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What you need to know about wilting plants
and how to care for them!

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Let’s face it, many of us are guilty of think that the extreme desert heat is killing our plants when we see them wilted and dry. But, guess what, it’s natural! Your plants are not dying and they’ll be just fine!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • What you need to know about wilting plants and how to care for them.It is a must that your plants have plenty of water before it gets extremely hot, so be sure to water in early in the morning.
  • Plants then use transpiration to bring water up to small pores in the leaves to cool them down - think of it like sweating for plants. Without water the plants cannot cool themselves.
  • On very hot days, plants will use emergency mechanisms, which include drooping and having their leaves curl, which helps with the cooling process and conserves energy by not producing food (not actively entering photosynthesis). Due to this, most of our desert plants will go dormant during the summer, and they will begin to thrive again in the Fall.
  • In the short term, and as the weather cools off in the evening and mornings, your plants will open up and bounce back from their self-protected "emergency" state that we commonly see in the afternoons.
  • We do not encourage increasing your water to completely eliminate droop, it is natural for plants in Arizona and to honor our xeriscaping techniques, so we shouldn't just add more water.

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