ISS Institutes 'Update' Newsletter for November 2013
A message from the CEO
What a fantastic year 2013 has been. The ISS Institute has had the privilege of enriching the lives of more than 25 Australians through fellowship programs.
Recently we awarded the 2013 Fellows’ at our annual awards evening, held at the Melbourne Town Hall. A big thank you to the City of Melbourne, Austin Ley and Epicure Catering for hosting a wonderful event.
We also had the pleasure of Carlo Ratti (from MIT) in Melbourne for Melbourne Knowledge Week and as a special guest at our awards evening. Carlo’s knowledge and expertise in 'senseable' cities is fascinating and we are extreamely lucky to have him returning on March 20th 2014 to complete his Industry Leaders Fellowship. More information will be provided about his 2014 itinerary soon.
All this fantastic work wouldn’t be possible without our generous sponsors and board who work so hard to enable these fellowships.
So I want to personally thank each and every sponsor and the ISSI board members who have helped to develop and maintain fellowships to enhance Australia’s skilled workforce.
In particular, special thanks goes to Sir James Gobbo AC CVO, who is the guiding light of this organisation. His respect and total commitment to the institute cannot go without recognition or reward. I have also been delighted by Minister Peter Hall's recognition and support of the outstanding contribution that ISS Institute has made to skills enhancement and development in Victoria.
I would especially like to thank the wonderful staff that makes working at the Institute so easy and enjoyable. Paul, Ken, Louisa and Danielle complete a team who help our fellows through their fellowship, making the entire process seamless and easy.
As we approach Christmas and the New Year I would also like to inform you that the end of the year will see me stepping down as CEO of the ISS Institute. Although I will no longer be the CEO, I will enthusiastically remain on the board and I am committed to the ongoing growth of the ISS Institute and it’s future. I am extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to serve as the CEO of the ISS Institute and will take many fond memories with me.  
Within the board we are saying thank you and goodbye to Franco Fiorentini and Sue Christophers for their commitment to ISSI. We welcome John Baker and Rosemary O’Connor and Julie Belle as new board members.
Looking forward to the future, I am excited to announce that we have the pleasure of hosting Dame Julia Cleverdon  DCVO, CBE as another Industry Leader Fellow in 2014.
Dame Julia is a passionate and practical campaigner who has an extraordinary ability to inspire individuals and organisations to work together for the common good. As Chief Executive of Business in the Community for 17 years, she has worked with senior leaders from business, government and civil society to achieve change. Julia is an inspiring speaker on leadership, corporate responsibility and education drawing on her wealth of experience in the boardrooms and communities of Britain.
And in closing I wish each and every one of you a wonderful Christmas and a safe and joyous New Year.

Bella Irlicht AM
CEO ISS Institute

We are currently seeking to fill the role of CEO of ISS Institute in 2014. If you know of a person who haas skills in the following areas we would welcome their application:

• Securing Fellowship Sponsors from:

     (a) The private sector e.g. Industry Groups;

     (b) The public sector e.g Federal, State and Local government;

     (c) Individual sponsors; 

     (d) Philanthropic sources.

• Skills in leading a small team, being resourceful and managing a 'lean’ operation.

• Skills in interpersonal and public relation skills e.g. interviews, public occasions

For further information, please visit:

Announcing the ISS Institute 2013 Fellows

2013 AgriFood Skills Australia International Fellowship - Sponsored by AgriFood Skills Australia

Amanda Garner - Sorella Foods

Amanda is a passionate advocate and active participant for the native foods industry in Australia.She intends to gather information from other countries that have already been able to establish commercially viable native crops from their selected native food species. Amanda also intends to investigate successful marketing models overseas that have been established and proven for native foods, which in turn have contributed to many communities developing healthier and more sustainable environments.

Camilla Roberts 

Camilla will study best practice social media marketing techniques in Europe in order to recommend to Australian agritourism and agrifood businesses how best to market their products with little to no budget using best practice online strategies. Other benefits include greater discoverability of smaller producers, more cents in the dollar to producers, reduced dependence on major retailers.

