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Fearrington Farmers' Market
Tuesdays, 4 - 6 pm
April through November

So many delicious greens to choose from...

As cooler weather arrives in the fall, so do bunches of beautiful and nutritious greens!  The range of greens you'll find at the farmers' market is extensive, and probably includes some things you've never seen or tasted before.  But it's likely that you've tasted something similar -- probably in the same plant family -- so just ask the farmer about that unusual vegetable that catches your eye.  They'll be happy to describe the flavor in familiar terms (and maybe even offer some new ideas for how to prepare it).

Many of the greens you'll see are members of the genus Brassica, also known as the mustards, the cabbages, or the "cole" crops.  This includes all of the cabbages, from standard European green cabbages to frilly Napa or Asian types; mustard greens, which are typically spicy and somewhat bitter; turnip greens, milder than mustards but still containing some bite; the many cultivars of kale (curly green, red Russian, and Lacinato, to name a few); and of course, good old-fashioned collard greens.  In general, Brassica greens (as well as the stems, roots, buds, and flowers) are noted for their high levels of Vitamin C and soluble fiber, as well as their anti-cancer properties.

Some other delicious greens available this time of year are the many members of the Amaranth or Chenopod family.  This includes the genera Beta (beets, Swiss chard), Spinacia (Spinach), and Amaranthus (the edible "weed" known as Lamb's Quarters).

Stop by the market this week and try something new!  We're still going strong for two more months, all the way up to Thanksgiving!  See you Tuesday :)


This Week's Featured Vendors

Angelina's Kitchen

Hello, fabulous Fearrington Market supporters!
Greetings from the kitchen! Welcome Fall!  We love this time of year with the field greens just around the corner.
This week we are packing our coolers with moussaka, pastichio and mushroom moussaka!  Packed with local farm ingredients and cooked mindfully with light salt :)
For your sweet tooth we're bringing some baklava and the much-requested Screech Owl Key Lime pies.
Swing by our booth and let Barbara and Becca know what you'd like us to cook for you!  Plus swing by the booth and give Becca a big BIRTHDAY hug!
Thank you so much for your support - we appreciate it!
Barbara, Becca and Angelina
Bonlee Grown Farm will be at market with MUMS and other potted plants, pickles, preserves, and peppers!
Cool Springs Farm is coming this week with pink eye purple hull peas, pole beans, sweet potatoes, Asian eggplant, okra, tomatoes, patty pan squash, radishes, collards, turnips, and onions.
Gramma D will be there with all your favorite sweets and treats!  See you real soon!!
Heartstrong Farm

Hi friends! After taking a few weeks off to catch up with our fall plantings, we're back at market! This week we'll have hot and sweet peppers, okra, mixed heirloom beans, tulsi/holy basil bunches (great for tea, tinctures, herbal diy projects, and it just smells amazing), sweet potato greens, some Appalachian heirloom Candy Roaster pumpkins (prized for sweetness and rarity of seed - we need more folks to grow and save seed to preserve!), and cut flowers. So looking forward to seeing everyone at market!

Paradox Farm Creamery will be at market with all your favorite cow's milk and goat's milk cheeses, including our seasonal fresh goat cheese, Pumpkin Cheese Louise!
Peaceful River Farm

Tuesday we'll have various colors and textures of head lettuce including Romaine and Buttercrunch, Arugula, Salad Mix with lettuce and baby greens, Baby Tatsoi, Escarole, Endive Frisee, Mizuna, Mixed Kale, Baby Red Russian Kale, Baby Scarlet Queen Turnips, Japanese White Turnips, Mustard Bunches, Endive, and Bok Choy.  We'll also have Heirloom and Green and Red Slicer Tomatoes; Heirloom Okra; Red Round and Baby French Breakfast Radish; Italian and Asian Eggplant; and Peppers -- Shishito, Banana, Poblano, and Bell.

Our Fall farm dinners and healthy cooking classes are posted on our website where you can directly register:  Join Executive Chef/Owner Caroline Morrison of Fiction Kitchen, Raleigh's only 100% vegetarian/vegan restaurant on Sunday, Oct. 15th.  Caroline is a North Carolina native who blends her love of Southern cuisine with a passion for local, fresh, plant-based food that come together in creating creative and delicious recipes.  Dr. Marc Edwards will be leading a healthy cooking class on October 28th on "Introduction to Ayurvedic Cooking, Highway to Health."   As a physician and master cook, Marc promotes living a life in balance.
Perry-winkle Farm
We will have a cooler full of arugula, bunches of kale and collard greens and lots of turnips.  We will have lots of bell peppers, 3 varieties of sweet Anaheim-style peppers perfect for salads or grilling, and numerous spicy varieties as well.  The eggplants are also proving to be very abundant -- look for baskets of oriental and globe varieties. 
We will have a cooler full of frozen Freedom Ranger chicken; we will have whole birds and all of your favorite cuts.  These birds are raised on pasture so they get plenty of exercise which means they develop great flavor.  They get moved every day to ensure they have fresh forage and a clean environment.  We will also have some eggs -- Jumbo, Large, Mediums and Pullet-sized.  
We will also have a rack full of colorful mixed bouquets, a bucket of brilliantly colored zinnias and bunches of sunflowers and celosias.  Plan on taking home some "local color" this week.
looking forward to seeing everyone,
Mike Perry and Cathy Jones
Growing for our neighbors since 1991
Poverty Hollow Farm Kitchen is on vacation this week!  See you next time :)
Red Roots Farm will be there Tuesday with bunches of fall greens, including curly green kale, collards, and Swiss chard.  We'll also have salad mix, red radishes, watermelon radishes, sweet salad turnips, Shishito frying peppers, sweet Italian peppers, red and green okra, and Thai Red Roselle (tea hibiscus).
Sweet Flowers and Fruits will be at market this week with Siberian, Blue Scotch and dinosaur kale, radishes, peppers, okra, garlic and maybe some Swiss chard.  There will be mixed bouquets, tuberoses and sunflowers for you to choose from.  See you there!
The following vendors also plan to be at market this week:

Cane Creek Farms
Chatham Cider Works
Eco Farm
Field Sparrow Farm
Four Oaks Farm
Grand Hope Farm
Katherine's Garden
Pomegranate Kitchen
Valley View Farm

Visit our website to learn more about all of this season's vendors.
kale comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colors

Farmer Foodshare

Don't forget to stop by the Farmer Foodshare table and say hello to Beth!  Your donations are greatly appreciated and go directly toward providing fresh, healthy food for those in need.

For more information, visit their website at

No, that's not rhubarb -- it's Swiss chard, a relative of the beetroot!

Extension Master Gardeners

It's the first Tuesday of the month, so the Master Gardener volunteers will be on hand to answer all of your gardening questions!

For more information, click here to visit their website.

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