Good health and skin start in your gut. The all spore mega sporebiotic is the latest probiotic that can improve your health.  Why don’t you try Jettplus plasma ion therapy? It treats wrinkled skin so well. There is downtime of 7 days, so treatment just before Easter is good timing if you’re not going away. A free Oxygenetix ( RRP $99) with every jettplus to the eyes. Valid until April 30th.
I’ll be away at a meditation retreat from April 4th to April 12. Please make sure you have sufficient scripts. The clinic will still be open 10 am to 5 pm for LED light treatments etc.
Join me on instagram - I treated my eyes with jettplus ( myself) and uploaded the whole procedure and the daily changes.
Droopy eyelids come with ageing and according to the 
  International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ISAPS)  eyelid surgery ranks No. 3 among all surgical procedures worldwide, at 13.1%. Women and men alike are now aware that a good skincare regimen alone cannot correct droopy or puffy eyelids caused by ageing. 
Plasma ion therapy is fast becoming a popular option as the results are impressive. Eye bags are especially difficult to treat surgically. I have been impressed with Jettplus treatment in improving skin texture and removing wrinkles. 
Take a selfie of your eyes closed. See if the upper lid has a fold. It should be smooth with no / a minimal fold. Don't wait until you have a moderate to severe fold to be treated. Outcomes are better when treated earlier.
After plasma ion therapy, the eyelid fold is reduced and the skin texture has improved ( surgical blepharoplasties does not improve skin texture)
Plasma ion therapy to upper and lower eyelids.
If you’d like a slimmer waistline are/have been under a lot of stress and have taken antibiotics ( it takes over 6 months for your microbiome to recover after a course of amoxil), take 1 scoop of glutamine powder a day.
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These identical twins have the same genome.
Quiz: What is the one thing that is vastly different in both of them?
Answer: Their microbiome. ( gut bacteria)
This is a very informative video on the gut microbiome, which is unique in everyone. So 2 identical twins with exactly the same genome will have completely different microbiomes. Our genes influence 10% of our metabolism, the bacteria in our gut influence the rest. Learn which bugs are good and what to avoid. 
I haven’t been a fan of extensive stool cultures as many gut bugs die when exposed to air and in transit to the lab so they’re not an accurate representation of your gut flora.
If you’re timeshort, start at 46 mins to understand how good this spore forming probiotic is. Watch the whole video if you’d like to understand how important your gut bacteria is to your health
If you’ve had extended amounts of antibiotics in the past, have low energy, bowel issues or mood swings, you need to change the gut environment to ensure the nurturing bugs flourish. Over a 12 week period, you can revitalise your microbiome with the total gut restoration programme. It’s easy - just a capsule a day.
The spore forming bacillus probiotic has impressive therapeutic effects.

Firstly they can survive the harsh environment of the high acidic gut ( unlike many bugs in many probiotics). The Bacillus
1. kill pathogenic gut bacteria 
2. increase antioxidants in the gut
3. increase your immunity by increasing t-reg cells
4. helps lose weight and reduce bad lipids ( cholesterol)
5. increase good gut bacteria like lactobacillus 
6. decreases inflammation 
7. reduces the risk of cancer
The mega sporebiotic is the only all spore probiotic on the market that can reboot your gut microbiome and heal a leaky gut.

Gut Health - Microbiome Labs

Click on the product to read more about Mega Sporebiotic and how it works.
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Click on the product image to read more about Mega Mucosa and how it works.
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Note that Bowel Restore has been rebranded as Ultimate Fibre. Contents are exactly the same. A TGA requirement.
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