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I’ll be away at a meditation retreat from November 22nd for a week. The clinic will still be open and you can also have a half price LED session ($49) , redeemable against any LED light devices. Note that the introductory LED special ends on November 31st.
What is Carbon 60?  60 carbon atoms configured into a soccer ball and only 1 nanometre large. Also called Buckyballs, Carbon 60 is a fairly new discovery and has health benefits that rivals the best antioxidants and longevity nutrients. Buckyballs seek out the most toxic free radicals in the body and neutralise them by donating an electron. 

One of the best inflammatory squelchers around and as most diseases are due to inflammation C60 looks set to become the go-to nutrient.
Dissolved in olive oil, just 1 tsp a day by mouth and a drop on your skin will make a big difference. Hair regrowth, wrinke reduction, cold sore treatment..... 
It's such a tiny molecule that it slips easily into every cell and crosses the blood brain barrier. ( improves cognition and  used for dementia).  The benefits are impressive and there are no side effects.

It prevents and reduces inflammation, kills viruses and bacteria, prevents osteoarthritis, helps with weight loss and metabolic syndrome, increases hair growth, improves acne ..... etc ( long list ).
 Watch this youtube below.The first 10 minutes will give you good information.

Worthwhile trialling if you've had heart issues, want to lose weight or have any inflammatory condition., including Hashimotos.
Professor Leslie Baumann, dermatologist described the benefits in journal Dermatology News. Some expensive creams have a tiny amount of C60. Mixing a drop with your daily moisturiser will give you a cheaper and vastly superior antiageing cream. 

C60 helps wth sundamaged skin and wrinkles.

I’ve researched and found a good C60 which has a high saturation (0.8).

Improves longevity, protects against free radicals, prevents inflammation, kills viruses, protects nerves, prevents osteoarthritis, improves obesity and metabolic syndrome, and kills bacteria.
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Remember Nobel prize winner Elizabeth Blackburn from Tasmania? What has she and Emperor Shen Nung (2,700 BC - 5,000 years ago) have in common?  This is the confluence of Art and Science.
Emperor Shen Nung discovered astragalus, one of the top 50 Chinese herbs.
and more than 365 other herbs, including cannabis. He was a creative person and invented the hoe, plough,  axe, digging wells, agricultural irrigation, preserving stored seeds by using boiled horse urine, the weekly farmers market, the Chinese calendar and to have refined the therapeutic understanding of taking pulse measurements, acupuncture, and moxibustion etc.
Elizabeth Blackburn ( Tasmanian) won the Nobel prize in 2009 for her discovery of telomerase which lead to the production of TA65.

Both Emperor Shen Nung and Elizabeth Blackburn have educated us about extracts that increase longevity. TA65, patented drug for longevity is extracted from astragalus which Emperor Shen Nung promoted for improving Qi and longevity centuries ago. 

A brief description of Telomeres

Telomeres are found at the ends of our chromosomes  and protect the ends of our chromosomes by forming a cap, like the ends of shoelaces.

They allow the chromosome to divide properly. Without telomeres, important DNA would be lost every time a cell divides which would eventually lead to the loss of entire genes.

What happens to telomeres as we age?

Telomeres shorten every time a cell divides. They shorten more if there’s oxidative stress triggered by diet, stress and negative  lifestyles. That's why stress makes you look older. When the chromosome gets too short to divide, it dies.  

The race is to find nutrients to lengthen chromosomes. Enter telomerase.

Telomerase is an enzyme that lengthens chromosomes. 
Most cells have low telomerase concentrations and do not regularly use telomerase so age and die early. 

In contrast, cells like stemcells and sperm cells have high levels of Telomerase. In these cells, telomere length is maintained even after a cell divides so they do not show sign of ageing.
Injecting stemcells into damaged tissue results in restoration of normal tissue as they keep replicating. Come and see me for more information.

TA65, extracted from astragalus has been found to increase telomerase and lengthen chromosomes.

TA 65 is expensive and I always prefer taking the whole plant extract.  
( astragalus) as there are usually supportive nutrients that act synergistically that we can’t measure well. I’ve sourced an organic wildcrafted astragalus which also tastes good in coffees or smoothies. Astragalus is also an effective anti inflammatory and is cardio protective It boosts your immune system and improves diabetes
and supports your adrenals. Plus anti-aging. No wonder it’s one of the top 50 Chinese herbs and used for over 5000 years.
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I add 1 tsp of Astragalus to my coffee everyday.
If you’ve ever had to look after young babies, you might stress out when they cry. They’ll stop very quickly when you respond to what they’re trying to tell you. So what are they saying...... watch the youtube.
Mums-Don’t stress out every time your baby cries. Listen to the cry. Your baby is trying to tell you something, as Priscilla Duncan describes on Oprah’s show. 
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