For Tuesday, September 1, 2020
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Fearrington Farmers' Market
Tuesdays, 4 - 6 pm
April through November

Summer is nearly over...

Good morning, and happy September!  We're in a shoulder season for produce: summer crops like tomatoes and peaches are on the way out, and fall produce is on the way in.  This week you'll find greens and salad ingredients returning to market tables, plus apples and the earliest of the winter squashes like butternuts and pie pumpkins.  Late summer veggies (okra and peppers, among others) continue to be abundant.

We're still operating in pandemic-safety mode, so please remember to wear your mask and pay attention to your surroundings.  The lines for some items do tend to get pretty long when we're all standing 6 feet apart, but please try not to block access to other tables while you're waiting.

Stop by and pick up some ingredients for Labor Day weekend, and enjoy the first hints of fall with us!


This Week's Featured Vendors

Click here for this week's map of vendor locations.
Beechcrest Farm

Pork is back!  We will have bone-in and boneless chops, ground pork, pork stew, ribs, small tenderloins and larger loin sections, in addition to bacon.  Get it while it lasts!  We will also have the usual good selection of steaks, stew, ground, short ribs, and beef brats.  Hope for cooler weather and see you Tuesday!
Bold Bagels will be there this week. We will not be present next week, so come and get your bagel fix while you can!
Bonlee Grown Farm won't be at market September 1, but we plan on being there the week after.
Botanist & Barrel

New release!  Margaruite is our play on a margarita. It’s a blend of both sea salt bourbon barrel aged cider and anejo tequila barrel cider with a touch of orange and lime zest!
Cool Springs Farm will not be there 9/1, but we plan on being there 9/8.
Four Oaks Farm will have eggs, butternut squash, mixed mustard, arugula, and cut flowers. See y'all Tuesday!
Gramma D's is baking all your favorite sweets and treats for Tuesday.  See you real soon!
Honey Bee Hills Farm

We look forward to seeing you at market this week! We will have plenty of certified organic watermelon, honeydew, tomatoes, okra, eggplant, peppers, squash, zucchini, garlic, and more. You can pre-order online until 7 AM on Tuesday every week here: We have also started taking sign ups for our fall CSA - a curated 10 week subscription of the best the farm has to offer from October through mid-December. You can pickup at the market through the fall, and we will switch to home delivery when the market closes for the season. Find out more and signup here:,15209
In Good Heart Farm

Hi again, Fearrington Farmers' Market patrons! Ben will be back (he's pausing on our other market this week for more Fall prep work). Ben and Nikki got a whole lot of transplanting and seeding done last couple of weeks including napa cabbage, bok choy, lettuce, turnips, chard, kale, collards, kohlrabi, beets, carrots, rutabaga, winter radishes, herbs, and some other things we're forgetting right now. I don't know about y'all, but I'm looking forward to more greens and cooler weather. Even so, there is some deliciousness heading market way this week including: 
  • apples, red delicious
  • apples, winesap
  • basil
  • garlic
  • lettuce, summer crisp
  • onions, red
  • pears, moonglow
  • scallions
  • sweet potato greens
To me, these ingredients scream salad season. There's nothing more delicious than a homemade vinaigrette over a fresh, green salad topped with apples and scallions. If you've never tried making your own vinaigrette, Michelle Aronson at Farmbelly is a great resource.
Kalawi Farm has enough peaches for one more week, but then they really will be done for the season!
Off Grid in Color is your local Meat Boutique offering quality meat that is sustainably raised with love, mother earth, and you in mind.

We offer an array of pasture raised chicken and forest raised pork. All animals are raised outdoors (eating all the grass, bugs, and grubs they can find) and given non-gmo feed. 
It's time to prepare for the last grilling holiday of the summer, LABOR DAY and OGIC has you covered! This week we have drumsticks, thighs, bone in breast (10% off this week!), boneless/skinless breast, hearts and livers! No pork till mid-sept.
Perry-winkle Farm
As the market opens this Tuesday afternoon, Michael and I will be heading north for a two week break.  Thankfully, Taij and Victoria will be taking care of the farm for us.   This will be their third year covering for us, in fact they talk about it as their "farm take-over" time.  Their willingness to cover our chores and attend farmers markets makes this annual vacation possible.  They will be at this week's Fearrington Market, then skip the following week, and will then return on the 15th with everything the farm has to offer.

This week they will have a cooler of arugula and another cooler of basil.  They will also have some of the prettiest green bell peppers we have grown, and beautiful sweet Giant Marconi stuffing peppers.  There will be a basket of Dancer eggplants and some oriental eggplants. 
They will have more of our red-skinned, pink flesh Terra Rosa potatoes.  These Terra Rosa are great for boiling, roasting, baking or mashing.  They were the last variety we harvested and we will have a good supply of them for another month or so. 
Another round of glads is blooming, so look for those along with a bucket of colorful zinnias.  There will be sunflower bunches and lots of mixed bouquets on the flower rack.  And there will be some eggs from our pastured hens.
with gratitude,
Taij Cotten and Victoria Edwards-Cotten
filling in for Michael Perry and Cathy Jones
Growing for our neighbors since 1991

Red Roots Farm will be at market this week with butternut squash, okra, arugula, and peppers.
Screech Owl Greenhouses will be at market this week with a beautiful assortment of lettuce. Herbs will include basil, purple basil, dandelion greens, mustard greens, chives, mint, cutting celery, lemon grass, Italian oregano, sage, arugula and of course catnip for the felines!
Cucumbers are coming soon along with cress, marjoram and ...drumroll...micro greens! Tomatoes will be ready in November! We look forward to seeing you!

Sour Bakery is taking a short break! We will be missing delivery/farmers' market for September 1 only.
Thank you for rolling with our schedule through these last 7 months of uncertainty. We hope that everyone is taking time to relax!
Sweet Little Something

Hello Everyone,
I will not personally be at the market this Tuesday but I'll send the lovely Alexandra to sub for me. I still have enough delicious figs to treat you to fig tarts and a few more peach crumble coffee cakes.
I will be offering bags of amaretti cookies since I was told that they are yummy. To see what else I will have this week, head over to the site and make your selection.
I'll miss your lovely friendly faces this week, but I will be back next week to serve you! Until then, be well my friends!
T5-Farms New PORK! (Mild extra sage Breakfast, Kielbasa, Garlic Bratwurst, Ground Pork, Bone-in Loin Chops, Butt and Picnic Roasts, St Louis Ribs) Pie Pumpkins! OKRA! Loads of PEPPERS!  (Carmen, Cornito, Shishito, Jalapeño, Cubanelle, Sweet Red and Yellow Italian, Green and Purple Bell, Banana, Garden Salsa), Eggplant. EGGS! Cucumbers. Whole Chickens
Please text special orders to Randy Thompson at 336-264-0981
Triangle Urban Farm will be there with:
  • Luscious lettuce mix
  • Sexy salad mix
  • Micros
Thank you for your incredible support. We are so thankful for you.

Eat well. Be happy.
Twelve Oaks Farm will be there Tuesday with salsa, pickles, and pickled okra.
The following vendors also plan to be at market this week:

The Barking Bedlie
Cane Creek Farms
Eco Farm
Pomegranate Kitchen

Visit our website to learn more about all of this season's vendors.
It's a family affair at In Good Heart Farm. Pictured are Ben, Elliott, and Abilene in the seedling tunnel last week.

Share the Local Food Love!

Visit Beth and Lily at the CORA donation station! They collect and buy fresh food at the market for folks in need and deliver to the Chatham Outreach Alliance food pantry every week. 

For more information, visit
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