We all know somebody with dementia. Did you know that more women suffer from dementia than from breast cancer? Please share this email with someone you know with early dementia. Outcomes are much better if treatment is started earlier, at the mild cognitive impairment stage.
Optimising brain health & reversing cognitive decline - The Bredesen Protocol
Don't assume that 'having a senior moment' or issue with calculating is part of growing old. It is not. Dr Dale Bredesen has successfully reversed Dementia in over 1000 patients. Many of us have lifestyles/ genetics that predispose us to dementia. Doesn't it make sense to find out these risk factors and stop them before it's too late? 
Watch the whole youtube below.
Book an appointment if you think your memory or executive function is waning.
Early intervention yields better outcomes.
Some basic information that you know already but how well do you implement it?  Preserve your brain and health by having:
1. Clean air - no smoking, avoid high traffic and inhaling fumes. People who survived the World Trade Centre accident are turning up with early dementia, after inhaling the toxic cloud. I avoid highly polluted cities and put my windows up ( and recycle air) when I drive through tunnels.
2. Clean water - get a good water filter. Don't drink coffee from takeaway cups with plastic lids. Acidic coffee and heat leaches the BPA into your coffee. Minimise / stop alcohol consumption - read my previous newsletter here.
3. Clean food - organic/ biodynamic as much as possible.
And avoid drugs and nutrients that accelerate dementia.
4. Exercise regularly, reduce stress ( meditate), sleep soundly etc. I'll go through more factors with you and fine-tune your diet with the help of health coach, Salina Rash who has a degree in Neuroscience and Genetics. She will motivate you towards a healthier lifestyle. Salina was the youngest Rottnest Channel swimmer the year she turned 14 and is also a swim coach.
 Did you know that the fillers in Lexapro have propylparabens and methylparabens - antifungals thgat are endocrine disruptors and linked to breast cancer?
Beware your Antidepressants, Benzodiazepenes, Statins, Antihistamines, Acid blockers etc
Long-term antidepressant use has been linked to a higher risk of developing dementia. Read an article here about a study published in the BMJ on the link between antidepressants and dementia. Antidepressants are handed out freely and people aren't told how difficult it is to come off them. And there's the risk of getting dementia on long term antidepressants. Acid blockers like Nexium ( recommended for 2 weeks use MAX), antihistamines etc. These are all common drugs, used by millions of people that predispose to dementia.

Please note that you need to come off these drugs slowly with a doctor's supervision. Designer Aurelio Costarella has publicly discussed his nightmare, trying to come off benzodiazepines.
 There are 2 crucial supplements for brain health - Fish oil and Curcumin with Resveratrol
Kirunal - a better omega-3, mercury free, non heat extraction, Triple strength
You know how good fish oils are for your brain but not all fish oils are created equally. The ratio of EPA to DHA is crucial. If you flood your body with just Omega 3's you can also increase inflammation as the percentage of Omega6  and 9's are reduced. The balance is important. Plus how fish oil is extracted - the no heat and low oxidation method is best.
  Omega-3 fatty acids are essential to the normal functioning of the brain. 
Dr. David Horrobin’s research formulation of high EPA Fish oil uses Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE), a process utilizing carbon dioxide (CO2) to fine tune temperature and pressure while extracting the delicate polyunsaturated oil from fish. SFE prevents the degradation of fish oil by heat and oxygen,
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 After reducing the triggers and risk factors for dementia,
STEMCELLS can help restore brain function further.

 Liposomal Curcumin and Resveratrol -  well absorbed formulation, lengthens your telomeres ( for longevity) and a potent antiinflammatory, preserves brain function. Particularly useful if you have inherited the ApoE gene.
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