Ozone, a gas, has remarkable healing qualities. When introduced into the body, ozone:
1. upregulates your immune system ( increases Nrf2 and  t helper cells 1 : 2 ratio)
2. kills harmful bacteria, viruses, molds, parasites
3. facilitates detoxification
4. improves mitochondrial function and Atp production ( energy goes up)
5. positively impacts on every organ system in the body with oxygenation
6. Heals skin issues ( wounds, acne, scars) externally and internally ( gastric ulcers, gastritis, mouth ulcers etc) 
makes your skin, hair and body more beautiful... clearer, softer.

Ozone therapy is safe, provided good machines are used and you don’t have certain conditions like G6pd deficiency, hemachromatosis ( untreated)  etc. There are many ways to enjoy the benefits of ozone which I will be offering. ( ear, nose, rectal, vaginal insufflation/ saunas/ ozonated oils/ water/ creams/ ozonated saline drips with vitamins). Having a hyperthermic ozone sauna with Ewot ( exercise with oxygen therapy) increases oxygen delivery to all your organs, like a hyperbaric oxygen chamber.

A consult is necessary before you start these treatments. 

Nasal insufflations of ozone ( bubbled through olive oil) help to treat sinus and lung conditions. Pathogenic bacteria often hide in the sinuses and are often difficult to eradicate. They can't escape from ozone. If you're on the verge of getting ill, have a whiff of ozone to stop it in it's tracks.
 Ear insufflations improve brain function ( memory etc and for dementia). Plus it kills bacteria in ear infections.
This Italian ozone clinic gets good cellulite results with ozone saunas but at least 10 treatments are necessary.
On this TV show, people are describing the therapeutic effects of ozone saunas they have experienced. 
Rectal insufflations help improve your gut microbiome as well as for anyone with a bowel condition. ( ulcerative colitis/ Crohns etc). The ozonides enter the blood vessels sur ounding the bowel and then head to the liver, then to the rest of the body. If you are considering a heavy metal detox, this treatment will enhance the outcome. 
One of the pioneers of Ozone therapy giving a lecture at Silicon Valley. He gives a concise explanation of ozone therapy - worth watching.

A good summary in pubmed.

Remember this mitochondrial diagram ? The reaction  NAD to NADH which powers the mitochondria, your energy powerhouse, is boosted by ozone. Since every cell in your body is energised by ozone, every organ system gets an energy boost. There are thousands of studies supporting ozone therapy for health improvement.

Chronic conditions poorly treated by conventional medicine are often treated by ozone as a last resort.... with good results. Here are some before and after pics

 ( WARNING: some are quite graphic photos)
I trained with Dr. Frank Shallenberger who has had over 30 years experience with ozone therapy and has reversed many chronic ‘irreversible ‘ conditions.
Ozone improves many painful conditions, including arthritis.
Safety always comes first and there are some ozone protocols to be avoided. Patient screening is also important.

Rectal insufflations help improve your gut microbiome ( and all chronic conditions) as well as for anyone with a bowel condition. ( ulcerative colitis/ Crohns etc). The ozonides enter the blood vessels surrounding the bowel and then head to the liver, then to the rest of the body and all the organs get oxygenated.
Cuban Dr Mendenez has published numerous studies showing eyesight improvement ( macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, glaucoma etc) with ozone treatment.

If you are considering a heavy metal detox, this treatment will enhance the outcome.
Dr Liebowitz does a blood exchange technique using ozone with great results. I won’t be offering this service ( I’d like to, as it’s very safe and effective but the medical board and defence are not supportive). There are other methods to get your blood saturated with ozone.

Ozone in dentistry can treat decay without drilling.
I can inject ozone gas to treat tooth abscesses.  Gums and teeth strength can be improved by swishing ozone inside your mouth or applying ozonated olive oil to your gums before sleep.
When ozone is bubbled through organic olive oil for 3-6 months, the consistency changes. The oil becomes almost solid and when applied, slowly releases ozone over a 12 hour period. Use Pure O3 nightly and see how much smoother and clearer it becomes. Ozone in tubes allows you to insert a small amount rectally. This ozone diffuses into the arteries and veins around the anus and into the liver for a detox. It also helps to remove parasites/ unwanted critters in the gut. 
Buy organic Pure O3 olive oil
Dr Serene will be away from August 9-16 for a meditation retreat. The clinic will be open from 12 noon to 4 pm during that period and you can continue to have ozone saunas, LED and biomagnetic sessions.

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