For Tuesday, September 15, 2020
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Fearrington Farmers' Market
Tuesdays, 4 - 6 pm
April through November
Late summer and early fall days might spell the end of peach season, but they bring a whole lot of other sweet things to market: apples, pears, winter squash, and figs!  Fresh figs are a special treat, available for a short time toward the end of the summer, so pick some up this week if you can!  I prefer to snack on them raw, but here are a few recipe ideas.

You'll also find an increasing assortment of winter squashes, including butternuts, pumpkins, "cheese" squash, delicata, and more.  These vary in sweetness, and may be featured in both sweet and savory dishes -- winter squash is for more than just pumpkin pie!  You're likely to see some unusual squashes throughout the season, so ask your farmer for tasting notes and ideas about how to use them.

Hope to see you out and enjoying the cooler evenings!

This Week's Featured Vendors

Click here for this week's map of vendor locations.
The Barking Bedlie

Hi All!

Just wanted to share this note from the person of our Saluki fans - Bobby and Zarafa.

"For the second time, I bought a bag from you at the Fearrington Farmers' Market yesterday. Mon dieu! Your treats are like pure gold to our two Salukis.  Nothing ever, across two continents, has garnered their attention and devotion, as do your treats!  -- Lucia H.

Be sure to bring your four-legged friend by on Tuesday for a sample!

Beechcrest Farm will be there!  We will have pork ribs, stew meat, bacon, ground pork, and some chops.  Many of you have started on soups and stews, so on the beef side we'll have plenty of stew meat, ground beef, steaks, roasts and brats.  See you Tuesday!
Bold Bagels will be back this week!
If you would like to pre-order for next week you may do so here.
Bonlee Grown Farm
Hello Fearrington! Bonlee Grown Farm will be there this week with fresh figs, okra, and sweet peppers!
The bedding plants are here as well: pansies, dianthus, violas, and snapdragons! These do well in sunshine and can last through the winter and frost. Come get succulents, houseplants, and the first sampling of mums. Fall is on the way!
In the kitchen we have fig jam, strawberry jam, pepper jelly, triple berry, and honey! Pickled okra, chow chow, cucumber relish, pickled squash, bread and butters, kosher dill pickles and more! Pre-order to make sure you get Amy's banana bread made with nutmeg and ginger!
To pre-order, email us or call/text 919-548-0977.
Stay safe and thanks for buying local!
Amy and Ray Sugg
and Jessica
Cool Springs Farm will be there with:
  • Romaine lettuce 
  • Curly green and mixed kale
  • Bok Choi
  • Arugula 
  • Turnip greens and mustard mix
  • Red radishes 
  • Bell peppers 
  • Frying and jalapeno peppers 
  • Eggplant 
  • Okra
  • Butternut squash 
  • Garlic
  • Cut flowers (zinnia)
We accept preorders by text or phone at 919-499-7689; you can also prepay with PayPal at
See you Tuesday, stay safe.
Edgar and Gail 
Eco Farm

This week at the Fearrington Farmers’ market Eco Farm will be selling at our stand: green and burgundy okra, arugula in both quarter and half pound bags, sun gold tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms, young broccoli raab, dinosaur kale, green curly kale, Swiss chard, collards, butternut squash, delicata squash, Long Island squash, winter squash, figs, and cooking pears that are great for preserves!
Four Oaks Farm will have mustard greens, arugula, radishes, turnips, butternut squash, okra, eggs, and flowers. See y'all Tuesday!
Honey Bee Hills Farm will be at market this week with certified organic tomatoes, peppers, okra, eggplant, melons, squash, cucumbers, greens, and more. You can pre-order online here. Orders are due each week by 7 AM on Tuesdays. We also still have some space available for our fall CSA which starts in three weeks. Details here.
In Good Heart Farm
Good morning! Ben will be at market this week with lots of goodness. Fall CSA members, you should have received an email and a newsletter announcing the start of the season. If you did not receive it, please email me so I can make sure you're connected with us. 
Here's what Ben will have this week: 
  • apples, red delicious
  • apples, winesap
  • arugula
  • basil
  • chives
  • garlic
  • lettuce, summer crisp 
  • onions, red
  • pears, moonglow
  • shishito peppers
  • sweet potato greens
Info regarding pre-orders:
We offer pre-orders for pick up at market. However, our deadline is Mondays at 6am, so by the time this newsletter goes out, our orders for Fearrington Market pickup are already closed. You can follow us on facebook or instagram for a heads up. All orders for the week open up at noon on Saturdays here.
You can sign up for our weekly newsletter here and you can read the latest newsletter here.

