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emergency vigil against the occupation

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Emergency Vigil Against The Occupation

The Palestinian popular resistance is on the rise; so is the Israeli brutal oppression in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  The  shooting of  the 23 year old mother of one Isra'a Abed in Afoula  inside pre 1948 Palestine  when she was raising her hands up in the air; the killing of the 30 year old pregnant woman and Nour Hassan and her 2 year old daughter Rahaf in Gaza city; as well as the shooting of many young Palestinians after they were arrested are just few examples of the Israeli atrocities.

A medic's view of the violence is on the Medical Aid for Palestine website

In view of the above, please join us for
an emergency vigil against the occupation
outside Sheffield Town Hall 
Saturday 17 October at 12 o'clock

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