For Tuesday, November 3, 2020
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Fearrington Farmers' Market
every Tuesday, rain or shine
current hours: 3:00-5:00 pm

New hours start this week!

Change is in the air -- and I'm not talking about the election ;)  We're switching to "winter hours" this week to accompany the end of Daylight Saving Time, so we'll ring the opening bell at 3:00 from now on!  We hope this allows everyone to get their shopping done before dark as the days get shorter and shorter.

Many farmers in the area were hit with the first real frost of the season this morning.  Some folks have covered the strongest of their remaining summer plants with frost blankets and row covers to try to extend the harvest a bit, so you may continue to see late summer crops for a little while longer.  But don't worry, frost doesn't signal the end of the growing season!  Cooking greens, cabbage, broccoli, salad ingredients, root crops like beets and carrots, and much more will continue to be abundant throughout the fall.


This Week's Featured Vendors

Click here for this week's map of vendor locations.
Beechcrest Farm will be there Tuesday with all your pork and beef needs!  We will have plenty of pork, steaks, brats, and stew beef as well.  Be thinking of soup bones for the cooler weather we finally have!  See you then!
Cool Springs Farm will be there with broccoli, arugula, mixed turnip and mustard greens, collards, curly green and dinosaur kale, rutabaga with greens, onions, bok choi, head lettuce, butternut squash, and old timey pie pumpkins. 
Preorders welcome at 919-499-7689.  PayPal is available at
Stay safe,
Edgar and Gail
Four Oaks Farm will have first-cutting arugula, mustard mix, kale, white turnips, collards, and cut flowers. We will also have plenty of eggs this week!
Gramma D's will be at market Tuesday!  Sweets and treats for all.  I will have holiday order info!  Get your requests in early!  See you real soon!
Honey Bee Hills Farm  |  link for online orders

This week we will have the last of our tomatoes, eggplant, and green beans. We will also have a bounty of our organic salad mix, spinach, kale, collards, cabbage, carrots, radishes, hakurei turnips, watermelon radishes, peppers, sweet potatoes, and more. We'll also have our hot pepper creations -- hot candied peppers, pepper jam, and syrups. You can pre-order on our website each week until 7 AM on Tuesdays.
Off Grid in Color  |  link for online orders

We are your local Meat Boutique offering quality meat that is sustainably raised with love, mother earth, and you in mind.

We offer an array of pasture-raised chicken and forest-raised pork. All animals are raised outdoors (eating all the grass, bugs, and grubs they can find) and given non-GMO feed. 
This week we have chicken and pork cuts. Our first round of chickens were processed last week, so our poultry is fresh! 
Chicken: whole chickens, drumsticks, thighs, bone-in breast, boneless/skinless breast, livers, hearts, backs and feet.
Pork: chops (only a couple left), only one left of our boneless roast, sausage (mild and chorizo links). No bacon yet!  Only two left of our mild bulk sausage!
Pre-orders are strongly recommended and due by Mondays by 9pm using this link.  
Perry-winkle Farm

If the weather people are correct, we will have two nights of frost between when I write this and market on Tuesday.  Frost marks the end of some of our tender summer crops (lots of our flowers) but we are going to try covering several crops to try to extend their production.  The last beds of beans that were seeded are now making beans so we will throw row cover over them.  It is pretty obvious that everyone at market have really been enjoying our fall beans.  We will cover a couple of flower beds (fingers crossed) and some of our peppers. But we will say goodbye to the rest knowing that it is time to move on!
So, hopefully we will be picking beans Tuesday morning -- our Italian flat beans, "green" beans and maybe some wax beans. We will have a good supply of sweet peppers (bells and Anaheim style that are great for stuffing) along with several types of spicy peppers since we spent a lot of time picking all peppers that were ready last week.  They hold well in our walk-in cooler so we hope to have them for several more weeks. 
Arugula doesn't mind the cold temperatures so we will have a cooler full.  The big news is that Michael has started harvesting our cabbage -- look for a big basket of savoy (curly), "pointy head," smooth faced and red cabbages this week.
We will have more mixed bouquets because we are harvesting flowers this weekend before the frost.  Our final planting of glads have started blooming, so hopefully we will have some of those too.  And there will be eggs from our pastured hens.
with gratitude,
Mike Perry and Cathy Jones
Growing for our neighbors since 1991
Red Roots Farm  |  link for online orders

Last call for peppers!  We picked the bell pepper plants clean in anticipation of Sunday night's frost, so we'll have the last of them for the season this week.  We're also bringing green kale, collard greens, red leaf lettuce, green leaf lettuce, salad mix, ruby sweet potatoes, parsley, cilantro, and more.

Online pre-orders are back!  Visit our website anytime on Monday to place a produce order for pickup at market on Tuesday.  CBD products are listed separately here (market pickup and ship-to-your-door available).
Sour Bakery  |  link for online orders

We will be at market on Tuesday!

Breads we will have are: Classic Sour, Whole Wheat, Cinnamon Raisin, Olive, Jalapeño Cheddar and Salted Rosemary, Molasses Porridge.
For pastries we will have: Brioche Cinnamon Roll, Classic Croissant, Chocolate Croissant, Pastry Bars (Potato, Bacon, Cheddar, asparagus caramelized onion parmesan, autumn chutney cheese danish with butternut squash, tomato chevre pesto) Caramel Sugar Twists, Apple Pull Apart, Crackers (Za’atar, Classic, Rosemary, Onion Cheddar, Black Pepper Parmesan, Everything, Roadhouse, Classic) and Scones (Apple Oat Pecan, Lemon Poppy Seed , Gingersnap Sweet Potato, Triple Ginger). And Pretzels (classic, Trio of Sticks, and Fancy-with everything seasoning and parmesan!)
Please visit our website at: to preorder for Tuesday's market!
If you preorder, please plan on arriving after 4pm to avoid waiting in a long line!
Thank You,
Sour Bakery
Janee & Knowles
Sweet Little Something  |  link for online orders
Hello everyone,
This week, you will get a chance to meet my new assistant Kent. Isabelle, whom most of you have already seen with me, will be there as well. I'll be home working on new items for the holidays...
Check the site to see what's available by clicking here but make sure to stop by the booth as I will likely have a few extra items just for this week.
I'll miss seeing you, but I'm excited to work on your holiday specials.
Have a good week everyone!
Twelve Oaks Farm will be there with salsa, pickles, pickled okra, pickled peppers, and pickled beets.
The following vendors also plan to be at market this week:

The Barking Bedlie  |  link for online orders
Bonlee Grown Farm
Cane Creek Farms
Eco Farm
Grand Hope Farm
In Good Heart Farm  |  link for online orders
Pomegranate Kitchen
Screech Owl Greenhouses

Visit our website to learn more about all of this season's vendors.
These beds of peppers are tucked in for the night with row cover fabric at Perry-winkle Farm.  A few degrees can make a huge difference when temperatures are near freezing.  Fingers crossed!

Share the Local Food Love!

Visit Beth and Lily at the CORA donation station! They collect and buy fresh food at the market for folks in need and deliver to the Chatham Outreach Alliance food pantry every week. 

For more information, visit
Hardy greens like these collards from Red Roots Farm are perfectly fine with a bit of frost -- and some say they taste even better!
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