of the Association of Bolivian Councilwomen (ACOBOL), she had conducted several studies, contributing to the development of women’s political participation at the local level.  Among her primary contributions is her pioneering research – now internationally recognized – on political harassment and violence toward women in public office at the municipal level, as well as her writings on motives and various studies on the defense of women’s political rights in the political arena.

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Meet the rest of our experts
Opinion piece by Rumbidzai Kandawasvika-Nhundu, Senior Programme Manager - Democracy and Gender
International IDEA
The Elephant of Patriarchy in Political Parties
"One of the major issues that persist throughout the world is that women’s physical presence and voices in positions of power and decision making within political parties remains weak and is almost non-existent. Even though women participate visibly and actively in supporting political parties and are mobilised by parties to join as well as cast their vote in support of the parties through elections, their participation does not always guarantee inclusion in decision making within parties and in public decision making in general"...read more

Special Features

Violence Against Women in Politics

In light of this year's 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women with a focus on the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls, iKNOW Politics dedicated a section to highlighting news, events and resources on violence against women in politics.

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Beyond Revolution - State Building in Arab States

Capturing stories, news, resources and voices of women as they rebuild their countries in the Arab region. This section brings you resources, news and interviews with women politicians about the post Arab Spring challenges and opportunities for women.

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Resource Library

Over 2,000 resources in English, French, Arabic and Spanish on women's political participation!

Ask our Experts

If you would like to learn more about quota systems, need practical information on how to run a campaign, be a successful advocate or are looking for any other advice on women's political participation, please ASK OUR EXPERTS NOW! iKNOW Politics works with over 60 experts from all over the world that would be happy to answer your questions.
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Interview with Donya Aziz  
Member of the National Assembly of Pakistan

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Interview with Nabila Benomar
Deputy in the House of Representatives, Morocco

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Interview with Martha Lucia Micher Camarena Federal MP, Chair of the Commission on Gender and Equity, Mexico


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