"ICE" thee Wed!

April is here along with the beginning of wedding season! It is a wonderful time when people come together to celebrate a new chapter of their lives! The memories from the reception last a lifetime and everyone is looking to create a unique experience at the best cost. Discover below why ice sculptures are a great solution to make your client's day special.

1. The average cost of a wedding in Central Texas (Austin and San Antonio) is about $26,329. 
The average cost of a single block ice sculpture (best seller) is $425: only 1.6% of total wedding cost!. 
The average cost of an 8 foot fully functional custom ice bar (big ticket item) is $2750 at 10% of total wedding cost
The average cost of one custom ice table centerpiece is $85 (minimum order of 10 for $850): only 3.23% of total wedding cost!
2. Even though it is really, really HOT in Texas, a majority of events are held indoors where the temperature is very comfortable for guests as well as ice. Because all sculptures are created and packaged in the freezer, no melt time is lost in transport before it is displayed. Sculptures are presentable for 5-6 hours before the details wash out.
2a. Yes, the ice melts, but everything at a wedding expires, except the photos and video. The food is eaten, the drinks are had, the music stops, the lights turn off, the flowers die, and the wedding planner goes home! Brides and grooms want to create a memorable celebration and get the most out of their money. Ice sculptures add a unique touch while not breaking the budget.
3. Ask and you shall receive! Most anything can be made into an ice sculpture. If you haven't seen what you want on the website, just ask, and we will be happy to create a custom design. Functional pieces (food or drink displays, luges, photos opportunities, etc) are a great way to create a memorable interaction for the guests. You can't lose with function AND style!

If the above reasons weren't enough, when you or your client book a new order with us for their Spring Wedding (before June 23, 2013) and mention this newsletter, you’ll receive 15% off your purchase. Contact Sean Leahy, owner and sculptor of Full Spectrum Ice, to discuss how to add a unique element to your client's wedding today at or 512.560.2340.

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