Bunion Splints & Detoxing Glutathione. Monthly Special with Ultraformer.

Bunion Splints

I paid hundreds to get deformed feet. I admit it's a tabloid statement but it's true.... and many women do it.  'A good haircut and expensive shoes' elevates one's status, so the pundits say. But my expensive pointy shoes caused big toe bunions. In fact, most women's shoes cause deformities. Men would never dream of tottering around in our shoes.

And all it took was an afternoon wear to cause permanent disfiguration. I'll share with you my non surgical solutions.

Men try high heels for a day.
Firstly, avoid certain shoes. My shoes weren't extremely pointy but the heel height and arch of the foot ( worse if you have flat feet) accentuates the pressure on the fore foot.
Even rounded shoes can cause bunions if it pushes your big toe laterally. Everyone has different thresholds. The bottom line is : avoid any shoes that deform your feet and cause tenderness.
Choose shoes that have a straight medial edge from the base to the tip of your big toe.
The perfect straight edge shoe but alas, not the height of fashion.
If your shoe is wide enough, wearing an silicone toe separator helps.
I found this bunion splint excellent for straightening my big toe. Wear it to bed and you can see results in just one night. Not a romantic contraption - but it's unobtrusive.
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The benefits of Optimal Liposomal Glutathione are almost endless and this antioxidant is essential in helping the immune system function at full capacity. 

I like liposomal formulations as delivery is almost as good as getting it intravenously. Glutathione is poorly absorbed into the cell. You can ingest the precursors and leave it to your body to produce the glutathione ( NAC, glycine and glutamate) but you need large amounts. 

So what does an antioxidant do? Imagine an apple that turns brown when left in the open air. When you apply lemon juice onto the flesh of the apple that deterioration will not occur. The antioxidants in the lemon juice protect the flesh of the apple, and prevent damage or degradation.. Glutathione is like lemon juice for the body, protecting cellular damage and increases your immunity. This nutrient is especially important for anyone with the MTHFR gene mutation as your body's glutatione production is reduced.

Low levels of glutathione have been linked to age-related diseases like Alzheimers, macular degeneration and cataracts.


Glutathione has remarkable anti-aging effects. It reduces age spots, pigmentation and wrinkles. It treats the whole body. And increases libido.
Do a trial on yourself, take 1 tsp of Liposomal glutathione a day on an empty stomach. It is also potentiated with 1 tsp of liposomal vitamin C.
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All Ultraformer ( face and neck) treatments will receive free growth factor injections to targeted areas with 2 test tubes ( $800 worth) to potentiate the rejuvenation effects.  Valid until March 31st.
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