I can’t begin to tell you how useful ozone is (see previous newsletter). Now it’s affordable and convenient with the Ozo-pod and Ozo-pen.

Ozone on the go - the easy way. Activate water within minutes with the ozopod and pen.

Here are some salient points about ozonated water.

1. Neutralising round up, pesticides and heavy metals.

Some people soak their vegetables in vinegar to remove toxins. That helps slightly, but another simple, proven way that is far more effective is to soak veggies in ozonated water. Organic veggies are expensive and when you have a horde of ravenous boys to feed, it's unaffordable for most families. 

You can reduce toxin exposure by avoiding the 'dirty dozen'.
This Jama study showed that people who ate organic vegetables had a significant lower risk of breast, skin, prostate and colorectal cancers.

These are the fruits and vegetables that absorb the highest amounts of pesticides. However, that starts to become restrictive when these fruits and veggies are in season. The solution? Soak them in ozonated water. 

2. Brush your teeth and flush your sinuses with ozonated water. 

This will reduce plaque and bacteria that hide behind a biofilm in your sinuses.

3. Reduce odors easily. 

Dunk anything smelly ( doggy smell, sponges, husbands etc) into an ozonated bath.

4. Skin cleansing. 

Clean your skin with ozonated water to help reduce the bacterial load, and you will notice your pores start to shrink as your skin becomes refined. 

5. Clean and sanitise surfaces. 

The traditional way of ozonating water requires oxygen tanks and is quite complex, beyond the capabilities of most people. Enter the Ozo-Pod. It's sleek, elegant and light weight.

Note that ozone dissipates quickly in water. Half is left after 30 mins. So ozonated water in your swimming pools would have minimal ozone left. Drink or use the ozonated water within 5 mins.

The fruit and veggies below, termed the 'dirty dozen' absorb a lot of pesticides. When possible, buy organic, but if you can't, soak them for 5 mins in ozonated water. 
This poor dog is crying out for a sudless ozone bath. Doggy smells will definitely go.
 Wash your veggies in ozonated water before refrigeration and it will last much longer.
Portable Ozone Generators for Drinking and Sanitation - O-Pen and Ozo-Pod
Simply place the Ozo-Pod in a volume of water (up to 15 L). Switch it on, and watch the ozone bubble permeate through the water. Within minutes, there's enough ozone saturated water to service you. Nothing fiddly, nor do you have to be tech smart. Plus, it's affordable. The process is by electrolysis of water generating hydrogen and oxygen.
Going camping or to Asia? The Ozo-Pen is one nifty gadget that you can carry with you to sterilise any drinking water . Plus spray some on your smelly camper friends if you can’t get a daily bath. After a sweaty  gym session, keep the odours at bay. Or, keep it in your bathroom for nightly teeth cleaning (rinsing your mouth with ozonated water reduces plaque). Follow it up with ozonated oils for your gums. 

If you have a serious medical condition like multiple sclerosis, then you need to step it up with higher doses of ozone. Rectal insufflations are a simple and effective way to oxygenate your blood. Once you get past the 'ugh' factor, it's quite tolerable, painless and quick. Ozone saunas are a more pleasurable way for treatment. More about this later.

Click here to watch an interesting interview with a seriously ill person who recovered from MS with ozone. 

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