Learn to make quick-pickled red onions
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Fearrington Farmers' Market
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April through November

Time to break out the grill!

Grilling season is here, and you'll find all sorts of grillable farm-fresh vegetables and meats at market this week! Fresh spring onions can be grilled whole, but my favorite thing to do with them is to make quick pickles. Pickled red onions are a fantastic burger topping, and they're really easy to make.

There are many recipes online, but the general idea is this: boil some flavorful vinegar, sugar, water, and any spices you like, pour the hot liquid over thinly sliced onions, and let them rest for at least half an hour. The hot liquid mellows the onion flavor without eliminating the crunch. Delicious!

Check out this demonstration video from America's Test Kitchen, and get pickling (and grilling)!


This Week's Featured Vendors

Bonlee Grown Farm

Look for Ramy this Tuesday with a truckload of beautiful hanging baskets, geraniums, and succulents! Dragon Wings, Gerber Daisies, Spike Plants, and more.

Call for orders: 919-837-2937
Gramma D will see everybody Tuesday!  I will have the delicious chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin and sugar cookies, lemon squares, pecan squares, keylime bars, ooey-gooey pound cakes, brownies, cherry hand pies, apple dumplings, blackberry tarts and of course, cheesecakes!  See you real soon!  Kathy
Olde Carthage Farm will be at the market on Tuesday. We will have our certified organic blackberries.  Our early season blackberries consist of two great varieties, Osage and Natchez.  The Osage variety has medium to large size and has a super sweet taste. Natchez blackberries are a truly giant berry, with some Natchez berries measuring over 2" long. Along with that size, Natchez berries have a great blackberry flavor.  As always, the berries are hand picked the morning of the market and they are delicious!

Olde Carthage Farm is a third generation family farm located 8 miles south of Sanford on 15-501.  We raise several certified organic crops including blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, tomatoes, flowers, and muscadine grapes. See you on Tuesday!
Paradox Farm Creamery will be there with our seasonal Blueberry and Honey Cheese Louise! ... and all the other favorites including curds and FUDGE!
Peaceful River Farm

The transition from spring to summer continues with additions of Black Beauty and Asian Eggplant, Shishito Peppers and Specialty Peppers, and new potatoes to our availability.  We'll also have lettuce mix, fennel, parsley, apple mint, basil, Red and Chioggia beets, Swiss Chard, and Red, Mixed, and French Breakfast Radishes.
Perry-winkle Farm
We continue to harvest arugula and sorrel, but this will be the last week that we will offer kale and spring collard greens.  We will be moving a flock of laying hens on to that section of the spring garden to bolster their diet of "green stuff".  It is tough to let go, but it's time to move on ... and the chickens will really enjoy the additional greens.  The good news is that we are now harvesting cabbage so look for a basket of several different varieties on Tuesday.  We will have the last bulbs of fennel, and there will be some more zucchini squash.  We grow the familiar dark green variety along with a golden type and our favorite Mediterranean zucchini, Madga.  This pale green zucchini squash is extremely versatile -- you can cook it like other squash, or you can grill it or roast it.
We will have a cooler full of frozen chicken; there will be whole birds and all of your favorite cuts.  These birds are raised on pasture so they get plenty of exercise which means they develop great flavor.  They get moved every day to ensure fresh forage and a clean environment.  We will have a good selection of eggs -- Jumbo, Large and Mediums and pullet-sized to choose from.  
The zinnias have started blooming and we will have a big bucket of loose flowers, you will be able to pick the specific colors you like the best.... and there will be lots of mixed bouquets.
Mike Perry and Cathy Jones
Growing for our neighbors since 1991
Poverty Hollow Farm Kitchen is on vacation this week!
Red Roots Farm will be at market with Swiss chard, kale, red spring onions, scallions, fresh parsley, dill flowers, green cabbage, and summer garden transplants.
Screech Owl Greenhouses will be bringing tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, spring onions, purple potatoes, and maybe some aloe plants.
Sweet Flowers and Fruits

We will be at market this week with green beans, yellow, grey and patty pan squash, zucchini, beets, cucumbers and maybe even a few peppers. We might have a few blueberries and there will be mixed bouquets and sunflowers for you to choose from.  See you Tuesday! 
The following vendors also plan to be at market this week:
Angelina's Kitchen
Cane Creek Farms
Eco Farm
Four Oaks Farm
Gary Thomas Farms
Grand Hope Farm
Great Harvest Bread Company
Gun Dogs Catering
Katherine's Garden
Pomegranate Kitchen
Valley View Farm

Visit our website to learn more about all of this season's vendors.
Spring onions are milder than cured bulb onions, and you can use the tops, too!

Farmer Foodshare

Don't forget to stop by the Farmer Foodshare table and say hello to Beth!  Your donations are greatly appreciated and go directly toward providing fresh, healthy food for those in need.

For more information, visit their website at

Summer squash is now available, including some deliciously unusual varieties, like Magda.
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