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February 26, 2014

Dear IAPA Members:

There is  quite a bit of activity at IAPA.  We thought we would keep you up to date.

The IDFPR sent notices to all PAs to renew their licenses by March 1, 2014.  Here are a few questions the IAPA asked the IDFPR about renewals.
  • How many days does it take for the PA to receive a renewed license? RESPONSE:  New applications require a minimum of 4-6 weeks for processing.  Licensure renewals are handled by a separate department in the division and they usually process within a week or so.
  • Does the renewal process require both the Supervisory Form and the Delegated Prescriptive Authority Form signed by same doctor in order to get the renewal of licensure and prescriptive authority?  RESPONSE:  The PA's have an insert in the renewal forms listing the name of each supervising MD on record.  PAs are required to verify by circling YES or NO, and list termination date, if applicable.  If the answer is YES, and there are no changes in address, name or supervision, they do not need to fill out another employment notice or delegation form.  The renewal is processed within the normal processing time.   For those that mark NO, the PA must complete the back of the insert with a new supervising physician name or submit a new form.  The licensure renewal cannot be processed until IDFPR reviews the documentation for a new supervising physician.  If the physician has not delegated prescriptive authority, IDFPR will contact the physician by fax if new forms are needed.
  • Do the PAs have to have the license in-hand in order to practice on March 1st?  Is it the same for controlled substance privilege documentation as well?  Is this processed together?   RESPONSE:  If submitted together, both licenses are processed together.  As long as the renewal forms are postmarked prior to March 1st, there is no lapse in licensure.  It would be up to the employer/facility if they need a current license in hand.  IDFPR web site will show the license as Active with the March 1, 2014 expiration for approximate 60 days.
  • What if the PA mailed in renewal on February 15th or later, what can they do about practicing on March 1st?  RESPONSE:  As above, if the renewal is postmarked prior to March 1st, there is no lapse or penalty fee.
  • Does running down to Springfield speed up the renewal process?    RESPONSE:  It does not in general.  The fee has to be processed and then the system updated.  This cannot be done if they come in.  The only thing we can do is make sure the forms are correct and take the fee and forms for processing.

The Illinois General Assembly is in session.  A number of bills have been introduced that could affect PAs.  The IAPA is monitoring a few of the bills (SB 3077), supporting a few of the bills (SB 3076, HB 5337, HB 5412), and opposing a number of bills (SB 3305, HB 5506, SB 3491, SB 3175). 

 - Opposed Bills:
SB 3175 adds podiatrists as supervising physicians to the PA Practice Act. 
SB 3491 / HB 5506 creates the Interventional Pain Procedures for Chronic Pain Act.  The Act removes hospitals, hospice and APNs from the act.  We have asked them to remove PAs from the act as well.  If these procedures would impact the way you practice, we need to know specifically how it will inhibit your current practice privileges. 
SB 3005 amends the Radiation Protection Act of 1990 and provides, with specified exceptions, that no person shall administer radiation to a human being with a fluoroscopic radiation machine unless that person is a licensed physician.  The IAPA has been working for over ten years on the rules to be created allowing PAs to perform fluoroscopy.  This bill would set our work backwards.
If you have an opinion, we'd like to hear it.  Please share these with your physician.

IAPA has a number of CME events coming up.  We always receive 4+ rating out of 5 on our CME events.
CME is for learning, yes, but also for networking and knowing the work IAPA is doing for you.

Please add them to your calendar.
- March 8, 2014, Dove Conference Center, Springfield, IL
- April 25, 2014, Memorial Hospital, Belleville, IL
- May 3, 2014, Rosalind Franklin PA Program, North Chicago, IL
- September 12,2014, John Logan Community College, Carterville, IL

- October, TBA, Fall CME.

IAPA has 543 members for 2014.  We appreciate your support!  However, we do have 272 members yet to rejoin IAPA for 2014.  Please go to the website at and submit your dues today. 

The IAPA appreciates you being advocates of the PA profession.  Many of our advocates have gone to their hospital administrators to create a PA/APN Committee that brings the voice of the PA to the hospital administrators.  These committees are formed to create better communication and understanding of practice privileges among the PAs,  APNs and hospitals.  The PA/APN Committees may also be utilized in larger group practices to keep everyone informed of legislative changes and/or myths.

With a unified voice, we can accomplish much. 

Warm regards,
Don Diemer, DHSc, PA-C
IAPA President

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