Happy New Year - some tips! Plus easy, tasty gluten-free bread recipe.
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Happy New Year! May you be well and happy this year.
It’s worthwhile contemplating what you’d like in this lifetime ( and work towards it) as it can be truncated very suddenly. 2 colleagues of mine died unexpectedly late last year - Dr Margaret Morcombe ( in her sleep) and Dr Ann Starling ( from a ruptured brain aneurysm). They were both 59. 

I’ll be away at a meditation  retreat from February 20th to March 3rd. The clinic will be open 9-5 pm for LED light sessions etc while I’m away. The half price offer of $50 redeemable against an LED light purchase is still available.

Some patients have commented about my absences ( attending meditation retreats) but I can only be of use to people if I’m healthy mentally and physically. 
Some tips to ponder on....
1. Learn to meditate.
Your body recovers in a para sympathetic mode, both mentally and physically. Digestion occurs when you’re relaxed ( don’t eat on the run!); same as detoxification, sleep is more sound. So many good things happen when your mind slows down. And you get to see the big picture with clarity. Time to meditate. 

2.Reduce alcohol.
Alcohol remains a big issue ( that most people are unaware of or choose to deny)
Having at least 4 alcohol free days a week will help your liver recover. Plus no bingeing. Alcohol clouds your thinking processes. And makes you fat.

3. Get fitter :
30 mins a day at moderate intensity is best.

It is important to exercise, but not too much. Some patients have to sleep for 2 hours after their morning workouts or are ‘wiped out’ for the rest of the day. How beneficial is that?
Think: Maybe you have an obsessive personality? Maybe you’re working so hard that you require this physical exercise to match your mental work. Both mental and physical excesses will wear you out. 

4. Lose weight.
I’ve written about intermittent fasting  and it's very do-able.
Skipping breakfast and eating twice a day will sharpen your mind and trim your body plus extend your life. If you’d like some assistance, supplements like acetyl-L-carnitine and green coffee extract will help burn the fat. See article here on how acetyl-L-carnitine helps with fat loss.  The 5 day fasting ( mimicking diet ) is scheduled for mid March. If you’re interested, please email me.
This athletic cardiologist discovered the state of his heart function wasn’t what he expected.
There are so few tasty gluten-free breads with a crunchy crust. This recipe is so easy and I’ve converted the recipe to muffins, pancakes etc, 

If you need an energy boost for work ( afternoon slump) or suffer Monday-it is, Acetyl-L-Carnitine helps to power you up and lift your mood by boosting mitochondrial energy production and sharpens your memory and cognition. Plus it’s also good for depression, weight loss and peripheral pain. A study found that ALC makes you happier more rapidly than conventional antidepressants.
Take 1 capsule after breakfast for energy, a happier mood, weight loss and pain reduction.
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Optimal Electrolyte

A great dietary supplement to hydrate and replenish electrolytes during workouts, after training or on the go; maintain healthy energy levels without the crash, with no cane sugar or caffeine; feed your muscles for peak performance, strength and recovery; and support your body's metabolic processes with nutrients for food-to-fuel conversion.
Available in tubs or boxes of 30 sachets. Take one scoop/sachet to improve hydration, energy levels, performance and metabolism support.
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After the holiday excesses, it's a good idea to help clean out your liver and other organs. This Liver Detox by Chistopher Shade is user friendly and very effective in a liposomal formulation. You can also sit in a hot car after the first phase with glutathione complex.
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After the tea, time to have a shower with soap and water to remove the extruded toxins.
Perspiring helps remove toxins as your skin is the largest organ in the body. It’s 38C in Perth today. Take a tsp of glutathione and half an hour later, sit in your car with windows up and have a cup of hot tea. Any way to perspire is fine. No kids or animals please. And keep your hydration up. Electrolytes after exercising or diarrhoea or plane travel are very beneficial. I particularly like Optimal electroytes as it also has ribose ( good for your heart), increases mitochondrial energy and protects your brain.
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