2013 Bella Irlicht Fellowship - Sponsored by the Pratt Foundation

Brooke Briody - Northern School for Autism

ASD affects 1 in every 100-110 people’ ( Using the funding from the Bella Irlicht scholarship, Northern School for Autism will become a certified TEACCH body offering accredited TEACCH training to Victorian schools. By gaining the ability to update her knowledge to current international best practice, Victoria will have the expertise to provide a platform for educational success and promote meaningful outcomes for students diagnosed with Autism in any setting - home, school and work.

Shane Spence - Mt Evelyn Developmental School 

Through the Fellowship Shane Spence will research the best practice and use of school-based television and Video Self Modelling (VSM) within education, and use this to inform education in Australia. Shane Spence created the meTV concept to use school-based television as a vehicle for learning and education via the underpinning philosophy of VSM within school environments. It has been highly successful to date and is now being broadcast across Victorian special schools. Using School based television has enormous potential meet to learning outcomes for all students across the school environment, especially in social, behavioural, personal and academic areas. 

2013 Colman Foundation International Fellowship - Sponsored by the Colman Foundation

Bretton New - Executive Principal Doveton College

Principal of Doveton College, which is a fully serviced, fully integrated school. Integral to the College’s operation is the provision of extensive family and children’s services, pre-natal through to the end of the compulsory years of schooling. It is the first real private-public partnership in education. As an ISS Fellow Brett will further explore international examples of schools and schooling as a universal platform for the provision of family centred practice, community development and improved academic and social outcomes for children, young people and their families. 

2013 Sir James Gobbo International Fellowship - Sponsored by the ISS Institute

Paul Hede - Hede Architects

Paul Hede is an experienced award-winning architect in Melbourne. His practice has been recognized as being at the forefront of design for disability having won both the 2011 and 2013 CEFPI Australasian Awards for design of 2 new schools for students with Autism in Victoria.

Visiting schools in Northern Europe, USA and Asia to see innovative examples of design for disabled students in both special settings and mainstream schools. He will examine how the pedagogy is achieved, the contribution the architectural design is making to the outcome and how both settings can benefit from such design. 

2013 International Building and Construction Fellowship - Sponsored by Construction & Property Services Industry Skills Council 

Matthew Sullivan - Moreland Energy Foundation

Matthew will travel to Europe to establish a comprehensive understanding of the current practices, standards, training programs and skills sets utilised in the Building Integrated PhotoVoltaic (BIPV) systems as practised in Germany, France and Spain. Matthew’s research will have a significant impact on the Australian Building Industry.

Peter Jacobson, Victoria University

Peter Jacobson is the Director of Training at Victoria University’s Trade College. His fellowship will be a study of best practice in Apprenticeships in Germany and London. Peter will look at student retention, mentorship programs and engagement with industry that are best practice in the UK. The goal is to markedly increase retention rates in our trades programs 

2013 GEO-Fulham International Fellowship - Sponsored by GEO-Fulham

Julie Bond - GEO-Fulham Correctional Facility 

Julie Bond is a registered nurse employed in a privately operated medium security prison.

Her aim with this Fellowship is to improve the care and management of those prisoners with chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, liver and kidney disease, and mental illness. Julie would like to develop a system that can improve planning of care and continuity across the prison system and out into the community; improve staff knowledge of these conditions and how they can best support the prisoners; and improve the prisoner’s ability to manage their own conditions.

The George Alexander Foundation International Fellowship 2013 - Sponsored by The George Alexander Foundation

Vicki Abraham - Abraham OT Services

Vicki’s Fellowship will assist her to gain an understanding of how upper limb clinics are being run overseas in order to assist clients to regain functional use of their affected upper limb after a neurological incident. The use of Constraint Induced Therapy as well as robotic assistive devices will be the main focus of Vicki’s research, with the hope to introduce such services to clinics within Australia.

