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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Christmas is here again. Time to celebrate! Thank you for trusting Dr Serene and her team to look after you.

Please note that we are closed from 21 December 2018, and we open on 7 January in the new year. If you need any new scripts, please pop in or call the clinic on (08) 9385 3338 so you are not caught by surprise with empty scripts. We will also be closed from 11 January to 18 January, and on these days, we will only be open from 12pm to 4pm.

Last shipping day is Dec 20th. Shipping resumes on Jan 7th 2019.

Finally to wish you all a great new year, on Friday, 14 December, we are having a sale! 10% of all products - including our newly arrived LED Lights from Korea, one of the most innovative countries when it comes to skincare. Click HERE to read my previous newsletter to find out more. This is also the perfect time to top up your multivitamins and Bowel Restores to get you through the indulgent season. Put this discount code SALE10 at checkout.


I ‘ve posted a few helpful hints on the thyroid ( and health and beauty tips) on my instagram, which I have finally embraced. Here’s one of the tests most GP’s fail to do. Please share this one as there are many people who are suffering from low thyroid  symptoms and don't understand why their tests are normal.
A beautiful body and skin is attainable 

If you’d like clear, plump smooth skin ( anywhere - including back of arms, décolletage, neck, legs etc), the Celight is an easy-to-use device. Backed by studies at Changwon National University for treatment of hair loss, skin rejuvenation and joint issues. Also for memory loss.

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Tips from Dr Serene on how to have a healthier celebration

It’s a difficult time of the year to be ‘good’ with your diet. There's countless lunches, dinners and parties to attend - and it feels like they’re never-ending. Whatever you are doing, keep in mind the following tips when you're celebrating - I know I will be...
  1. If you’re gluten and dairy free, consider taking a digestive enzyme ( Prodigestion) when you’re eating out that breaks down gluten and casein.
  2. Have a few long sparkling mineral water drinks in between that glass of wine. Watch out for the sneaky carbs hidden in alcoholic drinks. Go for light coloured, light beers. The darker they are, the more additives. Liver nutrients will support your liver if you overdo it.
  3. You know this - Ask for grilled or steamed ( instead of deep fried or fried). Avoid the sauces. It’s easy enough to add your own salad dressings of olive oil, balsamic, lemon juice , mustard etc.
  4. Be sun-smart. Even when you are not directly under the sun you’re getting a big dose of reflected rays. Use only zinc blockout as chemical ones damage your skin. And there’s my sun visor - a physical block out and a hot fashion item in Europe and Us this season ( despite the Darth Vader comments I get).
  5. if you've eaten a lot of stuff ( you'd rather not have), it's a good idea to detox as you go with liposomal glutathione.
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