GMF Program Newsletter, March April 2018
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The Global Mission Fellows Program is a 2-year mission opportunity for young adults ages 20-30.  Young adults are invited to engage with local communities, connect the church in mission, and grow in personal and social holiness.
Irene Rondromalala Andrianantenaina

Being in another country and out of our comfort zone is actually a challenge, even for us missionaries. We have to experience the ups and downs of life on our own. Even if we are surrounded by many friends, the first solution to our problem is ourselves.  At times during my assignment I have wondered “why I am here?”  However, God answers my question through the situations I face during my daily life.

I usually start my day with prayers, reading scriptures and listening to some gospel songs, which is really effective. It is refreshing, bringing positive thoughts and more confidence.

 I discovered that meditation is a beneficial way to release stress, especially when I was faced with tons of work and the feelings of homesickness affected me.  I found that meditation was the best solution to settle down. 

People who really give their lives to God have more assurance, and I can witness its result. I am less pressured and less panicked. My day is incomplete without my morning prayer and my closing prayer at the end of every day.

Global Mission Fellow’s core values fulfill my motivation to be engaged with the people I am serving with, my prayers and church service help me to connect with them as we are one in Christ and it is the only place I can find peace around me.

All connections and the tasks I received at my placement site nourish my knowledge and sculpt the person I am becoming. The ways this place has changed me will be the luggage I carry back home with me. I am so grateful for that. This is all about God’s amazing grace.

Irene Rondromalala Andrianantenaina
GMF INTL Track - Philippines 
Class 2016-2018

From the Young Adult Mission Service Office
Greetings from the Atlanta Headquarters of Global Ministries. We wish everyone a blessed Lenten season and encourage you to visit our Facebook page to find daily Lenten devotions written by current Global Mission Fellows. 
In our previous newsletter, we highlighted three new members of the YAMS team. The YAMS office is now pleased to welcome our final addition, Didier Monga Wa Shakapanga!

Didier Monga Wa Shakapanga is an alumnus of the Global Mission Fellow program, having served in Cote d'Ivoire from 2015-2017. During his service, Didier worked with the HIV/AIDS ministry of the United Methodist Church to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS among youth, and to support the provision of care to orphans who had been impacted by HIV/AIDS. Didier, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is passionate about community development.

As the team grows, please remember to CC for Program-related needs.
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Fearless Fellows: Episode Six
Trisha Manns

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April 21
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Jay Godfrey, Global Mission Fellow 2014–2016

Communal Bible Study as Spiritual Practice

I was one of the lucky few who was able to serve as both a US-2 and Mission Intern. I first served as a US-2 with the Upper Sand Mountain Parish in northeastern Alabama from 1996–1998 and then served as a Mission Intern in central Bosnia and New York City from 1998–2001. All these years later, I can still remember some of the Bible studies we experienced during our training in the young adult mission programs. They were disorienting, challenging, and—for me—deeply rewarding. These Bible studies marked the first time in my life that I was reading scripture in a truly diverse community that brought different perspectives to the text and to life. It was during that time that I began to recognize how powerful Bible study could be not only in my own spiritual formation, but also in the spiritual formation of a community. My experiences in the young adult mission programs were instrumental in leading me to my vocation as a faith and justice educator with United Methodist Women, and I carry that experience of powerful Bible study into my work today. I currently work with a team of three other educators. We start our weeks in Bible study whenever possible. The time we spend together in the Bible is a spiritual practice for us. It has strengthened us as a team and continues to center me in this work.


8—Arthur Zhou
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
12 – Russell Rusike
GMF INTL Class 2016-2018
12—Cristian Schlick
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
13 – Rick Sullivan
GMF US-2 Class 2016-2018
13—Tinashe Madziwa
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
19—Josiane Soukou
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
30 – Erin Frey
GMF US-2 Class 2016-2018

1 – Ruvimbo Simango
GMF INTL Class 2016-2018
6—Cecilia Hayes
GMF US-2 Class 2017-2019
8—Odilon Mwaba
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
11—Naftal Guambe
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
15 – Nina Guzman
GMF INTL Class 2016-2018
15—Hanindha Kristy
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
15—Lawrence Omondi
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
17 – Rut Arsari Christy
GMF INTL Class 2016-2018
17 – Sharon Kiruki
GMF INTL Class 2016-2018
18—Janelle Reloj
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
18—Blessing Dziva
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
20—Lynda Sylvain
GMF US-2 Class 2017-2019
21 –Sushi Au
GMF INTL Class 2016-2018
24—Obed Aying
GMF INTL Class 2017-2019
25 – Leah Wandera
GMF INTL Class 2016-2018
27 – Chasity Jones
GMF US-2 Class 2016-2018

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