Kristian Handberg - DIUS Computing

Kristian will travel to the U.S. to find out how advanced technologies are being utilised by and integrated into electricity networks. Specifically, he will investigate ‘best practice’ for integration of renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy storage. He will also examine the customer-centric elements of the ‘Smart Grid’ vision, including electricity demand management technologies and programs.

Ruth Redden - Heritage Alliance

Ruth will investigate the area of heritage protection and Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD). Ruth will be attending seminars, workshops, field visits and meeting with world experts in the area – all with the hope that in a city famous for its cultural heritage, built structures and success stories concerning major population growth, she can discover practical and innovative solutions to balancing ESD and heritage protection in ways that can be applied to the Australian context.

Daniel Schultheis - Open Channel

Daniel Schultheis, will identify and assess international best practice in the development, marketing and distribution of low/micro/no budget feature films against the landscape of evolving business models, including video-on-demand.

2013 St Petersburg - Melbourne Sister City 25th Anniversary Fellowship - Sponsored by City of Melbourne

Jane Devery - National Gallery of Victoria

Jane Devery is Curator of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Victoria. Her participation in the St Petersburg- Melbourne 25th Anniversary Sister City Fellowship will valuably expand her exposure to current trends in European contemporary art and enable her to establish a network of contacts with a range of the most critically engaged practitioners in the visual arts sector in the region. Jane’s visit will be timed to coincide with Manifesta 10, the European Biennale of Contemporary Art which, in 2014, will be held in collaboration with the State Hermitage Museum. During her visit, Jane will visit key institutions and meet with artists and curatorial contacts in St Petersburg as well as a range of international arts professionals associated with Manifesta, the result of which she hopes to extend into critical and productive dialogues and exciting possibilities for exchange.

2013 Italian Services Institute International Fellowship - Sponsored by Italian Services Institute

Archimede Fusillo - Author

The aim of this Fellowship will be to share stories of Italian migrants to Australia – and their children, especially those born in Australia. The struggles, challenges and exceptional successes these vital people have experienced will be featured. As a counterpoint, I intend to gather the stories of those left behind, those who elected to return to their native land, and record the legacy of those whose voices are seldom - or at best, only rarely, heard. Archimede will redefine multiculturalism.

Michael Capuzza - NMIT 

To obtain resource information with pictures, video footage of technical waste water treatment plants. To understand new technologies implemented abroad and portray the information with teachers and students in Australia.

Michelle Zuccolo - Artist

An art educator for over twenty five years, Michelle has been employed in secondary schools, tertiary institutes and community art programs. The aims of Michelle’s project are to enhance skills and knowledge in the area of art and design through undertaking intensive courses at the Accademia d’Arte in central Florence. This will inform her current art practise and contribute enormously to her personal and professional development. .

2013 Higher Education & Skills Group International Fellowship - Sponsored by Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Tracy Airey and Tanya Smart - GO TAFE

Tracy Airey and Tanya Smart’s fellowship proposal is to visit an intergenerational learning service. Intergeneration learning is the way that people of all ages can learn together and from one another while fostering reciprocal learning relationships between cross generations and helps to develop social capital and social cohesion in our aging societies. Through this process the depths of shared knowledge and of cross-generational concepts, history and understanding creates cohesion within the community. 

Paula Barnett - Berendale Special School

Paula’s Fellowship will enable her to identify skills that encourage employers to engage people with disabilities in the workforce. Investigate environmental factors that promote employability skills and the balance of support that is required for each individual. 

Shaun Boyd and Charlotte Brack - NMIT

Gain a fundamental understanding of current learning analytics techniques and their application by teachers in the design of online training and education. The project explores techniques that make data accessible to teachers to bridge the gap between the vast amount of data collected by learning systems and learning design, including facilitating adaptive learning. 

