May 30, 2013
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FREE Gift for you!

I want to thank you for being part of my community. To thank you for your support, here is a link to download my FREE movie Tales of Creation.

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I really enjoyed making this movie because I enjoyed the challenge of playing blind and dealing with multiple emotional issues such as loss of my vision, science vs. religion, fear vs acceptance and love…I think the message the movie gives is great because the audience is able to decide what is real and what is imagined. I think the ending is very cool and touching but since you may be watching it , I won't spoil it for you by saying anymore.

Fun Projects I am Working On

Here is some other stuff that I am working on…

  • Shot a commercial for The New York Stock Exchange
  • Did a shoot for Redrum episode 201 which airs in Jan 2013. I have a couple of nice alive scenes, but I got a big kick out of my murder makeup and included a photo for you here for fun. The rest of the cool pictures of me in Redrum are on my Facebook page.
  • I've been building my print portfolio and included a shot from a recent shoot with David Garvey.
  • Lastly, my infomal cabaret show is around the corner. On June 8th I will officially debut myself as a singer! Wish me luck.

Feature Article

Can an actor pursue a Real Estate Career and an acting career simultaneously?

Can an actor pursue a Real Estate Career and an acting career simultaneously? This is a question I am frequently asked since I am a landlord and spent several years in the RE business. I was a model/actress when I fell into RE. At the time I only accepted paying jobs and since I had not developed a name as an actress yet, that translated to me having a good amount of spare time. My apartment had become too small for me and I put it on the market for sale. I quickly discovered that I enjoyed talking with the potential buyers that came through and that I knew how to sell my apartment better than anyone else because I'd lived there, I knew the sexy side of my home and the neighborhood. Actors make wonderful brokers because they tend to be extroverted and enjoy meeting new people.

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Insider Info


Click here to visit Victoria's Facebook page and get inside the mind of musical director, coach, Orchestrator and more - Bob Goldstone.

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Connect with Victoria

Have you had a chance to look at my Facebook page? I would love for you to join me on FB! On FB I do a friend of the week where I interview an expert such as a movie director or screenwriter who shares some behind the scenes secrets and more. I also post pictures on my latest modeling gigs and film shoots. You can connect with me here -

Victoria Recommends

Bob Goldstone - Musical Coach, Director, Orchestrator and More!

I met Bob Goldstone a few years ago when I had no experience as a singer. Actually, I was starting from a negative because I was told all my life that I sounded terrible and couldn't sing. He assured me that indeed I "had a good sound in there", and immediately found me the right voice teacher. Since then, I have been working regularly with both a voice teacher and Bob as musical coach. He encouraged me from the start to embrace my strengths fully and strive for higher knowledge and mastery of technical skills through consistency and focus. I never could have imagined then, that today I would be doing my own Cabaret show and auditioning for musical theater roles. Bob, as my coach, accompanist and friend, as well as the arranger, co-writer and director of my Cabaret show, has been an integral part of my making my dreams come true and realizing new ones.

Contact Bob Goldstone:
917-686-8812 (c)
212-594-1978 (h)

On the Air Studios - Voice Over NYC

I originally worked with Richard Bianco to create a demo voice over reel. I was a complete novice at voice overs and he helped me create a totally professional reel which has gotten me in to many auditions. My investment in this reel was very reasonably priced and my earnings in voice over work far exceeded the cost within a year. Since then, I enjoy working with him to put auditions on tape. The price is right, he helps bring out the right performance and I don't have to clutter up my Manhattan apartment with sound equipment which doesn't sound as good as Richard's.


For a limited time, On The Air Studios is offering Voice Over demo packages at a special rate of $495.00. Call for a FREE evaluation! 


Click here to listen to my voice over reel and accent reel - both done at On the Air Studios:

Voice Over Reel

Accent Reel

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Victoria Guthrie
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