PRP - 'all natural', no side effects but good results

Bladder ( incontinence), Vaginal ( dryness/ low libido/sexual) issues can be improved with PRP injections. PRP stimulates connective tissue wherever it's injected and function often improves. Apart from skin rejuvenation ( Vampire Face Lift), hair regrowth, tendon and joint pain, the latest is sexual and urinary improvement..... the 'O' shot for women and the 'P' shot for men.
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 Dr Serene administers PRP injections for a wide range of conditions, including the O shot. Book a consult to discuss your options.

Mitochondrial Longevity Boost

 Mitochondria in pink makes ATP ( energy). 

Besides size, the one major difference between a 2 year old and a 70 year old is.... ENERGY! Just following a kid around for an hour is tiring.  So how do we boost our energy as we age? Let’s go direct to the power house..... the mitochondria.

Mitochondria are found in every cell and they produce energy in the form of ATP. They get their fuel from either a fat or glucose source. Energy from fat sources are cleaner and more efficient like high octane petrol for your car vs anaerobic glucose energy ( no oxygen required) which gives of lactic acid as a by product.

Did you know that sugar and a high carb diet pushes your mitochondria away from good clean fat energy sources? So glucose goes up. Insulin goes up and your fat stores go up. Yes, you get fat deposits especially around the tummy and organs.

Note that T3 is a rate limiting step for mitochondria energy boosting. That’s why people with low thyroid function or low T3 complain of fatigue. A low T3 is very common over the age of 50. Plus most doctors do not do the right tests so it’s under diagnosed and under treated. 2 crucial tests, T3 and reverse T3 are often omitted. Suzy Cohen gives a good explanation

Link to Suzy Cohen: click HERE

T3 is often required but most doctors do not/ won’t prescribe it. If your T3 levels are low, fasting or going on a keto diet can make you feel dizzy and tired. That's why it's important to do a range of tests prior to fasting. 

The mitochondria also require acetyl carnitine, b1 and lipoic acid to function. 

When you have all the building blocks - low carb, low sugar diet ( more veggies and good fat), sufficient T3, and essential nutrients, your energy levels will start to spike. One very cheap method everyone can partake in to boost mitochondrial energy is Fasting. Don’t forget our group fasting starting the last the week of every month for 5 days. ( starts today). Note that if you have adrenal fatigue, are pregnant, have untreated hypothyroidism etc, it's best to wait until you feel well before you fast.

GSK ( big pharma) just bought a small company focusing on mitochondrial drugs for 730 million US. Listen to the CEO discuss the far reaching effects of good mitochondrial health. I’ll be focusing more in the nextt few newsletters. Ozone therapy, LED lights etc will play a bigger role in our future health.
Mitochondrial Nutrients
  • Resveratrol
  • Acetyl Carnitine
  • Thiamine/Benfotiamine
  • CoQ10
  • Alpha Lipoic acid
  • Riboflavin
  • Magnesium
  • D-ribose
  • Hydroxo and folinic acid
  • Ultra Energy
Try Resveratrol plus and ultra energy first..... the choice also is dependent on your genetics and energy levels etc. Have a consult with Dr Serene if you're unsure.
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Resveratrol deserves a special mention - it not only turns on the longevity gene but also reduces your waistline, weight and improves diabetes.
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