Robert Brodie - Swinburne

Roberts aim is to research and observe the Journeyman’s Certificate and Provincial Red Seal certificate qualification for the Carpentry. The implementation and its positive effects on the quality of training in the US and Canada and examine the qualification requisites, processes, government and industry input into training for employing Carpentry apprentices. A higher level qualification of both skill and knowledge such as a Journeyman’s Certificate for the Carpentry qualification in Australia could provide a “Master Carpenter“ Trade qualification and provide some much needed credibility and prestige to the trade qualification encouraging young tradesman to aspire to higher goals.

David Brooks - Box Hill Institute

David’s Fellowship will enable him to identify new and emerging technologies in the cloud computing and workforce mobility areas with a view to developing new technology training programs for the vocational IT training sector in TAFE. 

Christopher Byrne - Swinburne

Christopher will investigate how Building Information Modelling (BIM) will transform the building and construction industry. BIM is about collaboration – harnessing technology with people power to save money, resources and to reduce risk and errors in the building life cycle – from design to decommission. 

Michael Hick - VU 

Michael will investigate sustainability retrofitting skills currently being practiced internationally in order to apply new sustainable building practices to Australia’s current VET training delivery and industry. 

Rowan Humphrey - RMIT

With the information gained from his Fellowship Rowan will work to redesign the delivery of high quality training for VET students at RMIT and collaborating institutions, by sharing his knowledge and experience on the developing growing skills divide between traditional audiovisual technical disciplines and emerging digital workflow paradigms.

Alanna Kirley - GO TAFE

The Fellowship will enable Alanna to gain an appreciation of international best practice in terms of degree level veterinary support staff training; pedagogical design of distance education models (in particular for highly technical bachelor programs); a clear understanding of the true nature of the role of veterinary technicians internationally and how this compares to current veterinary nursing roles in Australia and how this profession may evolve in Australia.

Desma Noble - NMIT

Jewellery making techniques have barely changed for centuries. Australia is behind in adopting new welding technology using either electronic pulse or laser beams to weld metal with microscopic precision. This technique will allow jewellers to routinely accomplish tasks that are otherwise impossible, or so time consuming that they are just not economically feasible.

Fellows' News

Tony Bellette (Bella Irlicht Fellowship, sponsored by the Pratt Foundation)

With full funding from The Newsboys Foundation we have built an Accessible Low Ropes Course at Blackwood SSOEC, click the YouTube icon to watch the video.

This idea was seen at Easter Seals Camp Horizon in Calgary, Canada. We are grateful to the students on camp this week who happily volunteered their services for the video.  We are also extremely grateful to Andrew Beard of Rhye Media in Geelong who help us set the video up on our website. Read Tony's report here.

Adrian Best (Pratt Foundation Fellowship)
Is now working as National Consultations Manager with AgriFood Skills Australia. Read Adrian's report here

Dr Angus Crossan (AgriFood Skills Australia Fellowship)

Gave a 20 min presentation at the AECL Egg Industry Forum, which was to about 150 egg industry participants, in late May at Twin Waters, Sunshine Coast. It was well received and the Fellowship was used to show the support we are getting for training (via ISS Institute and Agrifood Skills). Our program now has global partners (for experts and access to resources) that we can use to leverage our investment. This presentation was recorded and the report will be disseminated to all egg producers and included on our website.

A presentation was also made to the 14 member Skills and Knowledge Industry Consultative Committee in May (who we use to guide the strategic development and relevance of our industry training program, similar to a board but without an administration and risk remit). This was the same presentation as above. They were impressed with the access to resources and potential linkages resulting from the Fellowship. They were also interested to hear of my learning from other industries. There was a sense that  confirmed we are on the right track with our local program, and could consider exporting our training in the future.

The next presentation was shorter, focussing on how this learning can be used in the future to establish a sustainable centre for training. This will be to the Poultry CRC meeting talking about egg industry needs. 

