2014 is going to be an exciting year in many ways. Make sure you know what is going to be coming!

Note from Duck....

Another year is about to bite the dust! WOW where do the months go...? 2013 has been one amazing action packed year for Wild Workouts. I had a quick look at the Wild Workouts facebook page tonight and what a busy bunch of clients I have. I am so amazed by you all!

We started the year off with a bang, running the Tongariro Crossing and from there this is what happened.... Hutt 5 Bridges, Tussok Travers, Wellington Marathon, Xterra Series, The Goat, Auckland Marathon, New York Marathon, Tikitapu half marathon, Mototapu Marathon, Wanaka Half Marathon, Rotorua Half Iron man, Iron Maori, round lake Taupo, The West coaster ...  I am sure I have missed a few?

To all my groups well done for excelling in your 4 week circuit and bootcamp rounds, enduring the weather and all those burpees.  I have had many clients who have started exercising for the first time this year and they have grabbed onto this challenge with everything they have.  We have seen some jaw dropping results with my 8 week Body Fat Buddy Buster challenge I ran.  It has been a year of clients making change, from dropping refined food to adding yoga and or strength training to help achieve their goals. It is so good to see so many people taking a step to a healthier happier life :)
It has been my pleasure training each one of you whether it was in a PT session or group session.  I absolutely love the support and dedication I receive from everyone, good on you all for choosing a healthy lifestyle and doing it with Wild Workouts. 
2014 is going to be massive so have a rest over Xmas and come back next year ready to hit the ground running. I look forward to seeing you all again with some new and exciting challenges.


Body Fat Buddy Buster (BFBB) CHALLENGE - Congrats to our winners!

In Oct this year I put forward a 8 week challenge, the Body Fat Buddy Buster (BFBB). The idea was to get people to think about their lifestyle - things like nutrition, sleep, exercise and hydration. I wanted people to make changes and see how they feel. My hope was that the changes would feel so good people would continue on long after the 8 weeks and make it a lifestyle change. I firstly was amazed at how many people took on the challenge and then was totally blown away by the results. To be healthy  takes a little work but it is totally worth it. As winners Eve and Trudy, parents of two young girls and busy family life, made some key changes early in the challenge and this is a summary of their experience...

"We found doing the BFBB challenge great as it wasn't one of those unrealistic protein only fad diets. The one's that no one can stick to especially with a young family. We all eat the same meals so there was minimal stress with having to organise separate meals for the girls and us. Planning was key to this challenge! We planned our meals for most of the week and then all we needed to do was our food shopping.  Having regular updates and meal ideas on the private FaceBook page helped us in trying out new meal ideas and getting inspiration to try out a few of our own.

Cutting back alcohol was a challenge as coming up to Xmas there are always so many events to attend, but we found that after being on the BFBB challenge for a few weeks, it was much easier making healthy choices as we were feeling so good. No hangover not only meant that we didn't wake up feeling off, we also didn't get the cravings for naughty food that we usually would have had - don't get us wrong we did have days where we fell off the wagon, but with the support of each other and regular posts on FB getting back on the straight and narrow was way easier.

Ev found through eating cleaner his recovery from training rides was much quicker and even through I broke my toe half way through the challenge I still achieved great results, I put this down to more sleep and better food choice - 2 big changes we made.
We both have found that our energy levels have increased and our general well being is so much better than before, we have learnt a lot and made some good changes to the way we do things now. I'm sure Xmas will trow us a few 'challenges' but we are committed to continue on the BFBB ways. 

It was awesome seeing how many amazing results came out of the BFBB we would both definitely recommend it! Thank you Duck for all of your support and training guidance, we couldn't have done it without you!!!"


Our winners


(Female only) 

If you are new or an avid runner JogSquad is for you. We have a dedicated bunch of women challenging themselves weekly to improve not only their running to reach their goals but to keep fit!

During the week we keep our training to mainly on road adding intervals, tempo and hill work,  but in the weekend we go in search of Wellingtons best kept secrets....we might climb up a tough hill but the views we find are stunning!

If you have any questions about whether JogSquad is right for you, please don't hesitate to give me a call. 

The first round of JogSquad will kick of on the 13th January 2014 and our goal is the Tarawera UltraMarathon on the 15th March 2014. Of course you don't have to do the event this is totally optional. 

Day: Monday and Wednesday (every other Saturday)
Time: 6:00 pm (8:00 am on Saturday's)
Location: Te Papa Museum, entrance


Book in now! 
(10 spaces left)

Tongariro Crossing - running styles

Ladies we are doing it again in 2014!
The crossing is known as one of the best one-day treks not only in New Zealand but the world!  It is an absolute must, if you live in NZ. I had so much fun with the group last year that I have decided to do it all again. Come join me and tick off one of the 'great walks', start running now.

It is a 19.4km run or if you start from Whakapapa it is more like 26km.  It has a few steep climbs including the 'devils staircase' but the view is amazing and well worth the sweat and tears.

Put this date in your dairy 22 Feb 2014

I will be taking 20 people up to do the crossing. So if you are keen book this date in now and confirm your spot by flicking me a email.

Indoor 30 min Circuit Class

(Male & Female) 

The idea of this class is to push you to your max in a circuit type workout.  In this non-stop express class you will get your heart rate up and racing.   3 people, 30 now to secure your spot
Once you are locked in, your spot will not be filled until you cancel

Monday Circuit
7:00am / 7:30am
Wednesday Circuit (NEW)
7:00am / 7:30am
Friday Circuit
6:00am / 6:30am / 7:00am / 7:30am
Day: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Monday & Friday Circuit
Top Floor, Les Mills Extreme on Taranaki or Les Mills on the Terrace
Wednesday Circuit
Les Mills the Terrace, The Terrace

Kelburn Boot Camp

(Male & Female) 

Boot Camp is a fun effective way to stay in shape. We will be doing exercises that challenge you and target your total body. This program is designed to build strength and fitness through a variety of intense group workouts. It is a good way to stay fit for your sport too! 

You can expect running drills, dynamic stretching, body weight exercises, plyometrics, resistance training, circuit workouts and much more....  Boot camp is a great way to start you day and get you into a routine of regular exercise. With the close eye of 2 trainers at each session you will be supported but pushed the whole time. 

WARNING - you will get fit!

Time: 6:00am
Day: Tuesday and Thursday
Location: Kelburn School -16 Kowhai Rd, Kelburn

Small Group Training 

(Female only) 

Small Group Training is catered for anyone that wants to be pushed! It is ideal for anyone getting back in to training to give their bodies a real kick start. We will be achieving our goals by using equipment (including kettle bells, trx, power bags and med balls) as this will increase your strength power and tone. The sessions are short and sharp but heaps of fun.

All the benefits of a personal training session, but in addition to a trainer, you'll be buoyed along by both the camaraderie and competition from your teammates!

Day: Tuesday and Thursday 
Group 1
- 7:15am OR
Group 2 - 7:45am (NEW)
Location: Frank Kitts Park
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