Off Grid in Color is your local Meat Boutique offering quality meat that is sustainably raised with love, mother earth, and you in mind.

We offer an array of pasture-raised chicken and forest-raised pork. All animals are raised outdoors (eating all the grass, bugs, and grubs they can find) and given non-GMO feed. 
This week we have drumsticks, thighs, bone-in breast, boneless/skinless breast, hearts and livers! No pork until mid-September. Pre-orders are strongly recommended and due by Monday at 9pm using this link
Perry-winkle Farm
While Michael, Cathy and Olive are enjoying their last few days of vacation, Victoria and Taij will again be representing the farm at market this Tuesday.  Rumor has it that they will be bringing lots of goodies with them.  For those of you that have been asking about “when will our beans come in”...  there will be some this week, and we hope for many weeks to come.  We greatly prefer picking beans in the late summer/fall.   

They will also have a cooler of arugula, an assortment of sweet peppers, bunches of scallions, some eggplant, and a basket of Terra Rosa potatoes.  In the flower department there will be a rack of mixed bouquets, sunflower bunches and a bucket of glads.  And there will be eggs from our pastured hens.
We look forward to seeing everyone next week, but in the meantime...
with special gratitude for Victoria and Taij and all they do for us!
Mike Perry and Cathy Jones
Red Roots Farm will be at market this week with salad mix, radishes, arugula, butternut squash, pie pumpkins, and CBD products.
Screech Owl Greenhouses will be at market with cucumbers, lettuce, and a variety of herbs!  See you there!

Sour Bakery will be at the Fearrington Village Farmers Market on Tuesday.

Breads we will have are: Classic Sour, Whole Wheat, Brioche loaf, Cinnamon Raisin, Olive, Jalapeño Cheddar and Salted Rosemary.
For pastries we will have: Classic Croissant, Chocolate Croissant, Pinwheel (Danish pastry with blueberries and lemon), Caramel Sugar Sticks, Apple Pull Apart, Crackers (Za’atar, Classic, Rosemary, Onion Cheddar, Black Pepper Parmesan, Everything, Herb Garden, Roadhouse) and Scones (Ginger Blueberry, Triple Ginger, Apple Oat Pecan, Lavender Lemon Curd).
Please visit our website at: to preorder for Tuesdays market!
If you preorder please plan on arriving after 5pm, to avoid waiting in a long line!
Thank You,
Sour Bakery
Janee & Knowles
Sweet Little Something

Hi everyone,
Have you noticed how the leaves are beginning to fall and the mornings have gotten crisp and delightful? We are definitely moving towards fall, our glorious reward for enduring torrid summer days. The new crops of apples are already in, and pears will take the top of the podium for a while.

I've got a couple of specials this week, some to stretch the last days of summer, others to mark the change of season. Visit the website for regular or new items, place your pre-orders by clicking here and I will see you on Tuesday!
Thank you for your kind & enthusiastic support,
Looking forward to your friendly faces,
T5-Farms will be back this week with beef (ground, roasts, short ribs, bones), pork (bone-in loin chops, butt and picnic roasts, St. Louis ribs), okra, loads of peppers (Carmen, cornito, Shishito, jalapeño, cubanelle, sweet red and yellow Italian, green and purple bell, banana, garden salsa), eggplant, eggs, cucumbers, and whole chickens.
Please text special orders to Randy Thompson at 336-264-0981
Turtle Rock Gardens will be at market this week with beautiful market bouquets (featuring dahlias!), dried flower wreaths, basil, tulsi, and mint.  See you Tuesday!
Twelve Oaks Farm will be there with salsa and pickles. 
The following vendors also plan to be at market this week:

Cane Creek Farms
Grand Hope Farm
Katherine's Garden
Pomegranate Kitchen

Visit our website to learn more about all of this season's vendors.
Figs are in season! Check out these beauties from Bonlee Grown Farm.

Share the Local Food Love!

Visit Beth and Lily at the CORA donation station! They collect and buy fresh food at the market for folks in need and deliver to the Chatham Outreach Alliance food pantry every week. 

For more information, visit
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