A presentation of my experience to the Poultry Information Exchange meeting in May 2014, which hosts over 500 delegates, focused on on-farm and practical application of technology will be confirmed shortly.

Craig Day (Pratt Foundation Fellowship) 
Craig’s company secured a National Workforce Development Fund Project. Read about it here, or read Craig's report here.
Kate Kennedy (National ISS  Institute Overseas Fellowship) presenting at Melbourne Knowledge Week. Read Kate's report here.
Ludmila Liga (Higher Education and Skills Group Fellowship)
Presented to the Faculty leadership team, Holmesglen Institute, in November showcasing her Fellowship. The presentation went for about 45 minutes and question time. 25-30 people attended. 

Dr Richmond Loh (George Alexander Foundation Fellowship)
Has been awarded the Cert AqV (certified aquatic veterinarian).
David Long (Master Builders Association of Victoria Fellowship)
Terri Mercieca (George Alexander Foundation Fellowship) 
Terri is now Pastry Chef at Rhubarb Food Design in London. Read Terri's report here.
Natalie Roberts (Ian Potter Foundation Fellowship)
Natalie has produced the inaugural newsletter for her company ABMARC.
Stan Pietsch (Higher Education and Skills Group Fellowship)
Stan has been invited to present at the Bioenergy Australia Conference 2013 to be held at the Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, NSW on the 25th of November, 2013. Also there is an article in the Sunraysia Daily about his Fellowship.
Dushan Slavovic (Higher Education and Skills Group Fellowship)
Has not only recently finished his Fellowship report (see link following), but has also self-funded a second trip to attend further high level training, and is planning to do it again next year for the third level. Read Dushan's report here.
Shane Spence (Bella Irlicht Fellowship, sponsored by the Pratt Foundation) 

At the time of leaving Australia, meTV had reached an incredible 250,000 views in 3 months statewide! Shane has booked one national and one Victorian conference to speak about meTV in 2014 so far.

He spent 5 days with the world leading researcher in Video Self Modelling and special education Dr Tom Buggey from the Siskin Institute in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and he had the following feedback he wanted to give...just click on the link below.... 
He also wants to create an official affiliation with us at meTV, and is keen on a prosperous future together. He considers our work in VSM the most practical application he has seen worldwide! Amazing.
Suzana Stapar (Higher Education and Skills Group Fellowship) is now working with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). She is working on a project that ACER is preparing for the Department of Innovation, Industry, Climate Change and Tertiary Education developing assessment tools for the Foundation Skills Training Package which will be available to wider public in the second half of next year.

She has presented at the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Provider Network Meeting. Her presentation was well received and it generated a lot of discussion about the main issues and findings. 

She has also been signed up for as an Independent Verifier with Linda Wyse and Assoc. This role will see Suzanna assessing educational gains and quality of assessment tools in the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program nation wide. 

Suzanna is convinced that being a Fellow has certainly helped her in securing those two very interesting and prestigious roles.

MTC, another RTO that offers language, literacy and numeracy training across 3 states, Victoria, NSW and South Australia, have asked me to present the research next year, in April at their headquarters in Sydney. This is to be confirmed later in the year when their schedule for professional development is finalised

She will also present at the AVETRA Conference that will be held in April 2014 in Queensland.

Another conference is ACAL Conference that will be held in September 2014 in Melbourne. An abstract has been submitted for consideration.

Alistair Tune (Associate Fellow)

Recently Published Reports

Bronwyn Turton
International trends and regulatory requirements of dairy-based functional foods

Sheila Douglas
Best Practice in Distance Education and e-Learning

Dushan Slavovic
Critical Improvements in the Welding and Fabrication Trade

Matthew Sullivan
Building Integrated Photovoltaics in the Context of the Australian Construction Industry

Fiona ChambersBest Practice and Overseas Developments in Piggery Management

Richmond LohAquatic Veterinary Medicine – Specific to cultured, display and wild aquatic life.

Tony Bellette
Accessibilities and Possibilities for those with Disabilities
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