Imagine if you could look younger, become more beautiful and be smarter just by sitting/ or lying in front of a light..... well, that day has arrived.
My Beauty Rock is very sophisticated. It offers a full range of colours and programmes to beautify your face and sharpen your brain and can treat your limbs ( eg knee arthritis).
Below is my Celight which sends me to sleep and rejuvenates at the same time. The panel (2 sizes) covers the face or the whole body.
Bring travel light with you ( 0.6 kg) - to work or travel.
Some of you may have been to a beauty salon to get Light therapy for acne or skin rejuvenation. It costs about $70 to $99 a session. The latest technology has enabled smaller devices with coloured LED lights to be manufactured so your whole family can enjoy the benefits of light therapy in the comfort of your own home. Recent studies have shown that specific wavelengths can heal different conditions.
Introductory offer - 15% off. Valid until November 31. 
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 Apart from becoming more beautiful. latest research shows that shining specific wavelengths to the brain improves cognition.
Photobiomodulation (PBM) describes light to stimulate, heal, regenerate and protect tissue.  Different brain disorders like
1. Traumatic brain injury  ( concussion etc)

2. Degenerative diseases ( Dementia, Parkinsons)
3. Psychiatric disorders ( Anxiety/depression etc)
can improve by applying light to the head.
Specifically, biphasic light in the wavelengths of 660-670 nm and 810-850 nm can slow down aging.

Light can also also be used to make us more beautiful, depending on the wavelength and intensity.
PBM can heal almost every part of our bodies as each organ is composed of cells with ageing mitochondria. PBM reboots and renenergises mitochondria, so it can improve a wide variety of conditions.... all backed by scientific studies.... it’s not a flaky ‘ healing with light’ topic.

The wavelength and intensity of light can be harmful or beneficial.  We now know about the dangers of wifi, wavelengths in the microwave range and UVA and UVB from the sun which cause skin ageing and skin cancers. Blue light from our computer screens and ipads have also been linked to macular degeneration
Dr Mark Hamblin has spent the last 50 years researching photobiomodulation and here are his insights- it will revolutionise health.
For Beauty:

Red light:reduces wrinkles and shrinks pores by stimulating collagen and connective tissue. It stimulates Cytochrome C oxidase in the mitochondria to produce more energy and regenerate. So it heals sun damaged skin and scarring. Helps hair regrowth.

Blue light : treats acne as it’s antibacterial ( kills P.acnes, a bacteria on the skin.

Green light: reduces pigmentation and evens skin tone, reduces dark circles under the eyes and heals broken capillaries.

Yellow light :reduces redness in skin inflammation ( rosacea)

Far infrared: reduces inflammation in joints, muscles and improves cognitive function. Plus improves hair growth ( even eye lashes).

Light is also dangerous - blue light ( from computer screens, ipads etc) increases the risk of macular degeneration. 

Light is also dangerous - blue light ( from computer screens, ipads etc) increases the risk of macular degeneration. Click photo to watch how to reduce blue light on ipads. The antidote is looking into red light for a minute a day.
Numerous published studies on PBM have shown wide-ranging benefits. I think every household will have a PBM 
Eyes- Improves visual acuity , macular degeneration ( including the dry type, which is not treatable currently). Use devices with low irradiance like Travel Light.. Use only the red and infrared wavelengths, not the blues or greens.

Weight loss- Red Light Therapy has been shown to be beneficial for fat reduction and weight loss. 

Cosmetic -  a DIY without having to do anything. Just let the light ( specific wavelengths) shine on you. Improve the health of your skin with Light Therapy.  PBM has been used in the treatment of acne,skin rejuvenation and cellulite.

Wrinkle reducer - PBM has been shown to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture by increasing collagen and elastin. Other benefits of PBM include:
Thyroid recovery - PBM has been shown to treat Hashimotos and hypothyroidism.
Insomnia - use the red and infrared. 

Read an insomniac’s sleep diary turnaround.

Improve energy - Especially in chronic fatigue and stress. Restore mitochondrial oxidation and energy production.

For teeth, gums, mouth and jaw issues - it heals gum inflammations, herpes, lichen planus.

For depression 
Increase testosterone -  there has been promising evidence for Light Therapy increasing testosterone.
Did you know that tetracyclines ( like minomycin) used widely in the the treatment of acne causes mitochondrial damage and ageing?
Blue light is a safe and effective treatment option.


There are numerous published studies showing the red wavelength stimulates epidermal stem cells in the hair follicle bulge and shifts the follicles into anagen phase. As you know, every drug you use to promote hair growth has its side effects. Most are anti-testosterone. Plus they only work while you’re using it.

I’ve designed and sourced  a few DIY home LED devices to suit different requirements. You'll recoup your outlay ( devices range from $349 to $2350)
 very quickly as the whole family can use it
…. think of the health savings.

This compact device has near and far infrared, green and yellow wavelengths. Just sitting in front of it will beautify your skin
( reduce pigmentation, inflammation and improve skin texture) and increase hair growth and cognition. 

has a timer switch so you can shine it on you just before sleep ( helps insomnia). Have your beauty sleep and wake up smarter with thicker hair. Did I mention younger and more beautiful too?

It has blue, red and far infrared. Blue and red will help with acne.The red and far infrared is good for cognition and beauty. Have it at work and have periodic bursts of it, especially if you have a mid afternoon energy slump..

This device uses light SMD led lights which will allow you to take it on your travels ( helps with jet lag) and the irradiance ( strength of the energy emitted) is low, so you can place it directly on your skin. Also good for everyday use. Place on your face while you have a power nap. No longer than 20 mins.

Shines red and far infrared on all exposed areas to rejuvenate. 

 The Beauty Rock
is the Rolls Royce of the devices. Just imagine sunbaking in the Maldives, enjoying the warmth of the sun without any harmful uv rays. The 24 or 34 mins modes are so relaxing, heating to 60 C as your face gets a full colour rejuvenation. It’s got the full light spectrum and software that allows you to choose a programme that suits. Plus your brain is sharpened as the important
brain areas ( fronto-parietal and temporal) are targeted. Place your limbs under the lights to strengthen your joints or tighten your skin.

Notes:  Use Dr Serene’s vitamin B and C serums after treatment for an added boost, Avoid Vitamin A topicals during treatment, Clean your face before treatment.
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Don’t expect beneficial results just by lying under coloured lights. The wavelengths are quite specific and the amount of energy absorbed is equally important. Too little ( no benefit) and too much ( causes damage) so always follow instructions by placing the device at the required distance and time your exposure. I’m passing on my personal experience as my skin got inflamed sitting too close for too long. I’m not a fan of the big body pods as the irradiance is often too high.

Harmful EMF’s should be minimal, so the quality of the device matters. All my devices are thoroughly checked to ensure safety. Can be used twice a day, especially before a competition ( athletes). Always close your eyes in front of the blue light. 1 year warranty on all devices.
Rule of thumb: 10- 20 mins exposure at the required distance,
It may take up to 4-6 weeks of daily treatment to see an improvement, although some people report changes within a week.
Book a light therapy session [$50). If you proceed to buy the device, the $50 will be deducted from the device.
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