January 19, 2014
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Welcome and Happy New Year!

For starters - Happy New Year! May 2014 be a great year for you. How were your holidays? For me it was great! I spent time with family and friends. I prepared a huge meal of chicken with pomegranate glaze, wild rice stuffing, gingerbread men cookies, eggnog, spice tea and vegetables (of course). I so enjoy cooking for my close friends.

Here are some pics of me and castmates at the T. Schreiber Theatre Pillowman holiday party.


My next play Blood Sky is coming to New York!

My latest play - Blood Sky is coming to the T. Schreiber Theatre. Along the Mississippi River, an animalistic call triggers a traumatic event for a young woman attempting to break free from her past. Come see the play. First show premieres February 26.

Go here for tickets. I can't wait to see you there!

Discount Prices. Use the code EBIRD to save and pay only for $15 for advance tickets. Code expires January 20. (Code available for all shows except for the one on March 1)

Follow my blog for behind the scene insights on the creative process and witty or deep sayings I heard during rehearsal.


Watch my scene in The Master Cleanse!

Click here to watch a clip of me in The Master Cleanse - a paranoid hipster comedy. The Master Cleanse is a short film that is enjoying much success with its screenings at such places as the Anthology Film Archives.

Completed Projects

Here is an update on some recently completed projects.

Upcoming Appearances

Theatre  Film in pre-production

Feature Interview

Janet Bentley, Producing Director at T. Schreiber Theatre, interviews Victoria Guthrie who plays Lily in the upcoming T. Schreiber production of Blood Sky.

1. Janet - Tell me about the character you're playing in Blood Sky by Yasmine Beverly Rana.

Victoria - I am playing Lilly, Jolie's mom.

Lilly got pregnant unexpectedly when she was too young and the father took off leaving her to raise the child on her own. These events largely shaped her personality and outlook on life of being "stuck".  She dreams of being free but is too afraid to make it happen. Her looks have been a saving grace and enabled her to make ends meet with "kindness" to men here and there. She is a hard worker and tries her best to support herself and her daughter. She loves Jolie's dad and longs for his return.

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Victoria Guthrie
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