Many inspiring people share these characteristics. They are:
1. generous, they think of helping others and do it. 
2. energetic and positive : passion fuels energy and vice versa.
3. slow to criticize: they look at the good in others. 
4. focussed and have perseverance as there are always obstacles to overcome. 

5. grateful and see themselves as part of a team.
6. trustworthy and have integrity.
Abeer Sekaly, a Jordanian architect has created a beautiful, functional tent for refugees. It collects rain water, generates solar power and the design lifts your spirits.

Winner of the Global Teacher Prize.

Peter Tabichi, a teacher in a remote, arid Kenyan village managed to inspire his students to win international prizes.
 We have a humanitarian neurosurgeon, Dr Charlie Teo  who has to fend off criticisms continually. That detracts from what he does best. I fully support Charlie's endeavours, having had to endure similar criticisms.
Being a loving dedicated parent makes a huge difference to your children. I’m sure you’re all aware how much damage a dysfunctional childhood can do to a person.

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