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September Gardening Tips from Sonoran Gardens


Potted Garden Planting Time!Believe it or not, but now is the time to start scheduling Sonoran Gardens to plant flowers for your winter pots. If you like to plant on your own, always shop for the best selections at our local nurseries.

A few tips on planting your pots:

  • Plant successive plantings of garden vegetables. As leafy and root vegetables are harvested, replace them with new seedlings of radish, lettuce, spinach, chard, and other fast-maturing winter vegetables.
  • Protect young seedlings from cutworms by placing a ring, cut from a paper or Styrofoam cup, around the transplant at the soil line to block the cutworm and protect the stem.
  • Snip petunias to encourage them to branch and spread. Cut the ends off of stems to encourage side branching. This will promote abundant flowering and more compact plants.
  • Remove the old blooms from geranium, cyclamen, calendula and other winter flowers as they fade by cutting them off with sharp scissors or hand pruners. This will also increase flower production.
  • Use a bi-weekly spray application of a water soluble fertilizer on all flowering plants to encourage growth and a continual show of flowers.

September Rose Care from Tucson's Rose SocietySeptember Rose Care from Tucson's Rose Society

In September we begin the preparation for the Fall bloom season. This will be the time to do a pruning again on the roses, but only one third of the plant gets shorn away, leaving as many leaves on the plant as is possible. Start your pruning any time after the 15th of the month and try to have all of your cutting done before October 8th. Pruning stimulates the rose into producing new growth, which in turn brings on new bloom. Prune the bush at the outward facing leaf-set, with a stem of at least a pencils' thickness, and cut just above the leaf. At the base of the leaf is a hidden 'bud-eye', which the pruning will cause to swell and push out and form the new bloom stem.

Your pruned rose bush will need additional nutrients too. Bring your fertilizer on lightly at first, since our temperatures can be still quite hot, and too much fertilizer will cause burn. Any type of fertilizer will work as long as it is always supplied with a good volume of water. I start out with a small handful of Epsom salt for each bush, a bit of chelated iron, 'Vigoro Rose' or if not available 'Vigoro Citrus and Avocado' or even 'Osmocote', feed-one handful per plant. Alfalfa pellets are a good low-nitrogen boost, (alfalfa releases nitrogen and aids stem length) a small handful should do. Apply any kind of water soluble too, such as 'Miracle Grow' for roses, or 'Magnum Gro', every two weeks.

Keep your roses well-watered since you will start to see a lot of tender new growth coming on, and any reduction of watering will cause wilting and leaf damage from our still warm temps.

Other September Tips:

An ideal month to plant most trees and shrubs • Fertilize citrus, fruit trees, roses, and lawns on Labor Day • Prune plants to shape after summer rains • Harvest pomegranates • Plant tomatoes, peppers, beans, squash, gourds, and pumpkins • Divide and transplant iris • Prepare a site for winter annual wildflowers.

It's never too early to get ready for
Fall landscape construction and upkeep!

Yes, we know it's still blazing hot out there, but before you know it Fall will be upon us. That means:

  • New plantings: trees, flowers, gardens and more
  • Fertilizing
  • Potted plants for Fall
  • Irrigation adjustments and repair
  • Lighting adjustments
  • Possible additions like an outdoor fireplace, an outdoor kitchen, a beautiful new patio and ramada

Whatever you can dream, our Sonoran Gardens' Design, Construction and Maintenance Team is ready and able to make your dream a reality! We're just a phone call away at 520-579-9411.

Whatever you can dream, our Sonoran Gardens' Design, Construction and Maintenance Team is ready and able to make your dream a reality!
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