Tired, anxious, overweight. Tried every diet in the book... worrying but nothing to worry about... unrefreshed sleep...

Think HEAVY Metals.
Heavy metals sound so... HEAVY and it is not the sort of topic that draws in the crowds.But it’s for real and I need to tackle the subject as people get a lot of health benefits when they address their load. Note that you’re more likely to have higher heavy metal toxicity if you have the MTHFR gene mutation, especially if you’re homozygous or a compound heterozygote. 

Mercury Attack!

Avoid farmed fish and tinned fish... especially tuna. I find fifo ( fly in, fly out ) workers often eat huge numbers of tinned fish. One patient used to bring suitcases of tinned tuna to campsite to avoid the ghastly food. Her level of mercury was sky high and early dementia set in.
Don’t be fooled by Norwegian salmon or any fish from the Baltic region. They are toxic, worse than junk food. Watch this doco if you need convincing- they pour pesticides into the fish food in Norway. you know that certain heavy metals like cadmium, lead and mercury prevent you from losing weight? Studies such as THIS, show toxic metals contribute to obesity.

You’re anxious but have nothing to worry about? Perhaps your mercury levels are high. Mercury causes an excess of glutamate ( excitatory molecule) in your brain and can lead to adrenal fatigue and disordered thinking. Remember the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland? Mercury fillings, large fish, vaccinations are the main culprits.

You lead such a ‘clean’ life but your arteries are blocked. Think Cadmium. Click HERE to read more. And don’t buy fruit juices. I call them sugar water flavoured with heavy metals.


Most likely you’ve inhaled other people’s smoke or smoked a little when you were young.


Why are so many people hypothyroid? One overlooked factor is heavy metal poisoning. Mercury accumulated in the thyroid and cadmium and lead prevent the conversion of inactive T4 to T3.
Another is too many oxalates. (OATS testing will show it up). Oxalates bind heavy metals, trapping them in your body and deposit in your thyroid causing inflammation. You can read more by clicking HERE.

This study looks at mercury and thyroid autoantibodies in women.

I’ve written about aluminium in the past so hopefully you’ve stopped using aluminium foil, antiperspirants with aluminium etc. 

The last 2017 fluvax was 10% effective. ( contains aluminium adjuvants). I’d rather boost my immunity in other ways.
This is worthwhile reading about vaccines.
Fluvax effectiveness.
Check out the 'fillers' in vaccines.

We haven’t even got to Plastics...most people ingest about a credit card sized plastic every week.

When an artery is narrowed by a plaque, the most dangerous aspect is when bits of the plaque become friable and break off. Cadmium and Mercury inflame your arteries and make your plaques flaky. Everyone has some plaque and they are usually very stable. That’s why statins are not the answer to atherosclerosis- it’s inflammation. Plus there are so many downsides. Read about them.

Arsenic (As), cadmium (Cd), chromium (Cr), and nickel (Ni) are category 1 heavy metals according to the International agency for Research on Cancer. Various reports, including this one, have found that exposure to these compounds leads to disruptions in tumor suppressor gene expression, damage repair processes, and enzymatic activities concerned in metabolism via oxidative damage

Cadmium and its compounds are highly toxic and exposure is known to cause cancer. It is primarily associated with human lung, prostate, and kidney cancers, and recently pancreatic cancer. It has also been associated with cancers of the breast and urinary bladder.

Mercury causes a shift in your immune regulation.

Mercury causes your body to respond to allergens with a high inflammatory response. Inflammation exacerbates the toxic effects of all heavy metals and worsens and disease process.
Mercury can exacerbate Hashimotos and prevents the formation of T3 (blocks deiodinase).

Here are two peer-reviewed studies looking into heavy metals:

Dr Christopher Shade has spent more than 30 years researching mercury. He’s quite a maverick and has an exuberant nature but he knows his stuff. If you want an in depth look into mercury, you can watch this video. Not for the faint hearted.... 3 hours plus

I like Christopher Shades gentle detox method and it’s not as tedious as Andrew Cutlers 3 hourly regime. But just as effective.

Before detoxing, it’s important to remove all your mercury fillings safely. Go to a dentist who is certified using the IAOMT safe amalgam removal protocol. Fortify yourself with glutathione complex and ultrabinder a day before the procedure and continue from then. Come in to see me about the protocol.
Give Ozone dentistry a ring. They are knowledgeable both about mercury removal and ozone for tooth decay. 
How can you find out if you are toxic with heavy metals and nutrient deficiencies? I have found the Oligoscan a very useful instrument as it measures in real time the mercury content in the cell and around the cell. Plus much more. It doesn’t measure the excretion rate (in hair or urine). And the OATS test for oxalates etc. It’s much better having targeted nutrients rather than a whole slew of stuff. Some patients come in with bagfuls of vitamins.
Read my next newsletter on Ozone treatment- not only will it help detox you but there are some pleasing side benefits... improved skin and cellulite appearance. Ozone revs up your mitochondria and fat utization.  I’m excited as I feel that ozone is the ‘missing link in the armoury of services I offer.

There’s tons of info in my previous newsletters you can access from my website.
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Before detoxing, make sure you are not nutrient deficient. Most people are low in Zinc and magnesium. Take a trace mineral everyday with food. Start with Ionic Silica to remove Aluminium. Improve your immunity with Astragalus or an immune combo. Come and see me for the next steps.
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