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A message from the CEO
The past five months have been a whirlwind. We have interviewed and selected many outstanding candidates for the 2014 Fellowship Program to date. The Fellowship selections so far are for, The George Alexander Foundation, Construction & Property Services Industry Skills Council, Italian Services Institute, The Sir James Gobbo Fellowship and for the first time, Manufacturing Skills Australia.

We are indeed grateful to all our sponsors across the many and varied disciplines who continue to provide the capacity for us to send inspirational individuals overseas to bring back new ideas and technologies to enhance the capacity of our workforce. We are also delighted to welcome the Transport & Logistics  Industry Skills Council to our growing list of sponsors. This new sponsorship will be translated into two new Fellowships in the near future.

The feedback from our incoming Fellows programs, Prof Carlo Ratti from MIT in Boston and Dame Julia Cleverdon DCVO CBE has been sensational. Both of our incoming Fellows are passionate campaigners and have an extraordinary ability to inspire individuals and organizations across the board.
I wish to thank Janine Kirk AM, Chief Executive of the The Prince’s Charities Australia, Annemarie Rolls, CEO Schools Connect and Richard Bolt. Secretary at the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development most sincerely for their work in making Dame Julia's visit possible Collaboration with business involves more than business sharing the profits with communities as part of their corporate social responsibility agendas – it is more about businesses changing their practice in the way they operate to ensure the sustainability of these communities and of the environment. Businesses need to understand their community footprint in order to make the right decisions. They need to act locally, while thinking globally, and understand the implications of the decisions they make for the communities in which they operate.

The MSA board of Directors is re-naming our ‘innovation’ award to become the MSA Rilda Mossop Innovation Study Award.  This decision came at the last meeting of the board where they heard of the recent passing of Rilda Mossop. Rilda Mossop was widely respected throughout the manufacturing sector and it is fitting for MSA to acknowledge Rilda’s work and contribution to manufacturing skills development in Australia through this action.

Finally I would like to advise of some recent changes to our Board of Management and welcome John Baker as Chair, Rosemary O’Connor as Deputy Chair, and new Board members, Professor Amalia Di Iorio and Jon Onley.
My heartfelt thanks and best wishes go to our retiring Chair, Mark Bennetts and Board members, Franco Fiorentini, Julie Belle and Sue Christophers. We greatly appreciate the dedication and support of our retiring members over many years of involvement.

Bella Irlicht AM
CEO, ISS Institute

Upcoming Fellowships

AgriFood Skills Australia International Fellowship -
2 Fellowships

Applications Close: Monday, August 11th, 2014
Download the application form here.

2014 Fellowships Awarded to date
The list of successful applicants for the first round of 2014 ISS Institute Fellowships is:

Jennifer O'Connell - Sir James Gobbo Fellowship
Jennifer O'Connell, Painting Conservator, will travel to Gjirokastra, Albania, to participate in a project preserving an Ottoman-style town house, the Skenduli House. The preservation of the Skenduli House is important because it contributes to the sustainable economy based on heritage tourism in Gjirokastra, which is a World Heritage Site. The project will involve laser scans of the decorative painted surfaces, a relatively new technique in conservation documentation. Jennifer will learn the application of this technique in the context of an international volunteer project. These skills will then be shared with the Australian conservation community. Jennifer also hopes to establish links through this project that will encourage future opportunities for Australian conservators to work on international preservation projects. This project can also serve as a potential model for an international preservation project to be hosted in Australia.

Nicholas Cini - George Alexander Foundation International Fellowship
The objective of Nick’s fellowship is to identify new and emerging technologies in timber design and construction.
Nick will document the value benefits of these technologies and then follow on to investigate the people and projects that have used, and are currently using these technologies to identify the successes and failures of their implementation.
This provides a clear basis for improving the practical applications of these technologies within the Australian building industry.
Based on these investigations Nick, in partnership with industry bodies such as the Timber Development Association and Wood Solutions, will compile the findings into a seminar presentation format of international best practice to be presented to local professionals in the construction industry.

