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 How to Handle Hurts
 Are you carrying wounds around with your wherever you go? Maybe someone said or did something hurtful to you, and you can't seem to get it out of your mind. The only way to move forward is to drop all bitterness, anger, and malice, towards our offender. To be healed of our hurts, we must put away such things. You'll discover that as you let go of the offensive, the hurt you've been carrying will be lifted as well.                       
 Divine Liturgy

Sunday, November 8, 2020: Archpriest Fr. Vahan Gosdanian will celebrate Divine Liturgy and deliver sermon starting at 11:00 am.
For all those who like to requested a Hokehankisd (Requiem Service), kindly contact Church office on Wednesdays or Fridays at (702) 834-6344 between the hours of 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. 
We would like to remind our parishioners that St. Garabed Church is open, we invite everyone to join us in prayer.

Additionally, we are still continuing to go "Live-stream" every Sunday through our Facebook Page, "St. Garabed."  
Divine Liturgy.........................................11:00 am
Sermon..................................................12:00 pm

* Requiem Service/Hokehankisd (40th) is being requested by Mrs. Arpy Ounjian (wife), Ounjian families, Tchobanian family, Terterian family, Sahakian family, Darakdjian family, and Karadolian family, in memory of their late beloved husband, father, and grandfather Harout Ounjian. 

Brunch Fundraiser for Artsakh

On Sunday, November 1, 2020, St. Garabed Church Board of Trustees and Ladies Auxiliary hosted Brunch at the Armenian Cultural Center "Koujakian" hall.
We are happy to announce that a total of $3,469 was raised which will be donated to Armenia Fund. 
Once again we would like to thank everyone who volunteered to make this event a success and to all our parishioners who made a generous donation for this cause.  


Dear Parishioners,  

This year St. Garabed Church of Las Vegas will not be able to host its Eighth Annual Dolma Festival, however, Ladies Auxiliary will be preparing our famous Hamov Hodov Misov Sarma (wrapped grape leaves with meat) "Dish To Go" which will be ready for pick up on Sunday, November 15, 2020, from the Armenian Cultural Center from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm.

Kindly place your orders by contacting Mrs. Lila Darakjian at (818) 269-9066, no later than Thursday, November 12.

This meal is being sponsored by St. Garabed Church Men's Club.


St. Garabed Church Board of Trustees & Ladies Auxiliary


Bake Sale For Artsakh

Sunday, November 22, 2020: A.R.S. "Shoushi" Chapter is hosting a fundraising event "Bake Sale for Artsakh Soldiers." A.R.S. Ungerouhis will be baking delicious homemade Armenian pastries and all proceeds will be going to our soldiers & heroes in Artsakh. For more information, kindly view flyer or contact Ung. Siroun Bedirian at (559) 917- 6951. Kindly notice a correction: Checks should be payable to "ARS" instead of Armenia Fund.

The Victory Will Be Painful and Requires Our Long-Term Commitment!

For the last three weeks we have witnessed the escalation of war between Artsakh and Azerbaijan. Artsakh and Armenia have lost over 1,000 soldiers and civilians, many more are severely wounded and some paralyzed. Material damage and personal property is enormous and the rebuilding will be painful and expensive. 
The Las Vegas Armenian communities, similar to all diaspora communities have responded with fundraising efforts. We are grateful to all donors; however, we would like to point our that this time around, due to the magnitude of the calamity, our support has to be ongoing. Donating once will not be sufficient this time and we have to consider making persona; sacrifices in order to support our brothers and sisters who are in dire need in Artsakh.   
There are several non-profit organizations that are doing significant humanitarian relief work in the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh. We would like to highlight four of these organizations:

Armenia Fund:

Armenia Fund is the largest humanitarian organization serving the needs of the Republic of Armenia and Artsakh. Their mission is to connect Armenia and Artsakh with the world wide Armenian Diaspora to create a better homeland for the Armenian nation.
Over the last decades, Armenia Fund has completed several infrastructure development projects such as building roads and highways, housing and rural development projects and building hospitals, schools and water irrigation and supple networks.  

Insurance Foundation for Servicemen - 1000 Dram Fund:


The Insurance Foundation for Servicemen was launched in 2017. Its purpose is to ensure social wellbeing and provide compensation to the families of deceased and wounded soldiers.
Since the inception of the fund, over $60 million was raised mainly by every employed person in Armenia, donating 1000 Dram (Equivalent to US$2) from their monthly salary to the Foundation.
With over 1,000 killed and wounded soldiers, this fund will need our support to ensure the wellbeing of devastated families.  

Armenian Wounded Hero's Fund:

AWHF mission is to provide "First-Aid-Kits" and training for Armenian soldiers as well as upgrade front-line infrastructure tp protect our forces. AWHF also provide rehabilitation to wounded heroes.
Since 2016 AWHF has raised over $2 million in support of our soldiers and 100% of your donations are delivered to the program without any administration fees.  

The HALO Trust:

The HALO Trust is a British-American humanitarian organization in cleaning landmines and explosives.

The HALO Trust operates in 25 countries and has been operating in Artsakh since 2000. HALO has trained in Artsakh over 200 local technicians who have cleared over 500 minefields and thousands of explosives, making it safe for the villages to return to their fields and restore their livelihoods.  

During the past several weeks, Azerbaijan used "cluster bombs" which are banned under international humanitarian law, and Stepanakert has been under near-constant shelling for weeks and unexpected shells, rockets and bombs remain a hazard.

The HALO Trust is gearing up to recruit and train 100 additional technicians to clear unexploded munition. They are budgeting $4.0 million for the next 12 months and are appealing for private and individual donations.

All donations designated to the HALO Trust Artsakh fund are currently being matched with an anonymous non-Armenian donor.

Please consider donating to any one of the above worthy funds. Your donation will be saving lives in Armenia and Artsakh. Please consider donating regularly at least for the next few months.

You could stop by at Las Vegas St. Garabed Church with your donation during office hours or Sundays between 11:00 and 1:00 pm. 

* Kindly click on the link to view an article in Asbarez, regarding HALO Trust activities in Artsakh:


Dear St. Garabed Church Members,

Next February 2021, St. Garabed Church will be holding its next Church membership meeting during which there will be a new board member's election. We need candidates to run for the board. Therefore, to all those who are interested, kindly contact Mr. Raffi Demirjian at (702) 622-8774. 


St. Garabed Church Board of Trustees 


For those who would like to light a candle or come in for a prayer during the week, kindly contact Archpriest Fr. Vahan Gosdanian at (702) 332-7008. 

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For those who are interested in sponsoring Noor Tree plaque which is displayed in the church courtyard, kindly contact one of the St. Garabed Church Board of Trustees or the church office at (702) 834-6344. 
St. Garabed Church Office HoursOur church office hours are Monday to Friday between 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. For all administrative or church related questions, please contact Parish Pastor Archpriest Fr. Vahan Gosdanian at (702) 332-7008 or church office.
For Weddings, Baptisms, and Koujakian Hall usage, parishioners and friends could contact the church office for further details.

Pastor and Board of Trustees

St. Garabed Armenian Apostolic Church of Las Vegas



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