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My colleague, Dr Orna Gubbay was wondering why an 8 month old baby kept waving at her after being vaccinated. Her mother said that it was meant for people she didn’t like ..... she was ‘swiping’ them away. Welcome to the world of baby speak. This screentime not only damages their posture ( neck misalignment), affects brain wiring but their vision deteriorated with prolonged blue light exposure. Bill Gates and smart scientists only allowed their children to have smart phones and tablets after age 14.


And if you’re over 50, with deteriorating ‘everything’, vision can be preserved with some red light therapy. In fact, red light shone all over your body makes a difference.

You've probably heard of LED lights for beauty & brains, but did you know that Red Light Therapy can help your eyes, too? 

Clinical trials have shown that treatment with wavelengths of red light (in mid-600nm range) and near infrared light (in mid-800nm range) have been effective and safe for protecting and healing the eyes, as well as preventing vision loss.  Red light therapy can improve symptoms, reduce inflammation and reduce healing time for conditions such as glaucoma, eye strain and age-related macular degeneration. 

In this study, 33 people were followed up over a 5 year period using red light therapy for their eyes. There were significant improvements in visual acuity, reduced edema and haemorrhaging and no side effects.


If you are unfamiliar with how red light therapy works, please refer to my previous newsletter and read the links. 

Essentially, LED lights deliver concentrated, natural wavelengths to the mitochondria in the area of the body that the light is exposed to. This helps to reduce oxidative stress, which in turn reduces inflammation. As you know, inflammation is the underlying cause of most chronic diseases. LED light therapy also stimulates the mitochondria to produce ATP- the body's energy source. Both of these actions are beneficial for eye health ( and every organ) as they help to reduce the gradual decline in the quality of the eye's cells as we age. 

The treatment may be particularly beneficial for people experiencing age-related macular degeneration, with one study finding that the participants, with an average age of 67, experienced better visual sharpness, less broken blood vessels and importantly, no adverse side effects. In the study, treatment was for only 3 mins, 6 times a day  alternate days. I have found just 30 seconds a day staring into red lights has improved my vision, especially after plane flights when I experience a deterioration. Move your eyes around, roll them while staring into the light so all areas of the retina get treated.

NOTE: do not stare into blue or green lights as it will cause vision deterioration.
Glaucoma is the term given to a group of eye diseases which result from damage to the optic nerve, and the chances of developing this condition increase as we age. Studies have found that red light therapy is a non-toxic, non-invasive way to reduce the negative effects of Glaucoma such as vision loss. It helps to reduce further damage following optic nerve injuries. 

Red light treatment has also been found to improve symptoms of conditions such as Retinitis Pigmentosa, corneal burns and corneal foreign bodies.

And your Brain!
There are now numerous studies showing that red light improves cognitive function. If your memory is starting to deteriorate this is an easy and convenient treatment.
Just 1 minute a day to the upper eyelid, crows feet and brow will make your skin soft, more elastic, reduce wrinkles and lift the eyelids.
The Sqoom device works wonders on fragile, crepey skin especially around the eyes. It lifts the eyelids and reduces crows feet. All it takes is a few minutes a day using hyaGel plus ( formally known as despot). Despot has similar ingredients to hyaGel with added antioxidants for skin ageing and sun exposure. Use it all over your face to even skin tone and improve sun damaged skin.

The generous concentration of lepidoptera sativum sprout extract 

• Protects skin against pollutants

• Prevents visible signs of skin aging

• Prevents DNA damage

• Protects against environmental stress factors

Circle the Sqoom transducer around your eyes slowly, making sure the skin is not pulled. 

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