Kirkland Kaldor-Bull - George Alexander Foundation International Fellowship
There is a growing trend toward energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable practice in building energy systems. The use of carbon dioxide (CO2) as a replacement refrigerant has shown great promise from an environmental and efficiency perspective. This has been recognised by many European countries and they are among the first to widely adopt the technology.
The use of CO2 in refrigeration systems requires specific knowledge not readily available in Australia. As a consultant in energy systems, Kirkland has recognised the enormous promise of this technology. He wishes to learn about specific technical aspects of CO2 systems and gather knowledge of where and how CO2 systems can be successfully employed.
Kirkland recognises the value of developing relationships with experienced professionals that can share know-how and help support the development of such systems in Australia. His primary objective is to establish an Australian business that can simultaneously promote the use of and supply CO2 systems. By establishing relationships with leaders in the field, he will have direct access to current trends and technical learning as this technology evolves and accelerates.
Reuben Rich - George Alexander Foundation International Fellowship
Reuben’s fellowship objectives are to travel to Italy and learn new advanced skills in areas of gilding, carving and faux finishing. He intends to spend two weeks studying in Florence at Academia Riace, where he will focus on specialised woodcarving skills and aesthetics specific to Florentine style frames. He will then travel to Moie where he will study for another two weeks with master gilder, Virgilio Contadini. In Moie he will focus on learning specialised gilding techniques as well as both traditional and contemporary faux finishing techniques. Reuben also intends to visit many galleries, museums and businesses in Italy, including The Uffizi Museum and Gallery, the Cornice Maselli business in Florence and Julia Markert Framers.

Mark Bunyan - Manufacturing Skills Australia Innovation Awards Fellowship
Research the potential for managers of Australian manufacturing SME's to implement a business philosophy based on the highly successful 'Mittelstand' model in Germany. The outcome of the study will be a training system that encompasses strategic planning, marketing and export skills, developing research and development capabilities, continuous improvement and building community focused businesses. Initial implementation of this training system will be through professional manufacturing bodies based on the Central Coast and Hunter regions of New South Wales.

Halina Kaufman (special award) - Manufacturing Skills Australia Innovation Awards Fellowship
In June I shall be travelling to Louisiana, U.S.A to train with Sam Alfano, doing jewellery engraving with a microscope and GraverMax. I will then be going to Utrecht, The Netherlands to study with Jura undergoing his intense course on advanced micro-pave diamond setting. This training also uses the microscope and GraverMax technology. These skills are not currently taught within Australia using this type of equipment. I aim to develop these skills and one day provide this type of training in the country which will allow a much greater number of jewellers to acquire these skills.

Philip Alviano - International Building and Construction Fellowship sponsored by Construction & Property Services Industry Skills Council
Prefabrication in construction takes in a variety of systems. These range from tilt concrete panel slab or cross laminated timber (CLT) panel systems, pre made timber frames and roof trusses, structural insulated panels (SIPs) through to prefabricated pods fitted out off site and dropped directly into place. In this case plumbing, tiles, joinery and appliances are fitted offsite. This project aims to investigate the level of knowledge and qualifications that may be required for a manufacturing workforce involved in the assembly of prefabricated buildings, determine the new skills required for this workforce and develop a skill set based around a set of competencies.

Ron Locandro - Italian Services Institute Australia International Fellowship
Ron’s goal of his research project is to provide wide-ranging awareness and training for Automotive Instructors and technicians with the widespread implementation of advanced Alternative Energy/Hybrid vehicles such as bio-diesel, ethanol, diesel, hydrogen, and CNG/LPG gas. His objectives include enhancing general awareness, service, maintenance and fault diagnosis of Alternative Energy/Hybrid vehicles, and to establish a national resource for ongoing collaboration between Industry and the TAFE sector Australian wide.
Marisa Mandile - Italian Services Institute Australia International Fellowship
Australia has traditionally boasted high levels of volunteering and Australians give generously to disaster appeals, but where our nation tends to fail is in annual giving.
The aim of the fellowship proposal is to:
~ Investigate and explore the global philanthropic movement and the trends emerging
~ Evaluate and determine best practice business models in the philanthropic space  - with specific reference to marketing and communications - exploring such issues as:
~ Cultivating a culture of philanthropy in the community
~ Engaging with the next generation of givers and wealth holders
~ Impact investment & corporate philanthropy
~ Choice of communication channels to converse with the market, language used to engage to ultimately drive fundraising
~ Brand management – importance of creating strong value propositions for the not for profit sector

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