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Fearrington Farmers' Market
Tuesdays, 4 - 6 pm
April through November

Summer produce won't be around for long!

This is the time of year when farmers are typically plowing under -- or at least ignoring -- their lingering summer crops, since the Piedmont's average first frost in mid- to late October will kill off the plants.  But it's been rather warm these past few weeks (as I'm sure you've noticed!).  That means our produce vendors are still harvesting and bringing lots of peppers, okra, eggplant, and even tomatoes to market!

Fall temperatures are fast approaching, though, so if you've been thinking about stocking up on summer vegetables to can, pickle, or freeze, you'd better get to it!  I've been pickling lots of okra recently, using a combination of white vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and some spicy hardneck garlic I bought from Sue at Sweet Flowers and Fruits.  I don't think I've quite mastered the technique yet... there's always a jar or two that doesn't seal when I remove a batch from the canner.  But Jason doesn't seem to mind -- he can eat most of a jar in one sitting :)


This Week's Featured Vendors

Angelina's Kitchen
Hello fabulous Fearrington Market supporters!
Greetings from the kitchen! The cool weather has finally joined us! A little rain and we'll all be happy.
We're using the delicious field greens this week - we've made Dandelion Greens White Lasagna and our first-of-the-season greens bake.  We're also making our eggplant ragu with Screech's eggplant and the last of Marshall's tomatoes.
Of course there will be some soup and a few olive oil dark chocolate brownies.
Swing by our booth and let Barbara and Becca know what you'd like us to cook for you!
Thank you so much for your support - we appreciate it!
Barbara, Becca and Angelina
Bonlee Grown Farm will be at market this week with mums and other potted plants, pickles, preserves, and golden bell peppers!
Field Sparrow Farm

This week at the Fearrington Farmers' Market we will be featuring our Daikon Radishes [great for fermenting or pickling!], Watermelon Radishes [delicious and mild!], and Purple Top Turnips! We will still have beets, scallions, peppers, and eggplant. See you on Tuesday!
Gramma D will be at market this week with all your sweets and treats!
Paradox Farm Creamery has a special this week! $2 off your second Cheese Louise. Take one home and freeze it!
Peaceful River Farm

Tuesday we'll have various colors and textures of head lettuce including Romaine, Summer Crisp, and Buttercrunch; Salad Mix with lettuce and baby greens, Swiss Chard, Braising Greens, Tatsoi, Escarole, Mixed Kale, Red Mini-Kohlrabi, Red Russian Kale, and Green and Napa Cabbage.  We'll also have Heirloom and Green and Red Slicer Tomatoes; Heirloom Okra; Red Round, Mixed Round, and French Breakfast Radish; Italian Eggplant; and Peppers -- Shishito, Banana, Poblano, and Bell. 

Our Fall farm dinners and healthy cooking classes are posted on our website where you can directly register:   We have a few seats left for our last farm dinner of the season this Sunday with Executive Chef Bob Compton of Mebane Downtown Table.  Dr. Marc Edwards will be leading a healthy cooking class on October 28th on "Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking, Highway to Health."   As a physician and master cook,  Marc promotes living a life in balance.

Perry-winkle Farm
We have a new planting of arugula ready for picking, so we will have a cooler full for market this week.  We will also have lovely bunches of kale and collard greens and the first of our sweet fall cabbage.  There will be a good selection of sweet and spicy peppers and lots of Oriental and Italian eggplants.  We will have a cooler full of frozen Freedom Ranger chicken at market.  There will be whole birds and all of your favorite cuts.  We will also have eggs from Michael's pastured laying hens. 
There will be a rack full of colorful mixed bouquets, a bucket of brilliantly colored zinnias and bunches of sunflowers and celosias.  Plan on taking home some "local color" this week.
looking forward to seeing everyone,
Mike Perry and Cathy Jones
Growing for our neighbors since 1991
Poverty Hollow Farm Kitchen

We will be at the market this week. For yeast breads we'll have sourdough, focaccia, Italian, and 7-grain honey wheat. We'll have pumpkin raisin bread and pound cake. Of course there will be cookies.

For a new treat there will be Ellie's peanut butter patties and peppermint patties. Lots of jams and pickles too.

See ya there,
Joan and Ellie 919 742-5442
Red Roots Farm will be at market this week with bunches of fall greens including kale, collards, and Swiss chard.  We'll also have watermelon radishes, daikon radishes, Shishito frying peppers, sweet peppers, red and green okra, Thai Red Roselle (tea hibiscus), and fresh cilantro.
Sweet Flowers and Fruits

This week we'll have a special treat for you -- pecans in the shell.  Think ahead to your holiday baking!  We'll also have kale, watermelon radishes, elephant garlic (special: 50 cents a bulb) and the last of the marconi, bell, and jalapeno peppers.  We should have some mixed bouquets for you to choose from and we'll have buckets of sunflowers and tuberoses for you.  See you Tuesday!
The following vendors also plan to be at market this week:

Cane Creek Farms
Cool Springs Farm
Crepes Veronique
Crystal Glen Alpacas
Eco Farm
Four Oaks Farm
Grand Hope Farm
Heartstrong Farm
Katherine's Garden
Pomegranate Kitchen
Valley View Farm

Visit our website to learn more about all of this season's vendors.
No time to make pickles and preserves? No problem! Joan and Ellie at Poverty Hollow Farm Kitchen have got you covered!

Extension Master Gardeners

Volunteers with the Chatham County Extension Master Gardeners program will be on hand this week to answer all of your gardening questions!  They can help troubleshoot pest and disease problems, give you advice on what to plant (and when, and where), provide soil testing supplies, and much more.

For more information, click here to visit their website.

Farmer Foodshare

Don't forget to stop by the Farmer Foodshare table and say hello to Beth!  Your donations are greatly appreciated and go directly toward providing fresh, healthy food for those in need.

For more information, visit their website at

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